Hard Fuck

Gay – Homosexual Males

Now my guy wanted to come over one night after work so I said come on. Around about 10 pm he knocked on the door and I let him in.

As he went in to shower I got on my bed naked. When he came to me he pulled out this sex toy from his gym bag, it was purple with 6 big knobs.

I wanted to suck his cock and he wanted to shove that up my ass, so I maneuvered around and hung my head off the bed so he could feed his cock to me and he proceeded to insert the toy in my hole.

His cock was hitting the back of my throat and the toy was spreading me open, the knobs going in and out were good, but I wanted his cock in me and his cum.

When he flipped me around with my feet in the air he plunged his cock in me hard; he was harder than any time before. He must have been horny as hell cause he was thrusting in so hard that it hurt a little, but oh man was it good, so I begged him to fuck me harder.

As he shot his cum in my hole he’d thrust in deep and hard and hold still; I could feel the pulsing throbbing cock squirt after squirt.

We were both sweaty after sex so we went to the shower together. In the shower I sat on the floor as he stood over me, cock in hand peeing on me. When we got back to my bed I began giving him a rim job, then sucked his dick till he was erect again; he did me doggie this time.

Two loads of cum deep in my ass, it was so good.

As he left I kissed him and said next time I wanna swallow two loads.

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