True Sex Of A Paralyzed Cross Dresser

I am a paralyzed cross dresser that is wheelchair bound and after many years of suppressing my behind the scenes sex life I wanted to share my encounters with others. I had a diving accident years ago and was fortunate to be able to be self sufficient, however not just a physical change was in the works but a sexual one. I was straight before my accident and had a muscular figure, and although like many men there was a curiosity about being with another man, it was nothing I really would act upon. After several years my desires began to change and I am 5’10 about 130lbs with a woman’s figure and totally smooth with a cute face. I lived alone and had been with woman but things never worked out mainly because I was not into drama and at times felt used. I went on to a pornography site one night and found a cross dresser having sex with a man and I was overwhelmed with butterflies watching a man dressed as a woman turn this guy on to no end.

I looked at my body and decided to shave it and was very turned on and couldn’t believe how much of a women’s figure I had after my accident. I ended up going on line and ordered a pair of black panties and black bra along with thigh stockings which arrived a week later. I put everything on and took pictures and was amazed how passable my body was and I ended up posting a add on Craiglist with my pics and was shocked how many emails I received. I didn’t respond to any adds because I never mentioned me being paralyzed however I did decide to get make up along with a wig. After a few months of learning how to put on make up and be as passable as possible my excitement and lust took the fear away of being rejected due to my physical situation. I ended up going on webcam on a adult sex site and received several propositions to meet up and finally I agreed with him knowing about my disability.

I was going to host him and although I understood he was straight and this was a first for him I was very nervous. The night arrived and after speaking we agreed to meet at 9pm and I was beyond nervous as I started to put my foundation, eye shadow and liner on. I put on my brown haired shoulder length wig and decided to wait until the last minute to apply my lipstick and I wore black thigh high stockings along with a black bra with a green loose top. I looked at the clock and it was about 9pm when he called as they turned on my street and then I wondered what if he took advantage of my situation. I quickly applied the cherry red lipstick and I looked in the mirror to my surprise I looked pretty passable.

The door bell rang and as I opened the door I saw a muscle bound guy in his early forties however my jaw dropped because I recognized him from the gym. I only asked to see his body on cam since he was married and that was a mistake. I found out quickly he liked my appearance and then he told me the reason he met me was he knew this would stay discreet. My gym buddy quickly put his hands on my long legs and moved the hands up to my panties and started jerking them off me. I asked him to slow down at least let me transfer from my wheelchair to the bed which he complied.

As soon as I got into bed the panties came off and I raised my paralyzed legs and spread them as asked then all of a sudden he ducked his tongue straight in my asshole. I do feel everything by the way and wow it felt good for the few minutes he was rimming me but then he took his cock which was pretty big and told me to just open my mouth. I thought he wanted oral but I found out quickly about being face fucked. This man was about 200 pounds and he used my mouth and pounded it like a vagina and I gagged several times until he lost his load down my throat without warning. My first cum experience was different because his cock was so far down my throat I never tasted it.

I thought we were done as I was catching my breath but one thing on our cam to cam chat I forgot was I said, “Use me like you can’t your wife.” I ended up for a few minutes regretting that statement as he tore my loose top right off and took a couple of pictures of me with his limp dick in my face as he slapped me with it. I was real nervous but then for some reason I really enjoyed it and posed for many other photos knowing full well they would be used as leverage to keep things discreet. The last request was to have me rim him deep as he began to jerk himself off which I must admit was not something I thought about doing. The thought was not pleasant as he laid back on his knees and arched his smooth ass and demanded I stick my tongue in his ass.

I closed my eyes and started to lick his ass but he wanted me to stick it in his ass deep as he jerked off. I did as he asked by sticking my tongue in his asshole for a few seconds then suddenly I grabbed his hips and buried my tongue deep. My muscle bound guy jerked off for a few minutes while I was loving the taste of his ass but suddenly he turned around and blew his load all over my face. We were done for the night he told me as he got dressed without a word and just left my home. I didn’t hear from him again but about two weeks later a correctional officer friend of mine shocked me as he said to me “never knew you were a sissy” then he walked away. I didn’t realize the guy from the gym was a correctional officer and many of the guys he worked with were friends of mine. I always worried about being desired being paralyzed but it appeared by that one experience my disability was not a issue, however the next question was how many guys knew about me cross dressing.

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