Sexual Molestation of a Lady cop

Lady cop Sexual Molestation Story

Past Sins

Synopsis: A female cop is taken is forced to became a sex slave when her dirty past is discovered

The red and blue lights of the police cruiser were flashing as the police
officer pulled the car over. It had been weaving some, and the policewoman
knew she had another drunk driver.

Once both cars had stopped, the policewoman stepped from her car and approached
the other one, being very cautious, even though she knew she could handle
herself. Her mind wasn’t just on the stop, but she was also thinking about the
interview she had in the morning with the Captain. She was trying to get
promoted to Sergeant and it had come down to just two people.

But, right now, she had to get this drunk off the streets before he hurt
someone. She yelled from the back of his car, “Get out and keep your hands in
the air where I can see them!”

The man stepped out, stumbled some, but was able to stand on his feet. She
approached him, always watching his hands and glancing into his car to be sure
no one else was in it. She had him move to the front of the car and lean
against the hood, with his hands spread apart.

Then, stepping up behind him, cuffs ready, she put her foot between his and


She forced his feet apart, and then began the search of his body. She ran her
hands over his body, and couldn’t resist checking out the package he had in
his pants. As she reached his crotch, she lingered a little longer than normal
and squeezed his cock. “MMMMMMM,” she quietly moaned, and then continued on to
the rest of his body. She finished the search, cuffed him, read him his
rights, and informed him he was being arrested for DUI.

She escorted him back to her patrol car and got him in the back seat. She
retrieved his ID and radioed in to let them know she was bringing in another
drunk. She also requested a tow truck for his car. Then she drove to the

Getting him booked was easy and soon she was on her way home to clean up and
change into a fresh uniform so she could meet the Captain for the interview.
Now she could think of nothing else but becoming the first Asian female to
make it that far. And she knew that her record since joining the force, along
with her education, would help her. The other cop didn’t have near the things
she had, so she thought it was all wrapped up and she would soon be wearing
Sergeant stripes on her uniform.

She got to her house, took a shower, put the clean uniform on, then headed
back to the station. She had plenty of time, but as always, she wanted to be
early. Pulling into the parking lot, she saw her competition walking toward
the station house. She watched him for awhile and thought he looked pretty
confident, but he was kind of sloppy in his appearance. She had more arrests
than anyone on her shift and almost surpassed everyone else at the station.
She was very confident that she would have the job and she would be a great
Sergeant. At least until she was able to get promoted to Lieutenant.

Sue Lee had been very positive that no one else knew of her past. Especially
the times she wasn’t so good. She thought back as to how she got to the U.S.
and what she had to do to help her parents through the tough times when they
first arrived. And how she got all those good grades in school and in college.
But that was all behind her and she would now be in charge, never having to
worry about her past again.

Sue sat in the lobby, waiting to be called in. The other cop was first to go
and as she saw him walk out, she noticed he had a big smile and was looking
right at her. He said, “Good luck in there. The Captains pretty tough. But it
won’t be long and you’ll have to work for me.” He laughed and walked away.

She sat waiting to be called in and it wasn’t long before the Captain stepped
to the door and said, “Officer Lee, please come in.”

She stood up and walked with confidence towards the door. He held it for her
and once she was inside, he shut the door. However, she hadn’t noticed that he
also locked it. She sat down in front of his desk as he went behind it to sit

All was silent while he looked through her folder and then he said, “Officer
Lee, you have quite a record here. You are tops in arrests, tops in public
relations, and tops in a lot of other areas. However, I see there are some
problem areas, too.”

Sue couldn’t figure out what he meant by that and asked, “Problem areas, Sir?
I don’t understand.”

The captain laughed as he opened an envelope and pulled the contents out. He
looked at them for a moment before he spoke again. “I see here that you entered
the U.S. illegally. As a matter of fact, both your and your parents’
passports, visas and citizenship papers have been altered. You are an illegal

she started to say something, but he held his hand up and continued. “I also
see that you are quite the little slut. These pictures show it all. You should
be ashamed of yourself. You are quite cute naked, you know.”

Now, she knew her whole life had come to an end. she was going to jail or get
deported, or something. “WWWWWhhhhhhheeerreee did you get those?” she

“That doesn’t really matter right now, bitch! What does matter is what I am
going to do with them,” he stated. “You see, I can take you with these things
to the chief and you will be on your way to jail before going back to China.
Or, maybe…”

“PPPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE,” she cried, “don’t let anyone else know
about this. i’ll step down and won’t even try to take the Sergeant’s job. i’ll
leave and go someplace else. Anything, just don’t let those things out.

The Captain laughed and said, “Did you say anything? ANYTHING!”

“Yyyyyeeesssss, anything to keep out of trouble,” sue was trying to fight back
the tears, but it didn’t work.

“Well, I am going to give you these things to do whatever you wish with them.
But you are going to be mine for awhile before you get them,” stated the

“iiii don’t understand sir,” she said.

“Well, let me explain it to you. First, I haven’t decided who will be my new
Sergeant, yet. I really wanted you, but with these documents, I am not sure.
And I really would like you to be the Sergeant. But, sue, it will be hard now,
unless you decide to do what I want for a period of six months.”

she had stopped crying and couldn’t figure out what it was he really wanted.
Maybe she would just have to be real tough with the others. Maybe have to find
things out about some of them, especially the ones he didn’t care for. she
didn’t know what, so asked, “Sir, what do you mean by doing whatever you

He said, “What I mean is, if I tell you to do something for me, you’ll do it
without question, no matter what it is I want.”

“What would I have to do for you?” she questioned.

“I’ll tell you once you have agreed to my terms. However, if you don’t, I will
have some other officers come in here and arrest you.”

“OOOOKKKKK,” she stuttered, “i agree to do whatever you say, but please don’t
arrest me. i can’t go back to China. Please,Sir.”

“Very well, sue. Now, all you have to do is sign this paper. It says you
are agreeing to do whatever I want for a period of six months. You are doing
this willingly and there is no pressure from me. And it also says that you
will be promoted to Sergeant. However, if you fail me, the Sergeant disappears
and you’re on your way to China.” The Captain pushed a paper in front of her.
sue didn’t read it all, but she signed it.

“Now that we have the little things taken care of, I want you to strip for
me!” said the captain.

“I will not!” yelled sue

“If you don’t do it, cunt, you are gone! Now, strip bitch!” yelled the Captain.
“And don’t ever tell me you won’t again.”

sue thought for a moment, then stood up and started removing her uniform. she
figured that he had seen the pictures of her already, so what could be worse.
Give him a thrill and then get back to work. she shook as she began undoing
her gun belt. Of course, she didn’t have her weapon in the holster, since it
was a rule that they didn’t carry a gun in the station house.

she continued to remove everything, and soon was standing in front of the
captain with just her panties and bra on. she had hopes that he wouldn’t make
her go any farther. But she was wrong as he said, “All the way slut. Take it
all off.”

crying, she unhooked her bra, removed it and her little tits showed quite
nicely now. she tried to cover her tits, but knew if she did he would be
pissed, so just laid it down on her uniform and started to pull her panties
down, but he stopped her. “Wait for a minute,” he said. “Pick up your bra and
throw it in the trash can. Then, when you get those panties off, put them in
there too.”

she hated the captain now, but she did as she was told. Picking up her bra,
she walked over to his desk and threw the bra in it. Then she pulled her
panties down her hips, to her knees and then let them slide down to her feet.
She stepped out of them and bent over to pick them up. She put them in the
trash can with her bra, and then stood before her Captain, naked with her
hands over her cunt.

“Move your hands away from that fuck hole, cunt!” he ordered. “Just put them
on top of your head and turn around so I can see all of you.”

sue did what she was told to do. Maybe he would just make her strip for him
once in awhile. Maybe a quick fuck in his office. Probably not much else, and
she didn’t mind a good fuck once in awhile. After all, she had learned to fuck
at an early age when she was supposed to be working at a video store. At least,
that’s what her parents thought. Instead, she was out selling her young body to
make money to support them. So fucking and sucking cock wasn’t something she
hadn’t done before.

The Captain got up from his desk to walk around her. He touched her all over
and made little comments about his new Sergeant.’s body. “The cunt hair has to
go. The tits are quite small, but will be OK for now. The ass is quite nice.
Full, firm, and well rounded. Yes, cunt, I’ll have a good time with this
little body.”

sue still didn’t know what else she would have to do for him. she just hoped
he would only fuck her a few times and then she could get the documents back
and go about her normal life. she hadn’t read the whole document he had her
sign. But she should have!

“OK, my little asian cunt,” he said, “On your knees and suck my cock. Then, we
will get into the other details.”

Thinking this wouldn’t be too bad, she dropped to her knees, unzipped his
pants and pulled his hard cock out. It was quite big, she thought. Only about
7″ long, but it was really thick. sue had some problems getting it in her
little mouth, but finally managed to get most of it in. She sucked him off and
he shot his load into her mouth. she never liked swallowing cum, but she had
no choice now, since he wouldn’t allow her to pull her mouth off his cock. So,
she swallowed all of it. Then he pulled out, put his cock away and as he was
zipping up his pants, he said, “Now, slut, I said the cunt hair has to go.
When you go home tonight, be sure to shave it all off. I’ll inspect it
tomorrow. If it isn’t bald and smooth, you’ll get an ass whipping. Understand?”

Wanting to get out of there, she quickly replied, “Yes sir.”

The captain said, “Good little slut. Now, just so you won’t think about telling
others about this, I have a video of you stripping and sucking my cock. Of
course, it will be edited to say that you wanted this job so much that you
were willing to do anything to get it. That’s when you begged me to suck my
cock. You even stripped for me to persuade me. So, you little asian whore, you
won’t tell anyone will you?”

Shocked, sue said, “NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO, Sir.”

“OK, now get dressed, without the bra and panties. From now on, you won’t wear
them at all. Then, you are to go home and shave your cunt. Don’t go anyplace
else. Tomorrow morning, you’ll wear your police skirt instead of those pants.
You will be staying around the station from now on. As a Sergeant. you will be
required to be here to help the others. I will call you back in here in the
morning for your inspection.” Then, he went to the door, unlocked it and
walked out, leaving the door open.

sue quickly got to the door and closed it. Then she dressed and left the
station. All the way home, she was crying and wondered what she had gotten
herself into. Maybe she would have been better off getting sent back to China.


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