Wife’s Drunk Friend | cheating husband

cheating husband

Jim was starting the water to take a shower when he heard the doorbell ring. As he turned off the water and quickly put on a shirt and shorts it rang again. Once he turned on the porch light and looked out through the peephole, he was shocked to see his wife’s former friend, Candy, standing there. His wife and Candy had a falling out and they hadn’t seen or heard about her in over a year.

Jim opened the door and said, “Hey there. What’s going on?”

Candy responded, “Hello, can I come in?”

Jim let her in and inquired what was she doing there. He could sense that she had been drinking and was quite buzzed. As she plopped down in a chair she stated, “I was out with some girlfriends and asked to be brought here cause I wanted to talk to your wife.”

Jim told her, “Well she is out of town. Do you need a ride home?”

Candy said, “ok, ya I guess since she isn’t here.”

Jim said, “If you want to sit here for a few minutes I will take a quick shower and then drive you home.”

She said ok and he retreated to his bedroom and again started the water and climbed in the shower. The water was hitting him and he was lost in thought about why Candy had come to talk to his wife and the whole situation was weird to him. He had his back to the shower door and he heard a noise and turned his head to see her opening the shower door.

Jim jumped and shielded himself from her view and questioned, “What the hell are you doing?”

She answered, “I heard the water and thought maybe it would help sober me up. I won’t look at you if you won’t look at me.” Before Jim could say a word she added, “Nobody will ever know and I won’t look if you won’t.”

He said, “Fine, let the hot water sober you up.” Jim proceeded to lather himself with shower gel and then said, “I need to rinse off.”

She turned her head over her shoulder locking her green eyes with his blue eyes and said, “Ok, close eyes as we move then so no peeking.”

He closed his eyes and moved under the water and began rinsing off. Suddenly he felt her bump into him and his head jerked over his shoulder and he caught a glimpse of her white skin and bubble butt before he heard, “Sorry I backed up and bumped butts.” He mumbled ‘ok’ before he went back to rinsing off.

After a minute, Candy said, “I can’t believe you haven’t tried to take a peek at me.”

He responded, “I am married and this whole situation is just odd.”

She responded, “So what you are married. You are going to tell me that having a naked woman alone with you in your shower doesn’t have your mind curious to sneak a peek?”

He attempted to deflect her question with, “Doesn’t your boyfriend wonder where you are or care about all this?”

She answered, “He is out of town with friends and as far as he knows or needs to know I am still out with my girls.” Then he felt her hand on his shoulder and she said, “Come on, you know you want to look.”

He answered, “What? Do you want me to look so you can tell my wife or something?”

Candy said, “I am not telling your wife cause you could tell my boyfriend and it would be bad for both of us. However, don’t get me wrong, I am at least intrigued -dtstories.com- to see what you are working with. You must not find me attractive if you don’t want to see.”

Jim responded, “No, I think you are attractive. Just feel guilty about being in here with you anyways and looking may make it worse.”

Candy said, “Don’t feel guilty. It will be our little secret and we can just look real quick. We can like count to 3, turn at same time, look and turn back.”

Jim finally gave in and said, “Ok, just like that. Turn, look, and turn back real quick.”

She said, “Ok, on the count of 3. 1,2,3 turn.”

They both turned and viewed each other. Jim looked at her size c tits and her clean shaven pussy and she stared at his cock. He felt himself starting to get hard.

She said, “Somebody likes what he sees.”

He turned back around and answered, “What are you taking about?”

She said, “I saw you getting hard. By the way, your dick is huge! You ever measure it?”

He answered back, “No, I haven’t measured.”

Jim felt her hand go between his legs, spreading them apart, and felt two fingers poke at his balls. Candy said, “Turn back around; you know you want to.”

Jim slowly turned back around and she smiled at him before reaching for his cock and beginning to rub it with her hand. He began to harden more with each rub. She knelt down and continued to rub up and down his shaft as she took his balls in her mouth and began sucking on them. After a couple minutes of that she ran her tongue up from the balls to the head of his cock and licked it. Candy looked up at him and questioned, “You don’t want me to stop, do you?” He shook his head no as she opened her mouth and lowered it down on his cock.

She began sucking his cock and he moaned at the great sensation. Jim grabbed the back of her head and began pushing his cock even deeper. Then he began thrusting his hips with each push of her head. She pulled back and smiled up and said, “You like fucking my mouth, don’t you?”

He nodded his head and answered, “Stick it back in your slutty mouth.”

She smiled and before putting her mouth back around his cock said, “Yes, talk dirty to me. Call me a slut.”

She was back bobbing on his cock as he mildly pounded her mouth for a few minutes. Jim pulled her up and said, “Lean back against the wall, you dirty slut.”

He ran his mouth around her tits before dropping to his knees and licking around her pussy. She moaned as his tongue began pleasing her pussy. Jim did that for several minutes and he felt her juices fill his mouth when she orgasmed. He stood up and began sucking on her nipples and with one hand began fingering her pussy. She reached around him and turned off the water and he pulled back, stopping everything.

She said, “Oh, we aren’t done, the water is just getting cold.” Jim smiled and followed her out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. Candy said, “Do you have a tape measure cause I want to measure your cock.”

He chuckled and said, “Let me get it out of tool box.” As he came back inside from the garage she was standing in the living room and he handed her the tape measure. She pulled his towel off and began measuring his cock.

Candy’s eyes got big and she said, “Fuck! It’s 10 inches, and that’s not even hard!” She dropped her towel from around her and he slowly began to harden as he gazed at her tits. Candy started stroking his cock and said, “I doubt you have any condoms, do you?” He shook his head no and she said, “Well no worries I  am on birth control and am clean. I am pretty sure you are clean too and I really want to feel you inside me.”

He pulled her close and yanked a blanket off the back of the couch and tossed it to the floor before saying, “On your knees, you slut.” She got down into doggy position and he guided his cock inside her wet pussy. Jim began pumping her as she moaned. He said, “You like it don’t you, don’t you, don’t you?”

She moaned back, “Yes, yes. It feels good!”

Jim pumped harder and harder. Candy moaned, “I am cummming.”

He felt her pussy contract and her fluids rush around his cock and out her pussy and onto the floor. This caused him to pound even harder and she moaned and orgasmed again. Several minutes later and Candy orgasms and moans again. He’s finally close to bursting and says, “I am going to blow!”

She said, “Yes, cum in me. Cum in this dirty slut!”

Jim gave one more hard thrust and blew a huge load inside her. He let go of her hips and she crumpled to the floor and her body gave two violent shakes as she moaned. His cum began flowing out of her and onto the blanket. As she stopped shaking and started to sit up he walked up to her and said, “Clean me off, you slut.”

She licked and sucked his cock clean. Then they both dressed and got in the car to take her home. As he backed out of the driveway she said, “That was amazing and a nice secret we will have.” He nodded his head. She reached over and began rubbing his crotch. He began to get aroused and she slowly unzipped his shorts and took his cock out. Candy leaned over and sucked on the tip. He pulled into her driveway and said, “You’re home.”

She looked up and said, “You really want to go home with blue balls?”

He looked at her and said, “Don’t you think enough is enough?”

She smiled and said, “I guess.” Candy got out of the car and said, “Ok, well thanks for the ride and don’t leave till I shut off the light.”

He nodded and watched her walk to the door. She was halfway to the door and dropped her keys and bent over to pick them up and turned back and smiled and waved at him. Jim’s cock was still hard and outside of his pants, so he put the car in park, turned it off and raced up her walkway. He reached her just as she was pushing the door open and she turned in surprise to see him. Jim pushed the door shut and one hand went up her shirt fondling her tits and the other hand began unbuttoning her pants.

Candy pulled her pants down and kicked them off. Jim pushed her over to her couch and bent her over it. He yanked down her panties and then his shorts and said, “I am going to make sure you remember me when you sit down tomorrow.”

Jim spread her butt cheeks apart and began sliding his cock inside her ass. She tried to fight it at first and winced out, “Noooo, ouch ouch, awww.” His cock was over halfway in her ass and he began thrusting. Jim pumped and pumped and she moaned for several minutes before he leaned on her back with his chest and came inside her.

Jim pulled up his shorts from his feet and fastened them. He slapped her ass and said, “How was that?”

Candy barely managed to moan out a, “Yes. It was nice.”

Jim slapped her ass one more time and said, “Next time, call my wife or text her before coming to our house.”

Candy said, “Ya ya.”

He walked to the door and pulled it open, and as he left she was still bent over the couch. As he got back into the car he muttered to himself what the hell was all that tonight. He drove home and they never heard or saw Candy ever again.

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