Hot Wife Neetu – Part 2

Part 1 : Hot Wife Neetu 

Neetu came and sat next to me. I was very happy to see her again with me. I didn’t ask anything about Rajiv. She just sat opposite to me and raised her eye brows to ask me what. I just nodded my head saying nothing with a sweet smile. She also smiled. Then I opend my mouth and asked her
Me : What Happened Neetu, you came back.
Neetu : Nothing. Simply
Me : Its ok tell. I am your good friend
Neetu : Rajiv’s wife had called. And don’t know what happened he just left me.
Me : mm even though he is old, he needs girls like you (I just pulled her legs)
Neetu : ha ha ha as if you don’t see any girls
Me : But I am stil young dear.
Neetu : men are men (she just hit on my hand)
We both laughed loudly. No one could hear us as there were lots of people and enjoying themselves
Me : Whats next Neetu?
Neetu : Nothing sir. Just have dinner and sleep that’s it. Feeling tired.
Me : Ohh ok. So will you join for dinner with me or you will go with Rajiv or Sumit
Neetu : No no sir. Will have dinner with u only
Me : Waaaw I am atleast lucky to have dinner with a hot chick.
Neetu : Shut up sir (she again patted on my back)

We both got up and were going towards the food. Suddenly Rashmi (my another collegue) came. Neetu invited her also for dinner. I was very upset. Really whenever we get such chance someone or the other will be there to spoil. But I also thought about Rajiv. Even he would have felt same thing. Anyways now we three went to take food. We took food and then sat near the pool. Rashmi was a married lady. She was short but not that good looking. But had nice boobs and ass. But no one liked her as she was always poking her ass with everyone. And she also was a complaint box kind. So no one liked her. But cannot help now she had come here. We three started having food mean while we were speaking.
Me : So Rashmi, how are you enjoying the party
Rashmi : I never like this kind of parties. Since this is office trip I came other wise I would have not come
Me : Ohh don’t be so silly Rashmi. In this corporate world you need all this kind of parties to attract the clients
Rashmi : Ya I know but some of them will miss behave and spoil the environment.
Neetu : oh why did u feel like that Rashmi?
Rashmi : Did you see how that Rajiv was behaving with you?
Neetu : Ohh he was just dancing with me. Whats wrong in that yaar?
Rashmi : He was not only dancing with you. I saw he was miss behaving with u
Me : Ya ya. Its so cheap Neetu. He was miss behaving
Rashmi : So only I called her wife and told her that he is doing something here
Neetu : oh god that is why he just stepped out when the call came and never interested to dance with me
Rashmi : then what will I leave him like that only. If he had done that to me I would have slapped him

I was very much thankfull to Rashmi for doing this. I was thinking at least today rashmi did something good for me . I didn’t know how to thank her. We finished the dinner. Still the party was going on.
We three got up and was about to move. There came Rajiv and Sumit. Rajiv just smiled and was about to go. Neetu just asked Sumit.
Neetu : Sir what happened you told you want to dance.
Sumit : No Rashmi, I am tired. Thanks for the offer
Rajiv didn’t ever speak a word. He just saw Rashmi and kept quiet. I understood very well now. He knew that Rashmi only would have told her wife (Rashmi and Rajiv’s wife were college friends). He would have told this to Sumit as well. So sumit was afraid to dance with Neetu. I was feeling so happy.
Now it was around 11PM. Rashmi told she is feeling sleepy and left us. Then I saw Neetu. She also told she is tired and want to sleep. But I was thinking that somehow tonight I will get a chance to fuck this awesome chick. But I couldn’t take any wrong step. Because she was a good friend and if something goes wrong I might loose her as well. I told ok. We both told good nite and went to our respective room.
I went near the room and turned to see if Neetu will call back again. She was walking towards her room. I could see that sexy round ass swaying and the skin tight skirt covering her sexy body, I could easily make our body structure. I also could make our the panty line. I could see the zipper wich was just helping her cover the body. It was right from her neck till her ass. Wanted to remove. I stood near the door but there was no way she was turning towards me and tell that she is not getting sleep. She was almost near the door. Was praying god to make her turn towards me. No way she opened the door and went inside and closed the door. Now I could only see the door. The sexy figure was invisible now. Was feeling very bad. I opened the door and went inside and closed the door. But still had hopes that she will be outside standing waiting for me. I again opened the door and peeped. The door opposite my room was closed. I again went inside and closed the door. All my dreams were put in water. Anyways I was loosing patience. I thought let me get fresh and change. I washed my face and changed my dress. I just put a tshirt and shorts. Didn’t want to wear underwear as I wanted my dick to be free. I had promised my dick that I will feed him Neetu’s pussy. But he was unhappy. I just switched on the TV and was watching something. I was holding the remote and keep pressing the remote. Was not interested in anything. I was just thinking what Neetu will be doing. I had lots of things running in my mind.
Is she sleeping naked?
Is she wearing same dress?
Is she speaking to Rajiv and Sumit?
Is she speaking to her husband?
Is she musterbating?
Many things were coming in my mind. But I was just praying god that somehow some miracle should happen so that I can atleast be with Neetu and enjoy this trip. I saw the clock. It was 12AM. God please do something. What can god do. I would have changed the 100+ channels 100times watching nothing but just thinking. I got up for toilet and pissed and came back. My phone was lying on the table. Just took that. My phone screen said that I had 1 message and 1 missed call. Just opened the missed call. Waaaw it was Neetu’s call. Saw the time it was around 11.30PM. oh shit I really got very upset. Because of the party I had kept the mobile in silent mode. I was cursing myself. I wanted to see the message. It just said “Sir, wat r u dng?u slpng?i m nt gttng slp.msg me if awke.”. it was almost half an hour. I really felt very bad about this. I thought she would have slept now thinking that I didn’t reply. I started messaging her “Sry Neetu, I dint c ur msg.i m nt slping.msg me if awke.i m gtting bored alone here.”
I waited for 10mins no reply. Then thought of calling her. But was afraid what she might think. I was cursing for my luck. Everything was going against me. I got angry and threw my mobile on the bed. Suddenly I could see light coming from my mobile. I jumped to and took that. There was a message. Opened it immidatly. It was a airtel ad message. I was feeling like killing the airtel people. I just held the mobile inside my palm. Closed both the palms and prayed god pls pls pls make Neetu to send the message. I think god listened to me. I got reply. Opened it immediatlly. It was indeed Neetu’s. I opened it and saw. It read “Sir, sry I was in bathroom.evn m bored alne. I m nt getting slpy”. I immedialty replied
Me: “Thn y did u lv me n go.u tld u r slpy”
Neetu : Rshmi ws thr so 1ly I tld m slpy.afraid if she calls my hubby n tell dat I m wid u 
Me : ohh.ok so wats the plan.evn m nt gtting slp.
Neetu : k. do 1 thing cm 2 my c 2 dat no 1 c u cming
Me : k. opn ur door lock. Will jst cm inside.
Neetu : sure. Will opn the lock. Bt pls b careful.
Me : sure.m strting nw.opn the lock soon.
Neetu: k.bye.c u in room 
I slowly opend my room door and came outside. Came near corridor and saw. The party was till going on. But there were very less people and all were drunk and dancing. I was just walking there as if I am just wandering. Slowly I came near Neetu’s room. Now I just pushed the door it opened easily. With just fraction of seconds I was inside. And locked the room
TV was running. But where was my angel? There was no sign of my sexy angel. I was just moving. Suddenly I could hear some sound “bhyaaaa”. I got scared and saw behind. It was sexy Neetu. I was shocked to see her. She had changed her dress to night dress.
She had worn light pink nighty which is just till her knee and semi-transparent. It was lacy type and I could see her bra and panty easily. It made my dick just stand like a iron rod. It almost created tent inside my shorts. Unfortunately I was not wearing underwear also.

it was like this dress

We both smiled each other and she offered me to sit on the sofa which was next to the bed. She sat opposite to me on bed. I could see her bra and panty. They were also pink ones.

Dear all as per the request and suggestion will go slow and mix the sensual, love, desires, emotions, lust, erotic, hungry for sex everything in this story. but please keep giving suggestions and also i am looking for a married or matured lady for secret relationship. if anyone interested pls let me know. sorry its just request.

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