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Richa’s filthy humiliation

Hello friends – here is another story of Richa. A little different though with a flavour of humiliation, torture and some filth involved in it. If you get offended, please stay away from it. Cheers and enjoy otherwise!


It was one of the rainy days in Mumbai when Richa had to travel in a public transport bus during the rush hours. She had put up a yellow colour transparent saree with a black blouse inside offcourse a sleeveless one with deep cuts on either of the sides. There were no heavy rains but it was drizzling all the while making the traffic a bit slow and the rush to increase. Richa managed to get into the bus and reached over to ladies seat which were all occupied. As always there were men standing around those seats to have glimpses and Richa was already inviting a lot of attention due to her dressing. She looked around and found one person standing there, elegantly dressed and looking descent. She moved into his direction and stood beside him. The man, although looked descent, did not loose the opportunity to check Richa once which she did not mind a lot.

As the bus was moving towards the destination, more and more people started getting into and rush was only increasing. The conductor was literally forcing people to move to the front and there was some pushing where Richa was standing. She had moved very close to the man now who was about an inch taller than Richa. He was holding the handle at the top and standing there tightly while Richa was pushed under his arm. She tried moving her face to indicate her discomfort and suggesting the man to move his arm but the fellow absolutely didn’t react. He was probably enjoying Richa’s discomfort. Richa tried to look around to see if she can adjust somewhere else but looking at the horny men standing behind she remained stuck to her place.

The bus was not an AC bus and since it was raining all the while, the windows were shut leading to lot of suffocation, people were sweating a lot too. Richa had to hold the rod very tightly in order to avoid falling into him and that fellow noticed it perfectly. He made his first move when he rolled his half sleeve shirt further up leaving Richa’s face terribly close to his armpits. Richa could not help but notice his hairy amrpit and the odour it was throwing. She had no option but to keep her eyes closed. But then the crowd increased even more in the subsequent bus stops and during the pushing the man rolled his shirt further up and rubbed his armpit on Richa’s face. Richa jereked immediately and violently but he calmly continued with his one arm and holding the crowd with the other. There was so much rush that Richa could hardly do anything than bear his rubbing on her face. After rubbing her face, he glanced towards her to secretly check her reaction. To his pleasant surprise, Richa quickly pushed her tongue out and licked her lips as if licking the sweat from his armpit. “Don’t tell me you did not like this”, the man quickly whispered into Richa’s ear. She was flabbergasted literally and decided to confront him. But before she could do anything, he brought his armpit back into action.

The pushing was simply unbearable and Richa’s bums were also being pressed secretly by the men standing behind. She could not even turn around and expose her breasts for mauling so she just decided to stay calm. This pleased the fellow who kept rubbing his armpit gladly on Richa’s face.At one point, his sweat drop actually fell on Richa’s face. When he realized that, he actually looked at Richa who was now really nervous and anxious. She was not sure how to react and just kept delaying her reaction. Meanwhile, the man, quickly realizing her condition, wiped some more sweat drops from his forehead and sprinkled them on her face. Without realizing, Richa again licked the lips indicating that she was liking the taste. That was probably too much for him as he was definitely getting rock hard. “Let us get down at this next stop, I will help you get wherever you want to go”, he whispered in Richa’s ear. As the bus was approaching the stop, he signaled Richa to move with him. She was totally confused and caught off the guard. The man very boldly put his hand around her waist and asked her to follow him. The passengers around thought they were together and tried to make space for Richa to follow him. She had just two options – to confront him and make a scene or to follow him out of the bus and then take a call.

Richa chose the second option and got down with him. “I have a huge fetish to feed my sweat to someone”, the man declared right away as he waved for an auto rikshaw. “What do you want? Let me just go to office”, Richa managed to murmur. “Oh comon! You don’t meet people with such likes so often. Let’s enjoy for some time.” he responded. When the auto stopped in front of them, they were not decided so he asked Richa, “want to go to hotel?”. Richa quickly declined so he allowed the auto to leave. “You can choose the place where you feel safe”, the man asked Richa. She was just numb and could not react so quickly; she was completed possessed by the run of incidents. “Will there be someone at your home?” he asked her and she quickly replied, “No”. “Great! then lets get to your home so you feel safe” he spoke as he waved another auto. Once they got in, Richa told the address.

That was the first time, they looked at each other properly. He was a descent looking man with a french beard, strong commanding eyes and muscular body. Richa looked very timid in front of him and had totally surrendered by then. Imran( the man) already had his hand inside Richa’s pallu and saree and squeezed her breasts. Richa was scared by this bold move and tried to part his hand away which irritated him somewhat. “Look, I am not just upto sex. I have bedded even more beautiful women than you. I want you to cooperate with those filthy things that you showed interest in the bus. Do you get this?” he asked with such a command that Richa could only nod in affirmation. With that he went close to her and kissed her on lips and pressed her breasts nicely at the same time. The openness of auto was making Richa comfortable but she was in no position to protest. He kissed her for a while before pulling his tongue out. “Have you licked the sweat of a man’s body?” he asked her suddenly. “No” Richa managed to reply this time. “I bet you liked it though. You will be a nice filthy slut I bet”, he declared.

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