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Introduction : kamakathalu

I am Rocky. I am real bastard, when it comes to women. I am one of those guys, who would eye any woman. My policy is very simple- ” F…k the base, cover the face” . All pussy has a price, that is how I looked at life. But, it does not mean I disrespect woman. But in everyone’s life, there is one woman, who explain to you about your manhood. For some it may be there, girl friends, sex worker, or at times one of the aunties. So I want to share story of this woman, who gave me confidence, and taught me . This may not have lots of chapter, but some excerpts. Please read it for fun, it has no resemblance with anyone dead or alive.

I was a kid, not really a kid. Just had celebrated my 18th bday, and was on verge of new experience of college life. I was young, but very shy guy. Had studied for so many years in a Convent, boy school. Where might have fantasize about all my hot teachers at some point of time. But never had a courage to go and ask. City was also very small. Everyone, knew everyone in the neighborhood. Father was an influential guy, and hence taking out someone’s girl was a taboo. So in all I am talking about late 90s. It was at this time just passing out of school, and entering a new world. I was very excited, mostly I was excited with a idea of having a new gf.

Packing my bags, and seeing my mom good bye with tears, and dad’s warning of not going into drugs and alcohol, I with couple of my friends had left for a new journey. We had reached Delhi. Indian capital. I had visited Delhi, many times earlier, but this was the first time I was gonna leave here. As a teenage guy happy about starting a new adventure of my life, I was looking forward for this start.

Initial period of my stay was suppose to be with my Maternal Uncle. I did not want to stay with them, as I wanted to be away from family restriction, but as I had not been alloted a hostel, they insisted on me staying with them. My uncle, was a well known businessman. My Mami, was a hot punjabi lady, who was her in early 50s. My cousin was in his late 30s, and was unmarried. My cousin sis- who was a hot chick, was working in media industry, and was engaged. From the childhood, I was to go to their place and meet them. My uncle was an alcoholic, and my Mami was mostly busy in her high society kitty parties and social work.

My cousin, was a lazy bump, who was living the income of his father. His not getting married was a big issue in the society. Most of the time he would sleep, or either fight with his father. All efforts of his father to make his son something, were Zero. It was at that time, that they were able to figure out a girl for him

The name of the girl was Bhavna, who must be in her late 20s. Bhavna Bhabhi, father had passed away long time back. She had a sister, her name was Neelima. Neelima was the one who was actually the son of the family. Bhavna Bhabhi was slim, and her eyes had a special attraction. I was surprised when I saw her, that how can she b getting married to dumb like my cousin!. I started to call her bhabhi from the day one. Also, in the whole family I was the youngest, so I had a maximum right to tease her!.

By the time, my cousin and Bhabhi got married, I had already shifted to the campus. My visits to my uncles’s house also got restricted. I was a shy guy, and hence in college also, most of the frustration I would be able to settle via Porn CDS. And I had to finish my college still being virgin. I was able to date one girl, but she was so fuckin- value oriented, that once when I tried to hold her hands, she got angry for months!!

I would go on and off to my Uncles place, and honestly would just steer at the beauty of my Bhabhi. She was really beautiful. My dick would stand up of excitement many times. But I had never had a courage to approach her, I knew I would be dad if I Did.

The first hand experience of me , touching her breasts, little bit, happened in the Holi. It was her first holi, and though she did not play holi, but we all her Devar and Nanand, pulled her out in the garden to play holi. Our holi was always descent, nothing extraordinary. But while putting gulal on her cheeks, my hands accidentally touched her breasts. She did not show any reaction. Also, newly wed woman are difficult to get . This I understood with my experiences! This was my first ever touch to women breast, and I only know that how I wasted some tissue paper on that day!!

As I grew busier at my academics, I also lost touch with my maternal family. From weekend visit it became, monthly and from monthly quarterly and slowly I stopped going . In the mean time, I tried some other ways to satisfy my lust, but either was slapped by the whores, and looted by the pimps (They are expert, they know who is naive) .

The time to end graduation had come. It was the year 2001. I had decided to persue my studies from abroad. And just after my graduation, got an opportunity too. It was almost a year, that I had visited my uncle’s house. Before leaving for my studies, I had wait for long holiday, for getting my results. Nothing to do, chilling in Delhi, I decided to spend my weekend at my uncles’ house.

I called their house, and no one was picking up the call. Generally there is always someone in their family. At times they have a servant. Or someone would always pick up call. (Remember those days, it was still not the age of mobile phones).

I called up my home, to check if all ok with them or they are out . But my dad and mom had no clue, and hence I decided that I should only go and see.

I took an auto, and asked him to take me to my Uncle’s address.

As I rang the bell, my bhabhi opened the door.

She was wearing a pink color silk nighty, covering it with a nice Cartigan. She had gained a little wait from last time. Her Mangalsutra was on the top of her breasts, and it looked as if she was washing the clothes, as some surf was on her hairs. Her boobs, had grown bigger than the time I saw her in Marriage.

“Oh Devar ji, she said. ” This is how she was to address me.

“Oh sorry bhabhi, I came without informing you guys, actually, I was calling the residence, and no one was picking up the call, so just got little worried”

” Oh, she packed my cheeks via her hands. ” So Sweet”.

Her voice, and words, were now more confident. Initially when I was to talk to her, she would be either quiet or ignore . But today she was kind of talking to me in a different way. May be she had gain more confidence in the family or about her husband.Anyways why should i waste time on it.

Shyingly, I was trying to hide my eyes from her, as my eyes, were again and again falling on her cleavage. She also realized that M trying to look at her this way, and as normally happens, she adjusted her dress, and welcomed me inside.

“You know na, Rajesh daughter is getting married, thats why he is not there. ”

“oh”, now I knew why the servants were not there.

“Bhabhi, you need my help , Mama, Mami, Bhaiya,where are they?”

“You brother is in office, he be back by evening, Mom-dad are gone to Dehradun, there is a wedding ” she smiled.

“Tea or coffee” she asked me.

“No its ok bhabhi, I want to just take shower, and have to send some letters, you carryon with your work.”

The bungalow of my uncle, was a big house. It had two floors, and front side had a descent garden. The basement had a small swimming pool. The upper half was for kids, lower half had guest rooms and my uncle and aunty bedroom.

Generally whenever I was to come to their house, I was to take my cousin sis room. It was more like our family guest room!

Bhabhi, left for her room to complete her work.

I looked around, and as a habbit, walked towards my cousin sis room, after drinking some water!

As I walked towards my cousin sis room, with a walkman in my ears, without knocking I opened the door, & locked it from inside. I wanted to take a shower.

Unpacking my clothes, and taking out my underwear , shorts, towel and tshirts, with walkman in my ears, I started to walk towards the bathroom door!

As I pushed my door, open, I was in for a surprise!!!

Bhavna bhabhi, was completely naked, with her ass facing the door, was washing clothes!!!

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