Work Trip Part Three | Office Sex

Affairs Office Sex Story


The more Jeanette stroked, the harder he got, and as he continued to rub her tits with his hand he looked at Christine in disbelief of what was happening. Christine had a blank look on her face, but had still not covered her nude body. Jeanette said, “This is how you suck cock, Christine,” and she began wrapping her lips around his cock and bobbing up and down on it. Kyle motioned Christine over to him and she walked over slowly and when next to him he pulled her close and kissed her neck. She pulled back at first but then leaned in for more.

Kyle had one hand on Jeanette’s shoulder as she continued to suck him and he placed the other around Christine’s waist. Jeanette stopped sucking and said, “Let’s see you do it,” and motioned to Christine. Christine, not to be put on spot by her older sister, knelt down and began sucking his cock. Jeanette definitely sucked better, Kyle thought, but he wasn’t about to say a word. He began to suck on Jeanette’s tits as she was next to him and this took place for several minutes.

Then Jeanette said, “I don’t know about her but, I want to feel you inside me.” She pulled Christine up and grabbed both their hands and pulled the two of them to the bedroom. Jeanette motioned Christine to sit on a chair and then got in doggy position on the bed. Kyle looked at her round ass and ran his finger across her wet pussy, opening it up, and slid his cock inside. She moaned as he began pumping her. Harder and harder he thrust his hips, slamming against her ass while she moaned in ecstasy. He felt her pussy contract around him each time she orgasmed.

This went on for minutes before he felt himself getting close and he said, “I am going to cum!” and he began to pull out. Jeanette yelled, “Leave it in. Leave it in!” Kyle inserted it back in as he was half out and pumped a couple more times before exploding insider her with a loud sigh. Jeanette rolled over and licked his cock clean. Then she looked at Christine and said, “You want a turn?” and she climbed off the bed and stumbled out the bedroom.

Kyle walked over to Christine, pulled her out of chair and over to bed and laid her on her back and said, “Now let me finish what I started in shower before interrupted.”

He knelt down and spread her legs apart with his hands and began going down on her again. Jeanette had come back in the room and sat in the chair. Christine’s juices filled his mouth as she quivered in orgasm. He got up and ran his tongue up her thighs, to tummy, to tits, sucked on them before looking her in eyes and whispering, “I really want to fuck you but I don’t have a condom.” She softly answered back, “Just go for it, I will plan b it.”

He pulled her close to him and flipped her on her stomach and into doggy position. Then he put his cock inside her dripping wet and sticky pussy and began pumping. Her ass was smaller than her sister’s but the sound of hitting against his hips was no different. She orgasmed over and over before he finally was ready and he came inside her. He got up and asked, “Do you have any water?” Christine answered, “There are bottles in the refrigerator.” Kyle went and helped himself to the bottled water and drank the entire bottle without stopping.

Then he went to the bathroom and walked back to the bedroom and upon entering he spotted both girls sitting side by side on the bed. Jeanette spoke up, “We chatted while you were gone and if you are up to it we both would like one more go around with you. The one catch is nobody is waiting turns.”

Kyle responded, “Yes, I am up for it. You guys sure?” They both nodded their heads.

He walked over and sat between them on the bed and began sucking on Christine’s boobs and switched to Jeanette’s and went back and forth. Jeanette began stroking his cock and he quickly got an erection again. She laid him back on the bed and straddled his shoulders and lowered her pussy on his face and he began using his tongue on her pussy. Christine climbed on his waist and lowered her pussy down and guided his cock in her with her hand. She began bouncing up and down on his cock and both girls moaned. This went on for awhile before they switched places and continued.

Jeanette could feel he was starting to possibly get close and she stopped and said, “You two may not believe this but I have never had the desire to try anal before ever. Yet, for some strange reason I want to give it a shot tonight.”

She climbed off Kyle and Christine ascended to his face. Jeanette got into doggy position once more and Kyle slowly guided his cock in her bubble butt. It was so tight since it never had been used like that and after inching it in slowly he got all his cock in her ass and his balls rested against it. He slowly began pumping and she whimpered at first before starting to moan. Kyle used one hand to hold onto her ass and the other he grabbed a handful of Christine’s tits. He pumped and pumped for several minutes before exploding inside her ass. When he pulled out, cum dripped out of her ass and onto the bed. Christine and Kyle walked to the bathroom and toweled off and both began to get dressed.  He was dressed first and he put his face between her tits and shook his head causing her to laugh. She stepped back from him and said. “That was the last time!” He smiled and walked out the door.

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