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Mommy, come on we are getting late for the train. I shouted asking her round sexy butt faster into the taxi. It was a hot summer and we had to catch a train to Delhi from puma and my fucking bad luck we did not have a reservation even.

Mom you always do this as she hooped on at the back seat with me taking her big bag after her she just crushed my thighs she was busty I always loved her big round jiggling ass when she wore the cotton nightie and walked round the house in the sun as the car started moving I started feeling the heat from her thighs to mine it was fucking hot both outside and inside the car.

I tried shifting a bit but no I chance it was and indict and i had a harden in my tight jeans we were half the way and i noticed that mom knew I was hard I saw her glancing at my hand which was trying to calm the little one down pressing it hard over my low waist tight jeans.

She looked away for a moment and I gasped a breath moments later I felt her elbow on my chest and and her palm over my thigh and she asked we dont have reservation – – how we gonna travel. I said lets see we will talk to the TC she moved her hand in such a way that it brushed on my hard dick’s head man was that a signal?

We reached the station just in time and I we boarded to in AC, I started searching for the TC when I found him the train started moving we were in journey. I asked him for a seat and he said no vacancy at all after a bit of hard persuasion he gave us an upper birth in non ac bogey shit was to happen and it did I said mom bad luck we dont have an AC bogey good new only one upper birth mom said we will adjust.

We reached our seat and it was already dark by now we chatted and planned for the next day when we get down my dick was still bulging in my pants after the incidence in the car and she knew that while talking she kept on moving her hands on my thighs as we were sitting close enough that her right thigh as completely touching my left it was 9 now we had or dinner and prepared for the night I was fucking excited.

I checked our luggage and locked them I hopped on to the birth and it was dam hot. I knew that it is gona be sweaty how will I control my self with that ass just in front of me. I pulled her up to the birth she said its hot and pulled her pallu off her cleavage was made to die for I said we should better get a sleep but how would u like to get on the bed what with wide eyes she said I said I mean you sleep on the edge I will sleep close to the wall she agreed and lied down.
I slowly filled my position with my back to her it would have been 15 mins she shifted a bit and her ass touched mine she looked at me asked why are you sleeping facing the wall turn and be comfortable. I turned cautiously without touching her back was towards me and I was continuously starring at them. I wanted to lick them and kiss them harder. I wanted to bite them branding them claiming they are mine.

Suddenly i heard her saying handing me over the pallu can you please wipe the sweat off my back it’s irritating me I did it as slowly as possible and touched her back very gently I handed the pallu back to her she tool it and turned a bit in such a way that her as was touching my crouch very gently I could feel the heat hard flowing in my dick she slowly asked me I have gone old na

I whispered in her year what went in you suddenly why are you asking so she said nothing but I have gone so busty don’t know if any one looks at me or not after all I am a girl she giggled. I said do u really want some one else to look at you? she no not at such but every gal needs an attention I said you have mine mom and placed my hand on her shoulder she said hmm, there was no no words for some time

Again se asked moments later how do I look by the way? after a thought I said you look like a teddy whom I can hug all day long she said shut up and took my hand in such a way that it was rested on her belly now it was a bloody hot summer and then she made the move she adjusted her self and there it was her ass pressing against my crouch my ass banging against the wall backside my chest with the pounding heart beat crashing against her back she whispered sleep now.

I was getting hot and hotter we were in that position for 1/2 and hour or so and I felt her hand clasping mine tightly just close to her boobs pushing her ass further back. I shifted a bit and god my dick rested between the crack and her ass. I jerked a bit and she didn’t respond after a while I felt some thing squeezing my dick man it was her she was doing it squeezing it in such a way that with every squeeze I could feel the pressure on my dick.

I tightened my grip and pushed her hair aside to get a view of her neck and place my lips on them. I dragged my lips till i reached her ear and whispered you will always have my attention and pressed my dick harder to the plumply ass she turned a bit and we locked our lips. I started swaying my ass in circular motion with my dick pressing hard and moving in the crack harder and harder she was continuously squeezing her ass our lips locked and we were sweating like hell.

I again reached her back and gently bite her shoulder she quivered without producing any sound we were nt talking but making love I started pressing her boobs hard that she was about to shout he said we cannot open our clothes I said I know that and took her hand to my dick she started exploring the dick more and more she whispered open your belt I did that open your button I did that open the zip I did that she was wild she took hold of it and started moving her hands up and

Down stopping suddenly she turned and said its dry she spat on her pam and made me eat that and commanded give everything in your mouth in mine and kissed me on my lips now it was a mix of mine and hers she took everything on her palm and made my dick wet and said this is the way you masturbate in affirmation I whispered okay and bit her ear she moaned I put my middle finger in her mouth inserted my hand in her salwar.

I inserted in her ass hole and she quivered again she was looking into my eyes and I locked my lips. I inserted my index finger in her wet pussy and started moving them slowly she was giving me a hand job and me figuring her we were kissing like hell may be others too had a show who the fuck cared it went on for 10 mins and i said mom its time I am gonna cum she said cum as hard as possible on my palm as

I spurted my jeezz she collected everything on her palm she ad her too my finger was all wet her panty was wet we were both smelling sex as we relaxed she brought her palm close to her mouth she whispered I have a fetish of drinking a boy toys milk and gulped it down all at once she made me lick her palm and we kissed again I got closer and whispered. I have a fetish of licking my moms sexy busty ass all day long till she quivers to a multiple orgasm we kisssed again it was
12 by now she said me and my man should get a sleep now she turned and said place your dick in the crack and hug tight. I put on my pants and hugged her from behind my hand was on her boob she pushed her ass back and we slept nest morning was a new me and her she was blooming and sat next to me with her head on my shoulder we got down at delhi and booked a hotel as planned the beginning.

The End

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