Asin: Addicted to sex

After the shooting completion of ‘Khiladi 786’, Asin was totally free. She was alone at her home. Her mom and brother were in Delhi. She woke up at 8 am, wearing a white shirt and denim short pant, got fresh, had her breakfast. Then she sat on a sofa, trying to watch tv. But, she couldn’t concentrate on tv.
Actually, she need a fuck. She wasn’t get fucked since 8 days, due to work pressure. Now, she was missing her dad. Asin thinks, her dad is the best fucker in the world. He is 58, but still strong till now. His fucks less, but makes love more. But, he is in London now.

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Asin called Ashwin, a film producer and a regular bed partner of her. But he didn’t receive the phone. Ashwin fucked Asin last time, on Asin’s birthday, 10 days ago.
The 28 years old Asin was dying for a fuck. But, nobody was there to fuck her. She was feeling helpless!
Then her calling bell rang “Ting tong”! Asin opened the door. It was Rohan, her brother Rahul’s friend. 18 years old. Asin became happy seeing him!
Asin: Hi Rohan! How are you? Come in.
Rohan: Thank u didi. I’m fine. Where is Rahul?
Asin: Rahul went to market, he will come soon. U wait. (Lying)
Rohan was sitting on sofa, in the living room. Asin sat beside him and said….
Asin: Rohan, have u ever seen Rahul’s penis?
Rohan: (shocked) What didi?
Asin: Did u see Rahul’s penis?
Rohan: (shy) No didi.
Asin: Hmm. U boys are so lucky. U all have penis. But we girls don’t have it.
Rohan: ???
Asin: Look at me, I don’t have penis.
Saying that, Asin removed her short pant, became bottomless. Spreaded her legs, her pink pussy became open.
Rohan was feeling dumb-deaf! His penis was itching, getting hot. Staring at Asin’s pussy. Asin was rubbing her pussy in an inviting way.
Asin: Come on Rohan, u can touch it.
Rohan came near her, touched her pussy.
Asin: Do u wanna kiss it?
Rohan: (just shook his head)
Asin: So what R u waiting for?
Rohan started kissing her pussy. Kissing non stop. Asin was feeling good.
Now Rohan is licking and sucking the pussy. He was sucking her pussy like a fruit. Asin was just moaning.
After half an hour, Asin stopped him. She removed Rohan’s pant, brought out his cock. It was only 5 inch long. As usual, she feed him a sex tablet too.
Then she massaged his cock, when it became 6 inch, Asin started sucking it. Rohan was in heaven! She sucked his cock, licked his cum.
Then she told….
Asin: Insert your penis into here (indicated on her pussy)
Rohan: How?
Asin: (hold his cock, took it into her pussy by her own hand) just like this.
Rohan: Ohh…. Ok did…. Ohhh….
Rohan was doing in-out his cock into Asin’s pussy. Slowly, he increased his speed, and fucking her fast.
They both were shouting by pleasure! While fucking, Asin removed her shirt, became full nude. Her round boobs were bouncing. Rohan cupped them, and pressing hard.
The small boy Rohan fucked her only 10 mintes, he cummed in her pussy.
Rohan became damn tired. They washed themselves. Rohan wore his dress, but not Asin. Rohan had his lunch with the naked Asin. Then….
Asin: Rohan, never tell it to anyone. Ok?
Rohan: Ok didi.
Then Rohan left for his home. Asin became alone again. After half an hour, her calling bell rang.
She saw by the hole, it was a courier boy. Asin got naughty, she opened the door, stood in front of him naked! The boy got shocked!
Half an hour later, the courier boy was licking her asshole! Asin was in doggy style on a sofa, and the boy was sticking her tongue into her asshole. The boy was 18 years old, 10 years younger than Asin. He fingered, licked, sucked her asshole for 30 mins. Then he inserted her cock into her asshole, Asin screamed by pain….. The boy stroking her butthole fast. Now Asin started loving it. She was shouting by pleasure “Aaahhh aahh… Aah…. Aaahhh…. Ooohhh… Mmmm…..”
He fucked her ass for 15 mins. Then he cummed on her ass.
They were dressing and chatting….
Asin: What’s your name?
Boy: Ram.
Asin: Ok Ram. Can u please come tomorrow again?
Ram: Definetely madam.
The next morning, Ram came. Asin bathed with him. In the bathtub, Ram kissed her whole body. Ram fucked Asin there for 20 mins, and left for his office.
He came again after lunch. They went to roof. Ram kissed her feet there, sucked her pussy. Fucked her hard. Asin always loves fucking under the sun.
A 18 years old Ram fucked 28 years Asin continuasly 3 days. Then Asin went to Delhi, to her aunty’s house. Ram came to her house, but it was locked. Heartbroken Ram comes daily, but there was not Asin.
In Delhi, a car is running by a busy road. In the car, there was producer Ashwin, and the topless Asin! Ashwin was sucking Asin’s boobs-nipples, in front of the driver. Driver was watching the topless Asin’s boobs by mirror.
Asin: Do u know, I was missing u so much!
Ashwin: Sorry baby! I was so busy in my business. Today I will make u happy.
Asin: (smiling) Ok darling!
They started french kissing deeply. The car was going toward his guest house.