Sex Encounter With Wife Of Best Friend

Sex Encounter


My Name is Vaatsayana(Name Changed). I am 35 years old now but this incident happened when I was in my first job and 25 years old. I am an average Telugu guy from Hyderabad having 5’10” height, 65 Kgs weight, perfect V-shaped body, and 6 inches long tool.

After the encounter with Nita as described in my previous story “My Virginity Lost To An Older Virgin Girl” story, I became a very mature in sex related matters. Thanks to Nita.I have a best friend from childhood and his name is Madan (Name changed). Actually, I am his guru in sexual matters. When we were in 10 classes, he has had an ejaculation due to a romantic dream.

He got very concerned and asked me about it. I taught him everything from masturbation to sex. He stopped his education with graduation and found a job in IT. Then he went to the USA. I completed post-graduation and then got into a managerial role in an IT company. I gave a lot of tips to Madan on how to make girls mad after sex. He had sexual relationships with a lot of girls.

We also fucked some girls together in dual penetration mode. So he had no issues in sharing these things with me. After he went to the US, he found a Telugu girl Sameera (Name changed) in the office and fell in love with her. She responded positively and they started a live-in relationship without letting their parents know.

He told everything that has happened between them including the sexual stuff. Unfortunately, he has a bit less control on his ejaculations. I gave him a lot of tips on how to control his ejaculations but still couldn’t get it. He used to ejaculate in 5 minutes. I gave him other tips with which he was able to give orgasms to his girlfriend.

I got an onsite opportunity in the US. Fortunately, it was in the same place where Madan was staying. So I decided to stay with Madan. Madan explained everything about our relationship to Sameera including me being his guru in sexual matters. Sameera was very comfortable with me. They used to stay in a 2-bedroom apartment and they gave me a room.

We started enjoying each other’s company. We used to go to pubs, hotels, discos and resorts together and cherish our childhood times. Sameera was a very demanding girl in bed in Madan’s view. Madan decided to marry Sameera. Madan’s family were very orthodox and don’t encourage such matters.

So I gave an idea to Madan to marry Sameera secretly for now and then let the family know. As I have very good relations with Madan’s family, I took the responsibility of convincing Madan’s parents. I was the witness for Madan and Sameera’s registered marriage in the US. We had a very nice party in a 5-star hotel after that. We really enjoyed the party.

After a couple of months, Madan’s father suffered a serious heart attack and went through an open heart surgery.Madan had to leave immediately to India. As it was an open heart surgery and his mother was alone with his dad, he had to stay in India for a couple of months. As none of their family knew about Madan’s affair with Sameera, he didn’t take Sameera with him.

I assured Madan that I will take care of Sameera while he is away. We used to talk to Madan on a daily basis. The life was same apart from that. Sameera and I used to go to pubs, hotels, and discos together. I maintained a very healthy friendship with her without any flirting or anything as she is my best friend’s wife now. But I observed a bit of frustration and mood swings.

Some days she used to be very sad and upset. I used to console her and try to cheer her up. One day she was very sad for some reason. I asked her if everything is ok. She told me that Madan is going to stay in India for one more month. I told her that he will come back as soon as possible and took her to a pub just to cheer her up.

She generally drinks beer or wine. For some reason, she had about 10 shots of vodka and was completely out of control. She threw up and all her clothes became dirty. I carried her home, put her in the bathtub and then with the shower, tried to clean all the vomit from her clothes. That is the first time I looked at her physic. Her figure was 34-24-36, 5’ 7” tall and about 55 KG weight.

I had a bit of erection despite my best efforts. She was semi-conscious. She felt the wet clothes and started removing them in front of me. It was a bit difficult situation for me. I immediately gave her a towel and left the bathroom. She finally came out wearing the towel. I helped her to get to the bedroom. Told her good night and went to bed.

Next morning, I knocked her door and there was no answer. I slowly opened the door and I was shocked to see her completely naked with her finger in her pussy. My heart started beating very fast and I had a super strong erection.While guilt was burning my heart, I closed the door, went straight to the loo and masturbated. I had a super blast ejaculation. I went back to bed.

Someone knocked my door around 10:30 AM and it was Sameera. She was fresh. It looked like she took bath and changed the dress. I wished her good morning and she was very shy for the first time. She asked me what happened last night. I told her everything except my visit to her bedroom in the morning. She apologized to me for her behavior. I told her not to mind all that.

Next day was a Sunday. She was trying to apply nail paint and it was not at all good. I told her that I can help and I started applying nail polish. She was looking at me with a different way. It was a little difficult but was continuing. Suddenly the nail polish spilled and in an effort to clean it up quickly, I opened a box on the dressing table thinking that it is a tissue box.

But ironically, it was a box full of condoms. It was a very embarrassing situation for both of us. She started looking at me with lust in her eyes. I told her that it is wrong. She suddenly gave me a very strong French kiss.My mind got blocked. I got a solid erection. She was wearing a T-shirt and night shorts. My erect tool was poking her groin area.

Her head breast and nipples were getting crushed on my chest. Human body chemistry started working and with that nothing can compete. Not even the guilt of fucking my best friend’s wife. I lifted her T-Shirt and to my surprise, there was no bra. I lowered her night short and there was no panty!

She removed my T-Shirt and boxer along with underwear and that’s it…. We were completely nude. I generally take it very slow but due to the fact that I haven’t had sex for months, I was playing it a bit rough. I kissed her passionately…. Sucked her nipples very heard so that her entire breasts were inside my mouth. She went mad and sucked my dick real hard.

I threw her on the bed and with no delay, entered her tight looking clean shaved vagina.She screamed with pain and pleasure. I was fucking her like a stallion horse. My tip of the tool was hitting her womb with every stroke. As I masturbated in the morning, I was able to control the ejaculation. I fucked her in several different angles for about 40 minutes.

She has had 3 orgasms already in that time. I was about to cum and she asked me to cum in her mouth. I removed my tool from her pussy and ejaculated in her mouth. She tasted my cum and then gulped it. We dosed off for a couple of hours and when we woke up, both of us felt very guilty. I went to my room and unable to face her until evening.

In the evening, she came to my room and told me that whatever has happened was wrong in the view of the world but if we look at it in simple terms, it was just the requirement of male and female bodies.She told me that she still loves Madan and that feeling will be there until she dies. She told me that she is mature enough to see sex and relationships separately.

I was a bit puzzled but those words relieved me a bit. We went out to a disco that night and enjoyed a lot. After we came back, we had pizza for dinner and then she called me to her room.I hesitantly entered the room. She became nude in minutes and asked me to lick her. I separated her pussy lips and started licking her inner lips and clitoris.

I put my index finger in her vagina and started massaging her G-spot. She came within 5 minutes. Then she started sucking my tool and after some time, I asked if she has had anal sex before. She told me that she never tried that. I asked her if I can take her anal virginity. She hesitantly agreed. She gave the lube that they used for the first night.

I applied it on my fingers and started putting fingers slowly in her ass hole. She started moaning. As the ass hole started relaxing I applied more lube and put 3 fingers in her. After that, I applied lube on my tool and asked her to sit on my tool with her ass hole. She very slowly lowered her ass and my tool started entering her virgin hole. It was nice and tight. Finally, it was in.

I started slow moments and started fucking her with full force. She started moaning and screaming. I fucked her for 30 minutes and ejaculated in her ass. We went to the loo and asked her to move her bowel. She pushed and my semen with yellow poo stuff came out. We cleaned ourselves and came out. From that day we used to be completely naked when we are at home.

She used to ask me to fuck her at least 3 times a day. I understood that she has good sexual libido during that time.She loved to give me blow jobs and drinking my semen. We enjoyed sex in all positions. We also played some nasty games like ejaculating on bread and making it semen sandwich, Semen ice cream, semen honey etc.

Some days, we used to enjoy 69 position and she would keep my tool in her mouth whole night. She kept me very satisfied all that time. She also massaged my prostate while sucking my tool. It was a very pleasurable.

This continued until Madan came back. After he was back, Sameera and I confessed to him about what happened between Sameera and me. He was a bit upset for a day and he came back to me and asked me not to tell this to anyone.

He also told me that he understands the level of maturity of Sameera and her ability to see love and sex separately.He told me that he has no issues if Sameera wants to have sex with me. But he requested me not to impregnate her. After that, we used to have sex in the usual way.

As Sameera is comfortable with anal sex, we used to fuck her in dual penetration mode where Madan and I used to fuck her pussy and ass hole in shifts. Meanwhile, I convinced Madan’s parents to accept this marriage. I was the special guest to their grand marriage in India.

After we came back to the US, our relationship continued in the same way until they decided to have a baby.So Madan fucked her in the vagina for a month while I only fucked her ass hole. She became pregnant with Madan’s child.

There were no issues with her pregnancy, so we continued our dual penetration sessions until she was 9 months pregnant. She delivered a cute baby boy without any issues via normal delivery.

After 3 months, my assignment in the US has ended and I returned to India. Even now, whenever they come to India, we plan sex sessions in resorts where she enjoys the dual penetration sex with Madan and me. I never saw such a women in my life who can treat love and sex as 2 separate things like Sameera… She is my special sex partner for life.

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