How I Became A Black Man’s Bitch – 1


I’ve been cross dressing for over 15 years & it’s something I’ve always kept to myself, but about six months ago it all changed. See I’m 33 years old, 5’7, 150 lbs. with long dark hair & no body or facial hair, so sometimes I’ve had guys hit on me when they see me from behind. I guess it’s because I can look very feminine & since I’m really small, I’ve never been really out going, so I’m very soft spoken.


I like women & I’ve had several girlfriends, which is how I got into cross dressing, when a girlfriend left some sexy clothes over at my house. When I found them, I don’t know why but something just made me want to try them on & when I did, I couldn’t believe how sexy I looked all dressed up. Plus even more so, I couldn’t believe how turned on I got & so started my cross dressing career, as well as my collection of girl’s clothes.


I started dressing up a couple times a month at first, but over the years it became almost a daily thing & then I started wearing panties under my clothes out in public too. Not that I wanted anyone to see them, but because I just loved the way they felt & since I’ve never been with a man, I didn’t consider myself gay at all.


Six months ago, I would be put to the test & it happened on a friday night at a club I loved to go meet women at. I was having a good night & had got several numbers, then I went to use the bathroom. It was empty so I just stepped up to take a piss & pulled my pants down, when suddenly this big black dude walks in the bathroom. Well I had forgot that I was wearing panties & didn’t realize that they were showing too, until I heard this guy just suddenly say to me,

“Oooh Damn, What Do We Have Here? Looks Like A Lil Sissy Boy All Dressed In His Panties & Hell, I Haven’t Had Me A Sissy White Boy Since I Was In Prison. So Sissy, I Think Your Lil Sexy Ass Needs To Come Over To My Place & Dress Up For Me Tonight. Sound Good?”

I was totally surprised & was caught off guard, but I managed to say,

“Oooh Ahhh, Naaa Its Not Like That. I’m Not Gay. I Umm Just Like The How They Feel & I’m Sorry To Disappoint You, But I’m Not….”

But he quickly cuts me off as I’m telling him I’m not into guys, saying,

“WHAT’S THAT? You Trying To Say That I’m Gay, White Boy, When Your’re The One With The Panties On & You’re Sorry To Disappoint Me? NOW Check This Out, I Don’t Care What You Think & All I Know Is You’re Gonna Bring Your Ass Back Over To My Place, So You Can Dress Up All Sexy For Me or I’m Gonna Tell Every Girl I See Up In Here that You’re A Pantie Wearing Lil Sissy Ass White Boy!”

Now I was starting to get really worried, because they’re were a lot of girls that I know here tonight & I couldn’t have them finding out that I was a cross dresser, so I couldn’t believe it when I just said to him,

“Nooo, Please Don’t Say Anything To Anyone About This & I’ll Buy You Some Drinks, If You Can Just Forget About All Of This Now O’k?”


That’s where I blew it, because he knows that I don’t want anyone to find out & now he can use it against me, which he does as he just says,

“Now I Don’t Care About Any Drinks White Boy, I Just Wanna See That Lil Ass All Dressed Up Looking All Sexy Back At My Place & So This Is What’s Gonna Happen, You’re Gonna Walk Out That Back Door With Me & Get In My Ride, Then We Rolling Out or You’ll Won’t Be Hooking Up With Any Women In This Town. So Which Is It Now?”

Looking back at it now, it really didn’t matter what I did & either way I haven’t even tried to hook up with any women since that night tho.


I guess it was the fear of everyone finding out, that made me decide to just go with this black dude & before I even knew what was really happening, we were out the back door heading to his house. He just played his music hella loud, so the whole way I was just wanting to turn back & face everyone finding out, rather then finding out what he was planning to do was me. But he didn’t say a word until we got to his place & he parked in the garage, then he closed the door as he says,

“Now Check This Out White Boy, I Didn’t Bring You Here To Do Any Crazy Shit To Your Ass, So Don’t Get All Weird On Me & All I Want Is To Just Have You Put On This Sexy Outfit That I Had Got For This Girl. But She Never End Up Coming Back & I Just Wanna See It On Somebody, Now I Think It Should Fit You So Lets Go See If It Do!”

I just suddenly felt a lot better about the whole thing & even started to relax too, as I went inside this strange dudes house. But it was hella nice tho & it looked like he had a lot of money or something, as I seen all the expensive stuff he had walking to his bedroom. We walked in to this huge room with massive bed in the middle of it & he went to the closet, then pulled out a bag that he brought to me as he just tells me,

“So You Can Change In The Bathroom’s Rite There & When You’re Done Just Come Out, I’ll Be Waiting Here For You, Alright You Good?”

I just take the bag then go into the bathroom & close the door, before I open it up to see what he wants me to wear. Well I’m surprised to see the same outfit that I’ve always wanted, but was just to much to buy & so I quickly put it on. I can’t believe it, it fits perfectly & when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m totally blown away at what I see too. I was wearing some black stockings that had the same pattern as the high heels shoe’s, that matched the top with the long sleeves & the short mini skirt too.

I just look so damn sexy, that my cock starts to hard immediately & I find myself wanting to play with myself too. But for some reason I just really want him to see how good I look tho & so I stop stroking on my cock, then pull my hair up in a ponytail. Then I happen to find some make-up under the sink, so I did my face all up the best I could & looked myself over one more  time, before I walk out into his room. When he see’s me, I’ll never forget the look on his face as he just got so excited & he tells me,

“Ooh Shit..,Now That’s What I’m Talking About Rite There ..,Ooh Damn You Are So Damn Sexy.., I Can’t Believe It., Just Look at Your Ass That Has Got To Be The Sexiest Ass I Have Ever Seen Before & You Had Got To Just Turn Around For Me Real Fast, Ooh My God!”

He says as I turn around real slow, so he can get a good look & I say,

“Seriously., You Really Think So.,Not Ah You’re Just Saying That?”

“Ooh Hell NO.., I Ain’t Just Saying It.,I’m Seeing It & It’s Too Bad That You’re Not A Real Sissy, Because I Would Just Eat That Lil Sexy Ass Out For Hours & Give You Whatever You Want Just To Get It!”,

He just quickly says back to me,which I can tell that he’s serious too & so I just suddenly decide to give him a show. I start to walk around as I shake my ass back & forth,then I stop to bend over real slow with him sitting on the edge of the bed too.


He’s going crazy,making all kinds of noise & getting hella excited, then I just see his crotch of his pants get hella huge. I can’t believe how big it got & then I find that I can’t stop staring at it, as this feeling starts to over come me too. Its this feeling I have never felt before & I can’t believe that I’m even feeling it tho, but yet it just won’t stop either. So when I just go to try to stop it, it’s unless & it starts to take me over, then I find myself in front of him on the bed dancing for him. So next thing I know, I’m getting up on the bed with him & start trying all kinds of different sexy things that I’ve seen girls do before.


Then it happens,I suddenly feel him slap me on my ass when I’m turned around & I don’t do anything about it too. So now he don’t stop there, as he noticed that I didn’t get mad at him & then he starts with all the touching. Proceeded by the grabbing, followed with squeezing & finally ending up with him just pulling my ass too him, as he starts to kiss & bite all on my cheeks. Well I just let him, because I’m just totally stuck staring at his huge cock & want to see it more then anything too, so I just say,

“Ooh My God, I Can’t Take It Anymore., I Just Really Want To See Your.., Um Your Big Black Cock So Bad & So Do You Want  Me To Do Anything For You Tho, Cuz I Really Don’t Want To Have To Wait Any More Too!”

“Well Sure There’s Something You Can  Do For Me Now & You Already Know What It Is Too, Don’t You.?.”,

He just says back to me & he’s right too, cuz I do know exactly what it is tho, then suddenly he grabs me by my hair as he lays down on the bed. I feel like a rag doll, as he easily spins me around & then pulls me up on top of him, so I’m facing the opposite direction too. My ass is right in his face & he says to me as he pulls off his pants,

“Well There You Go Now, You Lil Punk Ass Sissy & So You Better Do A Real Good Taking Care Of This Dick!”


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