He Can’t Get Enough | Romance Story

I know when I knock on his door that I am in for a treat. I’ve been patiently waiting for my work day to end so I could come visit my wonderfully generous man. It is a hot summer day and I am wearing a long maxi dress, with an open back and no bra or panties.

He doesn’t have much patience for lingerie, he doesn’t like barriers for his hands or more importantly, his mouth.

I knock twice, and hear him coming to the door.  I smile, he’s not wearing a shirt and my eyes devour the sight. My pussy is already throbbing for him, it always does. He takes a moment to devour the sight of me as well, nipples erect against my dress.

“Hmm, get in here baby,” he says as he takes my hand and brings me into the house.  He closes the door and turns to face me.  “I’ve wanted to taste you all day.”  He steps forward and takes my face into his hand, and presses his lips against mine. His tongue tastes sweet, and it’s making my knees weak as I anticipate where that tongue will go next.  His hands move down my body to grab my ass firmly.  I am breathing hard, and press against his hard erection.  My hands are moving across his naked back, feeling his firm muscles. His hard cock is throbbing against my body, we can’t get enough of each other.

He starts to kiss my neck, sending shivers all over my body. I am his, and he is mine.  We are still in the foyer but neither of us seem to care.  My nipples are screaming for attention, and almost as though he could read my mind, he skimmed a thumb gently over my swollen sensitive nipple. I take in a breath and moan, I’m getting so wet. He continues his gentle yet tortuous assault on my nipples, and it feels so good I almost wonder if I can cum just from this! “Oh my god!” I barely get the words out, I can hardly stand anymore.

All of a sudden he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, “I hope you are wet for me, I want you to cum in my mouth baby.” He’s caressing my ass, with just the thin material of my dress between our skin. I am in a trance, completely at his whim. We get to his bedroom, and he sets me on my feet again.  He kisses me again, then slowly turns me away from him.  He moves my hair to the side and kisses my neck, I feel his tongue and a slight nip of his teeth.

He takes the strings keeping my dress on, and unties the bow behind my neck. He lets the dress fall to the floor, leaving me completely naked and completely his for the taking.  His mouth starts to move down across my back, tongue licking me and the scruff of his beard giving me shivers. I am panting now, turned on so much I can feel my clit throbbing.

His hands sneak around my body and he’s caressing my breasts, pushing his hard cock against my ass. “Baby, turn around.” I do as he says, he pulls me close -dtstories.com- again and closes his mouth around my nipple.  I cry out in pleasure, it’s almost too much. He’s turned on every sensor in my body.  He uses his tongue to tease my nipple even more, getting it hard and sending a direct shock to my pussy.

He brings his mouth back to mine and I devour his mouth, sucking his bottom lip. He backs me up and the back of my knees hit the side of his bed. He smiles and gently places me on the corner of the bed, I lie down and his mouth is already back on its wonderful torture on my senses. He starts to take his mouth further, scaling over my stomach and I feel that beard again tickling my skin.  The contrast of his coarse beard and the softness of his mouth is a pleasure I will never tire of.

He looks up at me and smiles, “Do you want me to taste you now?”

I smile back at him and say, “You can do whatever you want with me! I’ve been thinking about that mouth all day, baby.” He nuzzles my inner thigh with his beard and I can’t hold back, I throw my head back and close my eyes.

I know he wants to dive right in, but he knows the suspense turns me on even more.  I am breathing hard, heart pounding while I start to feel kisses on my pussy lips. One, and then the other.  My legs are spread wide, and he takes both my hands in his and holds tight.

His tongue starts to slowly open my slit. Slow licks, one after the other. I can hear his wet delicious mouth sucking up my taste.  One hand is released and he reaches up to roll a nipple beteeen his fingers, “It feels so good!”

He exhales against my moist hot pussy and I know he is loving this as much as I am, “I want you to cum in my mouth, you taste so fucking good.” The words add to the whole experience and I reach down to run my fingers through his hair.

His tongue is exploring every part of my pussy, I hear him slurp my juice. His tongue teases its  way inside me, and he pushes my legs further so he can get better access to my clit.  Now he’s determined to make me cum, I can’t hold on much longer.

He licks around my clit in circles and then flicks. My legs start to shake and he knows he’s  got me. He pushes his mouth against my pussy  and I hear the wet slurping sounds as he starts to go wild. My whole body is starting to shake now and I’m so close to cumming, “Please don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m going to cum!”

I feel the waves start to wash over me and I cry out as an earth shattering orgasm breaks through my body. I’m shaking and quivering, and he’s not done yet.

He grabs my hips and turns me on my side. He keeps licking my clit and I am screaming, having an out of body experience. His hand sneaks up and grabs by throat, squeezing firmly but not too hard.

I cum again, exploding against his mouth. Shaking uncontrollably and panting, my heart is jumping out of my chest!

His mouth releases my clit, and he licks me slowly again as the tremors subside. That beautiful fucking mouth of his.

I look down and we lock eyes.  He smiles and says, “I’m not done with you quite yet.”

to be continued…..

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