Adventure of married couple Lust Stories – 1

Kavita & Raj enter in farmhouse gate; it was big farmhouse, and there were many cars park in parking of it, they saw some couple moving toward door of farmhouse, all the girls were wearing red saree and black blouse, it was uniform for today, Kavita was also wearing same dress, Husband or boyfriend of girls were walking with them and there were no uniform for them. There was also some strong bouncer like man, maybe they were security guard. This was very deserted place.

This was their first visit to this sex event. This was sex party which Kavita and Raj were attending, this was their first adventure in three years of their marriage, Kavita was 25 years old housewife, and she was married to Raj three years ago, when she was 22. Raj is 32 years old today, and the age difference between them is seven years, but both love each other. Kavita was pretty young and bold girl, she was pretty much teenager when she married to Raj. Raj also considers him lucky that he got bold girl like Kavita as his life partner. Raj was first male who come in life of Kavita, She was bold but she never had boyfriend in her college life. Raj was first man to kiss Kavita.

This sex party is happening outside of city in one farmhouse, this is couple only sex party, where only couple is allowed. This is organized by high profile corporate group, This is mainly organized for housewife so that they can have some adventure, Kavita got this information from internet, I told you Kavita is bold girl and Kavita do lot of erotic chatting on internet, and raj is also aware of it, of course she use dummy profile for that.
She also shows herself on video call, of course she hides her face, she doesn’t give any personal detail, but she is pretty naughtily active on internet. Kavita also share these things with Raj, he doesn’t mind it, and sometime they even chat as couple with some guy for fun. One of her internet friend gives Kavita link of this sex party which is organized every month outside city. He told Kavita this is sex party and specially organized for females only. And that too female has to come with male (boyfriend or husband)

Kavita apply for this party just for fun, but she got call from organizer, and after some discussion she was selected for party. Organizer told Kavita that this is one night sex event where girl will get opportunity to have some erotic fun with someone other than her husband in safe environment.

Kavita discuss this with her husband Raj, He was reluctant to attend such sex party, but then Kavita show him review of that party on internet, they were all positive review. Raj then speak with organizer on phone, and he also find them sensible, Organizer was very mature, and told them that they only do this so that couple could have some fun, Organizer also told such parties are very common in other part of world but this is new in India. Finally Raj also agrees for party and some adventure.
One member of organizer visit Kavita and Raj, he took their blood sample, Urine sample to ensure they do not have any STD, Their all test come positive and today they were called to this first unique sex party. They send one email to Kavita which tell her location and time of party. All communication organizer were having with Kavita only, Raj was getting all update through Kavita.

Kavita was asked to wear Red transparent saree, along with transparent black blouse. They ask Kavita to wear white bra, so that her bra should be visible from naked eyes. They told her to wear such blouse which should be fully covering her, but it should be transparent. Kavita was dressed exactly like that today.

Kavita & Raj Park their Car, and they come out of car, Kavita manage her saree, Kavita was modern girl, she very rarely wear saree, she mostly wear jeans, t-shirt, top, salwar kameez. Today she was finding it difficult to handle her pallu. It was slipping constantly from her shoulder, Kavita and Raj both don’t mind people staring at Kavita’s boob, Kavita very rarely wear dupatta on her top, she don’t like to handle it, it is not that she have small boobs, her boobs are grown up, they are like mother of one child, they are not like teenager, they are like mature lady, very curvy and heavy, best feature of her body.

This blouse Kavita was pretty thin on her shoulder, though blouse was covering her entire bust, it was also instructed by party organizer to Kavita that blouse should have very thin strap on her shoulder. Organizer wanted Kavita to cover her bust completely, but they wanted to have thin strap, Kavita don’t understand this, she even ask organizer reason behind it, but they told her to just enjoy the party and follow instruction. Raj was totally unaware of all those instructions, as organizer have told Kavita that husband should be not aware of anything about today’s party, husband should get all surprise.

As soon as they get down from car, one strong bouncer approaches them, he was very builder, he was very broad, and he was double in term of broadness than Kavita. If he pick Kavita, he could pick her like doll, Kavita was around 65 KG, This bouncer was Cleary more than 100 kg, 25 years old married Kavita was delicate doll in front of him. He come and shakes hand with Raj. Raj feels his strangeness in his grip. He look towards Kavita, He scan her from toe to head, his eyes stop for second on her big boobies, bouncer stare at her boobs, Kavita feel as if this bouncer is fondling her by his eyes, He smiled at her, Kavita return his smile with cute smile. Kavita love to exhibit, she do it lot on internet, and today she was doing it in real life in presence of her

“Good Evening Madam, Nice to see you in uniform, you will enjoy todays sex party lot”, He smiled again at Kavita, while saying above statement he looked at Kavita boobs as if he was talking to her boobs, Raj was watching this man openly staring his wife, Raj was enjoying all this and his dick was hard in his paint.
“Thanks, could you please guide us to main party location, it’s our first time here, we are excited to join the party, have listen lot about it”, Kavita replied to that bouncer like heavily built man. Kavita was looking at physics of this man, and she was enjoying it, Raj was also getting little jealous looking at this mans physics.

“Sure Mam, I know it’s your first time, just follow me to main door, I will take you to party area”, Bouncer like guy tell Kavita, and start walking towards main door, Raj and Kavita start following him. Raj was pretty passive today, and was not participating much in any conversation. Both Kavita and Raj was thinking what will be there in this sex party today, both of them like eroticism and public flashing, exposing, that’s why they chose this party today. They just keep following him, and they reach to main door of farmhouse.

Main door open, and all three of them, Kavita, Raj and bouncer enter in farmhouse. There was small lobby there, and table was kept in front of them. Raj & Kavita saw there was two doors there, on one door ‘Wife Entry Point’ was written, that mean that door is entry point for wife, and on other door ‘Husband Entry Point’ was written, that mean that door was entry point for husband. Couple understand that they both have to enter in this party area from two different door. So they will be separated initially they enter in party area, they was very excited to see surprises in party.

“Kavita Madam, as you can see, there are two doors to enter in farmhouse, one is for you and other is for your husband, but there are condition for both to enter in main party hall”, Bouncer told to Kavita, he was not talking to Raj, most conversation of this party group was happening with Kavita. Since this group has taken their blood sample to check STD, since then they are communicating only with Kavita. Raj was getting all information through his wife Kavita only.

“What condition?”, Kavita asked, she was pretty excited to enter in this sex party hall, she was constantly handling her pallu so that it remain in place. Raj also was excited to know condition to enter in main party hall.

“Madam, we have to ensure you are properly dress as per instruction given to you, if you are correctly dress only then you can enter in party hall, This is sex party rule”, Bouncer told Kavita, he again scan her from head to toe.

Kavita blushed, she understands that sex party has begun, it is beginning of eroticism, she smiled and speak, she adjusted her pallu so that bouncer have nice view of her bust “Ok, I have dressed as per instruction, see my red saree, my black blouse, and I am also wearing white bra inside”, Kavita finish her sentence. While talking about blouse she quickly remove her pallu from her chest and give glimpse of her blouse without pallu to Bouncer, she quickly keep back her pallu, but her saree was transparent it was not hiding much. Raj smiled, and bouncer openly caress his own penis, and adjust it in his pants. Raj understands bouncer has got erect after watching his wife’s sexy move, and big boobs.

“Great, but we have to confirm it, we could see your red saree, and black blouse, but we can’t see your bra, as per rule of Party, we have to see your bra if we have to allow you inside for party”, Bouncer told her very professionally. Now he was looking at her breast, whenever bouncer was talking, it was looking like he was not talking to Kavita, but he was talking to her boobs. He don’t mind husband presence there, and Kavita was liking it, she was liking enjoyment till now.

“You want me to open my blouse button show you my bra, so sex party begun here, indirectly I have to show you my boobs, am I correct?”, Kavita was naughtily smiling, she has done this activity many time on internet in presence of her husband, but today she was doing it live, and that too without hiding her face. Raj also smile on flirty nature of his wife, she feel proud how confident his wife is in this new environment also, he was feeling nervous but his wife Kavita was openly flirting with this strong bouncer.

“look like you are very keen to show your boobs madam, but No, I can’t see them now, I have other duty now, not require removing entire blouse, and I don’t want to see your boob now, I mean I will see it but not now, after some time, now I just want to confirm you are in correct dress, you just turn around”, saying so bouncer touch Kavita both almost naked shoulder and in one swift motion turn her around, he was very strong than Kavita, Kavita quickly turn around, she scream as ouch, and now she turn around, now back of Kavita was facing the bouncer, her back was nicely cover by her blouse, Kavita still don’t understand why organizer of party ask her to wear blouse which is totally covering her, bouncer indicate Raj to go and stand in front of Kavita, raj move and stand in front of his wife, both raj and Kavita was smiling at each other, bouncer was having h and on Kavita’s soft shoulder. Raj was standing in front of Kavita.

Bouncer went right behind Kavita, “Madam, you don’t move, drop your hands and stand still”, bouncer roam his hand from Kavita’s naked arm, Kavita hand was drop down on her side, Bouncer was feeling her soft arm in front of her own husband, Bouncer also smell her hair and neck but he did not kiss Kavita back, Bouncers hand also feel her smooth navel, but he did not touch her boobs, Raj was enjoying all this. Kavita has very nice figure but she was looking very tiny in front of this bouncer.

Raj thought now thought bouncer will open blouse of his wife Kavita, his dick become erect but suddenly bouncer address Raj, “sir, can you please open all button of your wife’s blouse, I want to check her bra color”, Raj smile, he understand part y has begun, both couple was facing each other, they smile naughtily at each other, that is why they are here, they have done this many time online but today they are doing this in real life. Raj and Kavita don’t understand why this bouncer doesn’t open her blouse, couple won’t have mind it, in fact Kavita wanted this strong man to open her blouse.

Raj move towards Kavita, Bouncer was standing behind Kavita, Raj remove pallu of his wife Kavita shoulder, he stare at her boobs and smile, he was about to drop her pallu on floor, suddenly bouncer speaks, “No sir, don’t drop Madam’s pallu on floor, give it to me, I will handle it for you”, Raj give Pallu to that bouncer, now his twenty five year wife was standing between him and one heavily built bouncer, pallu of Kavita was In hand of bouncer. It was very erotic for both Kavita and Raj, raj was erect and Kavita vagina becomes wet, this was first public flashing they were doing. Kavita done it many time alone but this was first time in presence of hubby, it was max level of her flashing.

Raj moves his hand towards Kavita blouse, and he touch her first button of blouse, Kavita was shy and looking towards floor. Raj slightly presses her boobs lightly, and he started to open blouse of his own wife in front of bouncer outside main party hall.

Kavita was naughty girl, she wanted to tease her husband and this bouncer more, so instead of supporting her husband Raj in opening blouse, she deliberately push her boobs little forward, now her blouse become tight on her boobs, and Raj was finding it very difficult to open her blouse button, Raj started struggling to open his wife’s blouse, initially raj was using one hand to open her blouse button but now he use both hand still he was not able to open as Kavita was not cooperating, Kavita was giggling, she still has her hand down, she was not interrupting by her hand but she was deliberately making her blouse tight on her body so that her husband will find it difficult to open blouse button. Everyone who has experience in opening girls blouse understands how difficult it is to open girls blouse or bra if she docent cooperates.

Bouncer who was holding pallu of Kavita and standing behind Kavita saw this, “Madam, let sir open your blouse, please cooperate”, Bouncer request Kavita, Kavita blush, her husband also blush, here one stranger was asking Kavita to cooperate so her husband could open her blouse.

Kavita was in mood now, she wanted to tease bouncer as well, “Hey, see both my hands are down, how I am interrupting, don’t blame me, I am innocent, this blouse is smaller than my boobs,so it is tight, what should I do?”, Now Kavita was laughing both them male, Raj was fondling his wife Kavita slowly on the name of opening blouse, his dick was pretty erect in his jeans, Raj also smile on naughty answer of his wife Kavita. He is aware of Naughtiness of Kavita. He understand Kavita want bouncer to open her blouse with his own hand, she want to feel strong hand of bouncer on her boobs.

Bouncer was standing behind Kavita understand Kavita’s strategy, Kavita was deliberately making her blouse tight by pushing her tits forward, her blouse was already big and it became more big when she push them forward, and it make her blouse tight and impossible to open it.

“Madam, you stand still, let me help your husband in opening your blouse”, saying so bouncer hold pallu of Kavita in his teeth, Raj was still fondling his wife Kavita on the pretext of opening blouse button, he was enjoying this situation, Raj like how Kavita was teasing bouncer, Raj was enjoying and they have still not even enter in party area.

Bouncer now put both hand in the armpit of Kavita, and in one second is both palm move forward, and now both palm of Bouncer was on both side of boobs of Kavita. Now couple thought that bouncer will open blouse of Kavita, but instead of opening her blouse He pushes both boobs of Kavita from side to inward, toward her cleavage. His strong hand was pushing boobs of Kavita from side, It creates big cleavage for Kavita, and blouse which was tight on her breast become loose and it create gap between boobs and her blouse automatically. Now her blouse was loose and Raj could easily open her blouse, it was erotic scene for Raj, one stranger was pressing boobs of his wife from both side so that he can easily open her blouse.

Kavita blush, now bouncer was pressing her boobs from both side towards center, and her husband was opening her blouse; Raj took this opportunity and quickly undoes the all button of his wife Kavita. Raj was happy, from many day his wife Kavita wanted to do this adventure of public nudity, and today it’s becoming true in very playful environment. Kavita wanted this bouncer to feel her entire boobs, but he just press them from side so that her husband could open the blouse.

As soon as blouse was open raj move one step behind from his wife, Bouncer understood that blouse button are open now, and he remove his hand from side of Kavita’s boobs. Kavita’s blouse on her entire body become loose now, as all her button was open, bouncer quickly held back of her blouse and raised her to see her bra, he saw her bra. Kavita thought he will check her bra from front but bouncer check it from back, Raj & Kavita wanted bouncer to see her white bra from front, they won’t have mind that but it did not happen.

“great, your bra Is white madam, so you are wearing red saree, black blouse, and white bra, so you are perfectly dress, You can enter in main party hall, Please buttoned up your blouse Madam”, Saying so Bouncer again put his hand around her and put her pallu back on her chest and shoulder. Kavita was still facing away from bouncer, Kavita was disappointed bouncer did not fondle her, Raj who was standing in front of Kavita could see disappointment in her eyes. Kavita quickly buttoned her blouse and turn around to face Bouncer, now couple Raj and Kavita was standing beside each other and facing bouncer.

“Madam, you are well dressed you can enter in party hall from this ‘Wife Entry Door’, but if Sir have to enter in party hall from this ‘Husband Entry Door’ he must have your panty with him”, Bouncer told to Kavita. Again this bouncer was doing all communication with Kavita, and he was completely ignoring Raj. Raj was enjoying all this, he was erect after what happen till now. And now raj must have panty of his wife to enter in party hall, Raj and Kavita both find it exciting and erotic.

Kavita and Raj both smile, they were liking eroticism of this party, they were happy that they selected this hot party, Kavita quickly bent slightly and raised her saree till her mid-thigh, this bouncer was able to see her white milky thighs, Kavita never tried to hide it, she put her hand in her saree smiling seductively at her husband Raj and this bouncer, Kavita pull down her panty and handed it to Raj. Kavita could have removed her panty without showing thighs to Bouncer but she deliberately shows thighs to bouncer. Raj grab panty of his wife in front of bouncer and smile at her. Bouncer was looking all this from one feet, and couple was enjoying the eroticism.

“Great Mam, now you both can enter in main party area from your respective doors, remember sir, panty of your wife is like your access card, you have to show it to any door to get entry, just keep it in your pocket till this party end, please enter through your door and enjoy the party, you are couple number twelve for today, that mean there are twelve wife and twelve husband inside party hall, go and enjoy”, Bouncer told both Raj and Kavita, and he quickly went outside to bring another couple.

What is inside party hall? Why husband and wife have to enter through two different door? Why they did not communicate with Raj? Does wife Kavita know anything about party that Raj dosen’tknow? Why organizers ask Kavita to wear blouse which cover her fully? Is this genuine party or someone trapping couple? Why bouncer don’t fondle Kavita? What will happen in sex party?

Let’s see in next part.,,,

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