On a shot trip | My wife Richa’s stories

On a shot trip

My wife Richa’s stories

Hello friends, hope you all are doing fine and enjoying Richa’s stories! Here I am back with another of it.

This happened when we had gone on a short trip to a place along the Konkan beaches. It was a long weekend and we had booked a cottage there with all the good facilities and adequate privacy as we wanted to relax and chill out. We reached there around noon on Friday. The caretaker manager was very jovial and was impressed by Richa’s looks. She was wearing a short ¾ grey colour pant and a tight black tee shirt above. Her curves were quite nicely visible through that skin fitting outfit. Richa was wearing the dark black glasses so I couldn’t figure out if she was also checking him to decide if he can be her man. Nevertheless, we checked in and were escorted to one of the two cottages there. I asked him if the opposite cottage was occupied. He informed that a couple was going to show up in the early evening. He left soon, leaving us alone in the room.

It was nicely done room with all the facilities like AC, fridge, LCD, nice smooth king size bed and even a nice bath tub. Richa liked it a lot and so did I. It seemed she was already turned on as she jumped onto me and started kissing. I simply could not ignore and we ended up kissing passionately, just the two of us with no one around. We hadn’t even taken a wash after driving all the way but the kissing was like never before. Both of us sucked each other deep and complete. When Richa broke for a moment, I reached out for her top and took it off. She too pulled my shirt and pushed me on that king size bed as we resumed kissing. My hands reached her bra strips on the back while her hands were lingering between my groin and my chest. I took her bra off and started pressing those beautiful melons as always. I knew Richa loves them squeezed hard and getting her nipples pinched and I was exactly doing that. Richa had gained all the libidos and was moaning heavily while trying to unbuckle my Jeans. But I wanted to delay the hardcore action and decided to continue the foreplay.

I put her beside me and resumed kissing, this time covering her face, her neck, shoulders and then the most sensitive — her ear lobes. It was so exciting to see Richa close her eyes while she was being kissed all over. I slowly moved down and started kissing her breasts and slowly sucking them. My fingers were stuffed in her mouth and she continued sucking on them. As I started giving her slight bites on her breasts, she reciprocated on my fingers but she was very gentle. I kissed her bosom, moved down towards her tummy and her arms and then moved up to her face again. Believe me guys it was merely romantic and Richa hugged me like never before as we spent few more passionate moments lying on the bed.

“How about a hot water bath darling?”, she asked.

There was no way I could have denied. We got up, removed the clothes and got into the bath tub. I was lying in the tub while Richa got on top of me facing away. As the water level grew up, she started grinding her body on mine while I was massaging her chest. She handed me her soap and I started applying it all over her body. She was doing the same on my naked legs and thighs. We were kissing and caressing each other all the time while lying there in the hot water. It was very refreshing after a long drive as we relaxed in the tub. “So Richa….Who do you think will occupy the adjacent cottage?”, I asked her in teasing tone. “There will be guys…and once they show up…I am not going to be available to you…so quench your thirst NOW”, she declared to tease me further. I pinched her and gave her nice hard slap on her boobs. “How dare you say that? I am your fuckin husband you little slut, do you understand that?” I spoke in a further teasing tone following it with another slap. “Ouchh….aahh” she moaned first and the shouted even louder “Fuck you” and turned around to resume kissing. She was raw and wild this time. I felt as if she was going to pull my lips out. She was literally kissing and biting me all over that I had to somewhat control her aggression. When she turned around, her legs were spread on both side of my body. I pulled her closer and gave her a tight slap on her buttocks and pinched her nipples at the same time. We were literally playing a dogfight in the bathtub when I finally pulled her up in my hands and placed on my cock that was rock hard since long.

“Fuck that cock, you bitch!” I slapped her this time straight into her face. Richa loved it and kept looking at me seductively with those bitchy eyes. It was as if she was asking me to slap more and I just did that. Another few slaps on her face while her hairs were grabbed in my hand made my bitch wife start dancing on my cock. Fuck, it was a scene to die for. My beautiful wife, only wearing her mangalsutra around the neck, jumping on my cock in a hot water bath tub, while I had free access to her melons and her whole body. She was absolutely melt up and would have done anything I asked for. I just pulled her closer and we kissed and kissed forever. Richa was an expert in grinding a cock between her bums and riding on it. Both of us were sooo wet that it was all an easy screwing session. We kept fucking each other forgetting about everything else, didn’t even realize when our juices started flowing. Off course Richa was on safe days so it did not really matter. The passion was amazing and I think it was love & not just lust that made it a memorable session.

We soon refilled the tub, took an actual bath and moved ourselves out. The empty stomach was reminding us that it was long since we had eaten something so we decided to grab something. Richa changed into a short pants and another tight top and that made me hard again but then we proceeded for food. Just as I was checking with the Manager, the other couple who was going to occupy the next cottage showed up. We waited while the manager arranged stuff for them. We exchanged pleasantries while they were moving into their cottage. “I am so sorry Richa, you have to bear with me all two days”, I whispered to her while she saw the man and woman making their way into the cottage. He looked a 50+ guy, although quite energetic and talkative while his wife looked attractive but a quiet person. Richa punched me, “You never know!” she said. “Yeah, unless you’re thinking about the Manager or the Gardner”, I responded quickly only to be punched harder this time. Just as the manager came back to us, the old man followed too. But the Manager this time continued talking to me although he was quite clearly staring all over Richa’s exposed arms, ripped melons and lower thighs and legs. Even the old man seem fascinated by her beauty and I am sure Richa was noticing it through her dark glasses and giggling. The Manager finally asked us to wait for about 20 minutes before the food could be served in the restaurant cum kitchen of the cottages.

Richa and I decided to take a quiet walk around the cottages while the food was being prepared. The manager went shouting over the kitchen staff to prepare quick food while the old man returned to his cottage. It was a nicely kept resort with adequate privacy and lot of means of entertainment for kids and adults. We liked it and decided to return if things turn out nice during first visit. As we returned towards the eating area, the matured couple was already seated. While we were wondering whether to sit across or adjacent to them, the old man invited us to his table. It was big enough to accommodate four and the couple looked descent so we joined them. It was good knowing them as they had been to the place before and were fond of traveling. Mr Joshi was a retired bank officer and Mrs Joshi was a retired banker too while their children were settled abroad; the couple used to stay in Mumbai. Mr. Joshi seemed to like photography and that connected Richa with him while I and Mrs. Joshi were happy listening to them. He also mentioned that he was carrying his SLR camera and would like to teach a trick or two to Richa. She was obviously happy and they agreed that we would visit the nearby forest like area to click some natural shots.
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