The Boarder’s Journal

Paul Grant looked at the paper as he sipped his coffee. He was in the classified section. He had a new job and he was in a new city. Portland, Oregon. He was so tired of the hotel it was too noisy and he had a hard enough time sleeping. Something caught his eye. Furnished room for rent, private bath, kitchen privileges. Must like pets. River view and access. $650. Per month. Power, Cable and Wi-Fi included.

He called the number and a woman answered. “Yes it is still available. Do you have references?”
“Yes I do. Can I see it sometime today?”
It was a big Victorian right on the Willamette River.
He couldn’t see the woman behind the screen door. Only her silhouette. She looked tall probably five eight or nine.

“Hello, I’m Paul, I called about the room.”
“I’m Scarlett. Won’t you come in?”
She looked to be somewhere in her thirties. She had grey eyes and burnt blond hair. Her mouth was wide and her lips narrow. Her nose was narrow with a slight bump. She was dressed like she was trying to hide her body. The collar of her blouse was buttoned to the top button. It was loose fitting as were the baggy pants she wore.
“Let me show you the room. It’s at the top of the stairs.”
The house was like a museum inside. Vintage art graced the walls and bronze statues filled some of the corner areas.

A large tabby cat ambled over and rubbed against Paul’s leg. He reached down and petted her.
“That’s Maggie and the black cat behind you is Brewster.”
There were several doors upstairs and one of them was ajar. Scarlett walked up to it and closed the door quietly.

“My husband. He’s resting.”
Scarlett led him two doors farther down the hall on the opposite side. She used a skeleton key to open the door.
Paul was impressed. The room was large with a high ceiling and a large window that faced the river. There was a queen sized bed with brass rail head and foot boards. There was a large walnut desk a dresser with a mirror a comfortable chair and an entertainment center with a thirty-six inch flat screen TV. It also had a nice walk-in closet.
The bathroom was large as well. There was a huge claw-foot tub with a shower a sink and a toilet.
Paul walked up to the window and gazed out watching a float plane land.

“I think this is the perfect place for me. I’ll take it.”
“There’s a five-hundred dollar security deposit.”
Paul took out a wad of bills and peeled off twelve one-hundred dollar bills. Scarlett went to her purse for change.
“I have my things in the car so I’m ready to move in if that’s okay.”
“Very well then. Here are your keys. One for the front door one for the back door and the skeleton key is your room key.”
Scarlett handed them to Paul.
It didn’t take long for Paul to unpack. Scarlett had written down the WiFi password so Paul set up his computer. It was a strong signal, he was pleased.

Paul’s expertise was in hidden surveillance cameras. The company he worked with had extensive contracts with the government. His newest model was a small ceramic figure of a Buddha. The mini HD camera was wide-angle and he placed it on the desk where it captured the entire room.

He had been renting the room for about a week when he discovered the breach. The camera caught Scarlett snooping through his things. He watched the screen and saw how carefully she spied through his drawers and the papers on his desk. The time stamp showed that she’d entered about an hour after he’d left for work and that she spent twenty-three minutes in his room.

Paul was fascinated and came up with a plan.
He bought a journal and he started writing.
When Paul got home from work he reviewed his video.
He watched Scarlett find the journal. She sat in the overstuffed chair and she read . . .
I can’t believe this place. It is so cool! The woman I rent from is SO HOT! I can tell how she moves under all those clothes. I bet she has great tits and I bet her ass is to die for.
Oh, well. She’s married and even though her husband is all fucked up from a stroke, she’s too into taking care of him. Too bad. It’s nice to have a fantasy I can masturbate to.
Paul studied her facial expressions as she red. He watched her blush and put the journal back in the drawer and leave.

She surprised him when he observed her return and read his passage again. This time she had her hand busy in her lap when she read. He watched her orgasm and saw the passion she displayed.
Paul decided to dial it up a notch.

I watched her in the kitchen when she didn’t know I was watching. I wonder what her pussy tastes like. I would lick her standing up from behind. I would tease her little bum hole with my tongue and if she liked it I would play with my fingers. I would stick my tongue in her pussy and lick and suck until she begged me to fuck her. I would stick my cock in her and fuck her and then lick her all over again.

She must be lonely. I see her going in the room where she says her husband is resting. Seems like he rests a lot. She spends a lot of time in that room but when she comes out she never smiles.
I bet she’s pretty when she smiles.

Paul watched today’s video and he got an erection when he saw her open her blouse and exposed one of her lovely breasts. He watched as she squeezed her nipple while the other hand snaked down into her pants.
He got out the journal and wrote . . .

I can’t get Scarlett out of my mind. I want her so bad but my moral compass keeps me from making a fool of myself. I wonder how my compass would fare if some night she would come in here on her own and fuck my brains out. I know I could never refuse her. If she knocked on the door and asked me to fuck her I would but she would have to obey me. I want a woman who will follow my instructions. I would surely have to tie her to the bed. I would want her in a position that I could lick her and play with her all I wanted and all she could take.
Before Paul left for work he opened the journal on his desk. He had two more cameras one was a model car the other a picture frame.

He was rewarded when he got back to the room. Scarlett had taken off her clothes when she masturbated. He was amazed. She had a beautiful body her tits were about a thirty-six-B and her ass a nice thirty-five. Her skin had a splatter of freckles and she had a nice patch of pubic hair. He watched her as she brought herself to orgasm after orgasm. He could tell as she touched herself what a sensual woman she was. He imagined what it would be like to be her lover.

He got out the journal and he wrote . . .
I can hardly stand to see her and not touch her. Oh Scarlett what I would do to you if you would come into my room naked. That is the way I would need it to be. I bet she has a hairy snatch. I would love it if she were to shave. I would eat her pussy until I couldn’t anymore. I wonder if she has ever had her little butt-hole licked. I bet she’d like that. Oh, Scarlett I would make you cum and cum and cum again.
He made sure the journal was open when he left for work.
He had a silent motion sensor set up in his room that alerted his computer that someone was in his room. He turned on his monitor.

Scarlett came into the room wearing a bathrobe. She walked over to the desk and looked down at his journal. She let her robe fall to the floor and she put a foot on his desk and she leaned over the journal and played with her pussy as she read. She sat back in his desk chair and using both hands she climaxed. Paul could see how hungry this woman was how sexual.

He got out his journal. It hadn’t slipped by him that he had grown dependent on Scarlett actually addicted to watching her as addicted she was to reading his journal. He started writing . . .
I have gotten hungry for Scarlett. Each night I lay in bed thinking of her laying in her bed less than thirty feet away. I wonder what she is thinking. Has she ever thought about me? I don’t see her looking at me and she never looks to see if I’m looking at her. I imagine what it’s like to kiss her. How I would always want to hold her hand. How I would cook for her and how I would never turn her away. I would touch and kiss her everywhere every day. I would make love to her every day and every night.

Paul pulled into his parking spot at work. He had just turned off the engine when his intruder alarm beeped.
Scarlett was reading his journal only this time she left after she read it and he checked but she did not return.
He was writing in his journal when he was startled by a knock on the door.
“Come in.”
The door opened and Scarlett was standing in her bathrobe at his door. He could tell she had just come from the bath. She smelled soapy and clean.
“May I come in?”
“Sure, have a seat.”
Scarlett walked over to the overstuffed chair and sat. Her mouth twisted a little as if she couldn’t get out what she wanted to say.
“I have a confession to make . . . I’ve come into your room when you’re at work. I . . . I’ve read your journal.”
Paul was speechless.
“If you want to leave I’ll understand. I know what I’ve been doing is wrong and I’m sorry.”
Paul looked her in her beautiful grey eyes.
“I’m glad you read my journal. I guess I would like to know is how you feel about what I wrote.”
Scarlett smiled.
“I liked what I read . . . I want that.”
“What about your husband?”
“That’s another confession. My husband died two years ago. I thought it best to appear to be married. I really didn’t want to get into another relationship. Not until I read your journal.”
“Well Scarlett I have a confession also.”
“I’ve known for weeks. I wrote hoping you would come here. Everything I wrote is true. I can’t get you out of my mind. I want you more than anything.”
Scarlett stood and dropped her robe.
“I want you to do everything to me that you’ve written.”
“I want you to eat my pussy until you can’t and I want you to fuck me until you eat me again.”
Paul took off his clothes and led Scarlett to the bed. He took the sash of her robe and he tied her to the brass headboard and he touched her.

He had soft hands and they glided over her body. He touched her everywhere until she pleaded with him to lick her.
He licked and played with her until she climaxed then he made love to her.

He was here to stay.

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