Saving My Innocent Husband – Chapter 5


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Putting his cock back inside his pant and zipping up the pant, “where did you go? We are getting late for your injections?” Shiva asked and got out of the car. “I went to the toilet, you know my condition right?” he said. “Yeah, lets go now, we are getting late,” he said. I got out of the car, and my dad and Shiva left the place. After a quick shower, I wore the same red panties and white bra, and realizing that there won’t be any guest visiting today, I pulled out a black leggings and wore it, and wore the same deep V-neck t-shirt I wore in the morning. I looked at the mirror casually to see how the deep V-neck T-shirt goes along with my black leggings. The T-shirt was till my legging elastic, and I turned around to look at my butt in the mirror, and I would see my panties impression all over my leggings, but I ignored that. As I walked down, the door bell ran and it was my son Goutham, and when I opened the door, he stood there with drooping shoulders, “what happened to the cricket match?” I asked. He showed me a thumbs down and started walking towards the fridge, “this is interesting, you have always come home happy saying that you have won and what happened today?” I asked and followed Goutham. What I did not notice was, there was another guy following me behind ogling at my buttocks from behind. When I turned back, “we lost because of this stupid guy, mom,” my son said and came near him and handed him a water bottle. “Mom, this is Vishnu, he is my senior and we have been winning all the time because of him, and today we lost,” my son said. “Hi Vishnu, what happened?” I asked. “I will explain to you mom, lets go to my room,” my son said and went to his room and Vishnu followed him and I followed them and went to the room. Goutham sat on his computer chair, so Vishnu and I had to sit on his bed.

“So tell me, what happened?” I asked. “Actually mom, Vishnu is my senior in school, very good cricket player and we have been winning all this time because of him. Today he looked very confused and was not able to concentrate on things, in all the 3 matches we played, he got out in 0 and was bowling wides and no balls. Usually he is not like this, he is focused all the time, he is feeling down. After asking so many times, he finally opened up, and was beginning to tell me what was going on in his mind. He told me few things about his mom, and I thought it is best if you help him out I thought and brought him here,” Goutham said. “Vishnu, feel free to share with me dear, I will help you out,” I said and he looked at Goutham, and put his head down. I looked at Goutham and went closer to Vishnu and put my arms around his shoulders, “feel free to share with me okay,” I said. “Tell her bro, my mom will surely help you,” my son said. “Aunty, you must promise me that you won’t feel bad about me,” he said. “I won’t, your can trust me,” I said and planted a kiss on his right cheek to give him some confidence.

“I was at my friend’s house along with 2 other friends, and we were having discussion about the latest heroines. “Vishnu’s mom looks like Sri Devi from the 80s and 90s, and what a body she has, absolutely goddess she is,” Vincent said. Strangely I was getting turned on, “I don’t think so bro,” I said. “You don’t know because she is your mom. Put yourself into our shoes and see your mom, what a boobs she has bro, you are so lucky to have sucked them,” Amit said. “I don’t know about that,” I said. “What a butt she has bro, I feel like licking your mom’s butt for ever. If she was my mom, I would have enjoyed her every day,” Nikhil said. “Come on, who will enjoy their mothers,” I said and looked at them. They looked at me like some nursery kid. “Bro, grow up..!! We will teach you how to enjoy your mom,” Vincent said. “Bro, don’t want,” I said. “Hey, you will like me bro, don’t worry, she will enjoy too,” Amit said. “Invite us home once, when is your birthday?” Nikhil asked. “Next month 15th,” I said. “Okay, we will be there in your house and make sure there is only your mom at home and no body else,” Amit said. “Okay,” I said, and I was so excited.


My birthday came finally and as we planned I invited my friends home. “Where is your mom?” Amit asked as he, Nikhil, and Vincent, brought a cake and gave it to me. “She is getting ready,” I said. As I kept the cake on the table, my mom came out of the bedroom in a pink chiffon Saree and a matching pink blouse. She was looking so beautiful, and I have never seen my mom this way. The pink Saree was bit transparent, and it revealed her navel where she had draped her Saree right below. “Come mom, let me introduce my friends to you,” I said and held her hand took her near my friends. “Mom, this is Vincent,” I said. “Hi Vincent,” my mom said and smiled at him. Saying “pleased to meet you Aunty,” Vincent hugged my mom by her waist. “Mmmm… you smell great, what are you wearing, “Davidoff?” he asked sniffing my mom’s blouse. Holding Vincent’s face, “Nope, its a secret, my husband got it from Kuwait,” my mom said. “This is Nikhil, mom,” I said. “Hi Nikhil,” my mom said hugging Vincent. Saying “Hello Aunty, nice to meet you,” Nikhil literally peeled my mom off from Vincent and hugged her. “Hmmmm…. Sure she does smell great Vincent,” Nikhil said and sniffed my mom’s neck and gave a kiss on my mom’s left cheek. Surprisingly my mom kissed his cheek back, and smiled at him. “And, this is Amit mom,” I said. “Hi Amit,” my mom said and tried to break the hug and greet Amit. Saying “No, I am not going to let you hug her,” Nikhil hugged her and lifted her and carried her away from Amit. My mom was laughing looking at Amit. “Nikhil, this is too much, give her to me,” Amit said, like as if my mom is some kind of a doll. “Vishnu is my best friend, so she is mine,” Nikhil said and winked at my mom, still hugging her, my mom laughed looking at Nikhil and looked at Amit hugging Nikhil. “Hey, Amit, he is playing with you, he wants to make you get jealous,” Vincent said and laughed. Nikhil winked at my mom and my mom giggled along with Nikhil. “Hey, Come on Nikhil, Amit is my best friend, not you, okay” I said and laughed.

“Did you hear that, you heard it from her own son, he is my best friend and she is mine too, now give her to me,” Amit said in a demanding tone. “You want to go?” Nikhil asked still hugging my mom and my mom was full of smiles and enjoying Nikhil’s prank. “Okay, go to him, but kiss him only on the cheek okay?” Nikhil said and let my mom free, and my mom broke the hug giggling at Nikhil and Nikhil was laughing. Amit quickly pulled my mom towards him and in the force, her pink chiffon Saree pallu fell on the floor and her boobs came to the full view with her her matching pink blouse covering her boobs, and white bra could be seen through her pink blouse, and her underarms socked with her sweat. Amit hugged my mom and began kissing my mom all over her face and neck. “Hey, enough kissing,” Nikhil scream and grabbed my mom from behind and accidentally (?) pulled out my mom’s Saree fleets which are tugged to my mom’s petticoat right below her navel. Her Saree fleets as a bunch fell on the ground, and as Amit lifted my mom, Nikhil held her pink chiffon Saree tight and it came off my mom’s body completely reducing my mom to only her white petticoat and pink blouse. Lifting my mom in the air, Amit lost balance and fell on the couch with his legs spread and my mom on top of him. Amit hugged my mom tight, and held her face, “Noooo, aunty don’t kissing his lips,” he screamed and ran towards my mom, and quickly Vincent caught Nikhil’s hand, “Vishnu, hold him, lets make this guy jealous of Amit,” Vincent said and we both held Nikhil’s arms. “Come on Amit, kiss her lips,” Vincent said, “Nooo…. Aunty, get off him please,” Nikhil screamed. Amit, holding my mom’s face began kissing her lips, offering her lips to be kissed by Amit, my mom looked at me. I showed her a thumbs up, and she closed her eyes and began kissing Amit’s lips back. With full confidence, Amit continued kissing my mom’s lips slowly taking his time. Kissing her lips passionately, he placed his hands over my mom’s butt and gently squeezed it, quickly my mom got off him and stood up and wore her Saree.” Vishnu narrated.


“Just because your friends kissed your mom, you were totally mood out all these days? Are you insane?” My son said. “It is easy to say for you, it was my mom who was kissed right in front of me,” Vishnu said. “What’s there is the kiss man, it is just a casual thing,” my son said. “Look aunty, he says kissing his casual, he will know if if is casual or not if I kiss you right in front of him. He is dumb Aunty,” Vishnu said. “Dumb? Me? Heck No!! Kiss my mom,” he said. “What?” me and Vishnu exclaimed. “You kiss my mom, and I will prove to you that kissing is casual,” my son said. Vishnu who was sitting next to me, turned towards me and kissed my cheek. “See, it is very casual,” my son said. “Mom, wasn’t it casual?” he asked. “Yes,” I said and smiled at my son. “This was just a teaser, you have no idea how they kissed my mom. If I show you how they kissed my mom, you will be totally irritated,” Vishnu said. “Irritated? me? ha ha ha.. I am not like you or your family. Kissing is common in a civilized family like mine, not like your backward class family” my son said. “Backward class family? Really? now I will show you how irritating it will be, no matter which class you are. Aunty, stand up,” Vishnu said in a bold tone and uttering “I don’t think this is a good idea,” I stood up.

“Raise your hands Aunty,” he said. I looked at Goutham, “Raise your hands mom,” he said. I raised my hands, and Vishnu quickly hugged me and planted a kiss on my left cheek, “irritated?” he asked my son. “Nope,” my son said. “Now?” Vishnu asked and kissed my other cheek. “Nope,” my son said. Vishnu broke the hug, “really? you are not irritated?” Vishnu asked my son. “No, like I said, kissing and hugging is casual in my family, we are a civilized family,” my son said. “Aunty lie down on the bed,” Vishnu said. Looking at my son, I lied down on the bed, and Vishnu kneeling next to the bed, lifted my T-shirt, exposed my waist and began kissing my navel. I was biting my lips, and the moment he decided to get on top of me, the phone rang from the living room and I stood up and ran to the living room. It was Shiva, “Hey Shiva,” I said. “Maya, your dad has arranged for an Advocate, and we both met him just now, his name is Ajith,” Shiva said. “That’s great Shiva, what is our next move?” I asked. “Ajith says he is going to find out some details about lawyer Srikanth, and come up with a plan about how to make him give information about the real killer. So come to dad’s house tomorrow at 10 AM, we will have a meeting with the Advocate Ajith,” Shiva said. “Sure Shiva,” I said. “Okay, see you tomorrow, bye,” Shiva said. “Bye” I said and we both hung up the call.

“Mom, he is leaving, his mom is alone at home it seems,” my son said walking towards me and Vishnu followed him. “Okay Vishnu, take care,” I said. Saying “Nice meeting you Aunty,” Vishnu hugged me and kissed my lips and left the house, and I was shocked. Since my son acted casual and left to his room, I acted normal and went to bed.

The next day, I woke up in the same white shirt and red panties which I wore when I went to bed last night and started sipping my coffee sitting at my dining table with the newspaper spread wide. As I searched under the Zodiac column, to read what it is written for Scorpio, Jancy opened the door and came in. “Good morning Maya,” Jancy said and came towards me. “Good morning Jancy,” I said sipping my coffee. “Late today? busy the whole night?” I asked with a wink. Slapping my face playfully, “shut up, it was Shiva who started it,” Jancy said. “Shiva? Really? But you were supposed to be shopping with your daughter Leena right?” I asked. “Yeah, Shiva came by and invited me and Leena to join him and he took us both out for dinner and helped us shop, and guess what, he paid for the entire thing,” Jancy said. “He brought clothes for your daughter?” I asked. “Yeah Maya, he is a such a sweetheart you know, and guess what; Leena was so happy and excited after the shopping that, she jumped on Shiva and hugged him and kissed his lips,” Jancy said. “What?? Your daughter kissed his lips? How did it land up in kiss on the lips?” I asked, as I was wetting my panties as she spoke. “He took Leena to a lingerie store, just by touching and feeling her body Shiva found out her underwear size, and ….,” as Jancy was saying I was getting turned on and I could feel an itch between my legs, and I interrupted Jancy by saying “Jancy, stop, I want you to tell me about it in great detail as soon as I come back. Now please get Goutham ready, he is getting late for school, and I am getting late too,” I said and hugged Jancy, and kissed her cheeks and ran to the bedroom, and she went to get my son ready for school. I went to my bedroom to take a shower and after the shower I came out in towel, lifting one hand after the other I perfumed my underarms. Opened my wardrobe, and pulled out a black color panties and wore it first, and then I pulled out a white bra and wore it. I wore a white petticoat, to go along with my yellow chiffon Saree with matching yellow blouse.


“Dad, where is mom?” I asked. “She has gone to temple, and will be back for lunch,” he said, as I walked inside and sat on the sofa. The door bell rang, “it must be Shiva,” my dad said. “Dad I am hiding behind the sofa, tell him that I said I am not going to come today,” I whispered to my dad. “Ha ha ha, you are still a child aren’t you?” my dad laughed and went to open the door. “Good morning dad,” Shiva said and entered inside. “What did you call me?” my dad asked. “I called you ‘Dad’,” Shiva said. “You are the son you should have always had,” my dad said. “Come on Dad, you always have me,” Shiva said and sat on the sofa and my dad was still standing. “Where is Maya?” Shiva asked. “Your little sister did not turn up today,” my dad said. “We were supposed to have an important meeting today, why did she miss out? Its okay, we will manage without her,” Shiva said. “Sure Shiva,” my dad said. “But I miss my darling sister a lot, dad” Shiva said. “Shiva, tell me how much you miss her?” my dad asked. “I dono, if she was here I will hug her tight and kiss her all over,” Shiva said. I was getting excited, and was getting turned on, and was biting my lips in excitement. Like as if he read my mind “Well, you can kiss her all you want, she is hiding right behind you,” my dad. Quickly Shiva got up from my sofa shouting “My naughty sister, come out now,” and came running to catch me, and the moment I stood up to run. Saying “Got you,” he quickly caught the pallu of my yellow chiffon Saree. “Ha ha ha…. No, you didn’t,” I said and undraped my Saree and began to run inside the bedroom with only my white petticoat and yellow blouse.

“Maya, careful you will fall down,” my dad said. “Wait, where are you running,” Shiva shouted and ran chasing me. I ran inside the bed room and jumped on the bed, and Shiva jumped on slept on top of me, and covered both of us with blanket. He hugged me and began kissing my lips, and hugged him tight and began kissing his lips back. Breaking a smooch for a while, “I missed you so much Maya,” Shiva said and continued kissing my lips and went down kissing my neck. “Mmmmm…..” I moaned… “Mmmm…I missed you a lot Shiva,” I whispered. As he was kissing my neck, beneath my ear, his hands grabbed my boobs and began squeezing them. “Aaaaaoh.. Shivaaa…!” I moaned biting my lips. Shiva began unhooking my blouse, and it didn’t take him too long to lift my white bra from the front and pull it up and make my boobs come out with my hard nipples. Shiva hugged me and started sucking my nipple, “mmm…” I let out a soft moan, and the moment I saw my dad entering inside, I grabbed the blanket and pulled it to cover Shiva who was sucking my boobs. “Shiva, Dad,” I whispered, and quickly Shiva took his lips off my nipples and hugged me tight covering my boobs. “Dad, why are you standing? Sit on the chair and relax,” Shiva said looking at the chair next to the bed. “Do you miss me just like I miss you, my little sister?” Shiva asked looking at me. “Oh, I miss you more than you do my darling brother,” I said and began kissing his lips. “I kind of feel odd, watching you both kiss like this,” my dad said.

“Why dad, never seen brothers and sisters kissing each other?” Shiva asked and went down kissing my neck and to my boobs and I covered the blanket. “Nope, I have never seen, maybe I am born in the wrong generation, ha ha ha,” my dad said. “Mmmm…. Dad, he misses me a lot dad, like he said, he is kissing me all over my body,” I said looking at my dad. To my shock, even my dad was having a tent in his dhoti. Realizing that my dad is getting turned on too, “mmmmm….. aaaaaah… aah dad, how am I going to thank you for giving me such a loving brother,” I said. Shiva untied my white petticoat and began pulling it down, and it was happening right in front of my dad inside a thin blanket, and I was getting nervous and was getting turned on. “Maya?..” my dad whispered sitting next to me in bed and placing his left hand on my forehead. “Mmmm…..what dad?” I asked gently moaning. Saying “I love you so much dear,” he bend down and planted a kiss on my lips. Saying “love you too dad,” I held my dad’s chin with my right hand and planted a kiss on my dad’s lips. My dad this time started kissing my lips, and quickly Shiva saw that. “Wait dad,” Shiva uttered, “Stand up dad,” he said, and my dad stood up looking into my eyes biting his lips.

My poor dad looked so turned on, I could feel how horny he had got. Shiva got off me and stood up, and “Take off you clothes dad,” Shiva said. “Are you sure Shiva?” my dad asked. “Yeah, take off your clothes,” Shiva said and my dad began taking off his clothes. Saying “Come Maya,” Shiva casually held my hands and pulled me off the bed making my white petticoat fall on the ground and making me stand in my black panties and unhooked blouse hooks exposing my white bra. Saying “you are missing so many things in your life Dad, Shiva was removing my blouse and took if off my body, leaving me in only my black panties and white bra. My dad was only in her inner wear, and he looked at me only in my black bra and white panties, “oh my god, Maya, look how beautiful you are grown into,” my dad admired. I smiled at my dad, as he was ogling at my body. Shiva took off his clothes and even he was in his inner wear. Saying “Go Maya, let Dad kiss you for a while, and show him how much you love him,” Shiva hugged me, smooched my lips, squeezed my boobs over my bra and pushed me towards me dad. My dad quickly hugged me tight and lifted me.


Dropping me on the ground, “I always wanted to do this Maya,” my dad whispered and grabbed my hair from behind with his left hand and planted a smooch on my lips. Breaking the smooch, “but something was stopping me, don’t know what. Now, looked at you, you have grown into a sexy woman, and now I can’t resist you,” my dad whispered and grabbing my hair from behind he started smooching my lips again and this time, he slid his right hand inside my panties and began rubbing my clit. “Mmmm…. daddy….aaaaaah… mmmm…” I moaned as he rubbed by clit with his right hand inside my black panties. I held his face and began smooching his lips back. “Mmm… my sexy daughter is getting wet,” my dad said breaking the smooch and rubbing my pussy inside my black panties. And, and again started kissing my lips, and I put my right hand inside his inner wear and pulled out his cock and began stroking it. “Oh.. my god… oooooh my god…!!” my dad exclaimed breaking the smooch, took off his right hand from my black panties and placed his both hands on his face and covered his face in pleasure. Saying “take your hands off dad, we both want to see how much you are enjoying,” Shiva said and put his arms around my waist and stood beside me. I smiled at Shiva and started stroking my dad’s cock more vigorously. “Aaaaaah… aaaaaaaaah…. mmmmmm…” My dad moaned, “I am feeling great, ” my dad whispered and held my left hand and kissed it. “Go to the bed and take off your inner wear dad, I will be back,” I said and turned towards Shiva and began kissing his lips. Kissing my lips back Shiva hugged me tight, breaking the smooch, “you are the luckiest father in the whole world dad,” he said as my dad sat on the bed and removed his inner wear sat with a boner stroking his cock.

“Sure, Shiva, I am the luckiest father in the whole world to have you and Maya,” my dad said. Shiva and me smiled looking at each other, and Shiva who was hugging me, unhooked my white bra from behind and took it off my shoulder and put it down on the floor. Just like Shiva was standing only in his inner wear, I stood there only in my black panties. I smiled at Shiva and he quickly hugged me tight. My naked boobs with erect nipples crushed against his chest and had no words to describe the feeling. My hands were around his neck tightly wrapped and his hands wrapped my waist, he began kissing my neck. “Aaaaah.. Shivaaa… mmm,” I moaned and as I looked at my dad he was watching us and stroking sitting in the bed. “Maya, Dad.,” Shiva whispered, like as if I got what Shiva was trying to say, we both broke the hug, and Shiva hugged me from behind. Saying “Dad, you are gonna love these,” Shiva said grabbed my boobs from behind and made me walk towards my dad, “Mmm….” I moaned biting my lips and walked towards my dad. As we stood near my dad who was sitting in the bed stroking his cock, Shiva took his hands off my boobs and my dad grabbed my boobs, “is this a dream?” he asked and began sucking my boobs. “Aaaaaaah… aammmmmmmmmm… aaaaaaaaaa,” I moaned, as my dad sucking my boobs Shiva was pinching my waist and kissing my cheeks and I was in heaven.

Saying “having fun dad?” Shiva slid his right hand inside my black panties from the front and and began stroking my pussy, and the moment his middle finger tried to enter my pussy, and my dad was about to say “I am loving it, Shiva,” in a sudden jerk I pushed my dad on the bed, and held my dad’s cock and began sucking it bending down. As I began sucking my dad cock, “aaaaaah aaaaaaaah… oh my god…. aaaaaaaah..” my dad moaned, “Oooh… I have never hand this kind of an erection since ages, mmmm…. aaaaaah” he moaned. Naughty Shiva, quickly held my black panties elastic and pulled it down till my ankles and lifting one left after the other and finally took my black panties off my body leaving me stark naked. While was sucking my dad’s cock vigorously and my dad was moaning in pleasure, Shiva in a swift motion thrust his cock directly inside my wet pussy and grabbed by boobs from under and began fucking me wild. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…,” I moaned taking my mouth off my hands cock and Shiva continued to dig deep inside my pussy and I started sucking my dad cock. I could feel a strong orgasm build up right inside my pussy, and Shiva was totally into it hitting my pussy at right places, and I was about to cum, and so was my dad. “Aaaaaaah.. aaaaaaaah… I am going to cummm…,” my dad screamed. “Wait Dad, cum inside her,” Shiva said and quickly pushed me on top of my dad and he hugged me naked and, with his right hand his inserted his cock right inside my pussy and began drill my pussy harder, “I am cumming…. I am cummmming …. I am cummmming,” my dad moaned. “I am cumming…too,….aaaaaaaaaah,” I moaned and my dad shot his cum right inside my pussy and I came at the same time, and his cock slipped out of my pussy.


Saying “How was she, Dad?” Shiva held my hand and pulled me from my dad and hugged me from behind naked, with his erect dick piercing my ass crack. I put my right hand behind and held his cock, “Uuuh” Shiva uttered and kissed my cheek. “It was great, it has been ages since I have enjoyed like this, thank you both,” my dad said and pulled a towel and started wiping his dick. “Come on, don’t thank us. We just wanted to make you happy today,” Shiva said, “Yeah dad,” I added. He smiled at as and threw the towel at me and went to the bathroom, and I caught the towel and rubbed my pussy off my dad’s semen. As I was wiping my dad’s semen off my pussy, Shiva cupped my boobs from behind and I understood that he is yet to cum and still turned on. Dropping the towel the floor, I turned around, and holding his cock in my right hand “Shiva, it is because of you I made my dad happy, how am I gonna thank you?” I asked and he moaned biting his lips. “You know exactly how to thank me,” he said biting his lips and looking into my eyes almost begging me to suck him. I winked at him stroking his cock and kissed his neck and and chest, and knelt in front of him on the towel to cushion my knees. Looking into his eyes, I held his cock and began sucking it gently and slowly. Shiva was in no mood for a slow blow job, he held my face and began fucking my mouth vigorously.

His cock was choking my throat and I could feel his cock going in and out of my throat, “Aaaaaah.. .aaaaaah.. .aaaaaah…” he moaned and as he was about to cum. “I am cummming..Maya.aaaaaa,” he screamed, and held my head still, and while his cock stay right at tip of my throat, he shot his cum right inside my throat and his cum went directly inside my throat and right inside my stomach. Breathing heavily he took out his cock from my mouth. I smiled at him and kissed the tip of his cock, “ouch,” he exclaimed and smiled at me. I stuck my tongue out to show him that I have swallowed it completely and smiled at him. “Oh you swallowed everything?” he asked holding my head, and as I nodded yes licking my lips, he pulled me up, and saying “I love you so much Maya,” he said and hugged me tight and began kissing my lips and I started kissing kissing his lips back. Breaking the smooch “I love you too Shiva, love you so much,” I said and started kissing his lips, almost offering my lips to be eaten. The bathroom door opened and we both broke the smooch, “guys get ready seems like you mom is back from temple I can hear out car entering inside,” my dad said and we all quickly began putting our clothes back on. I picked up my black panties and wore it first, and pulled out my white bra and wore it and turned my back towards my dad, “Dad,..” I uttered and showed my back to my dad indicating him to hook my bra from behind.

“Oh my god… how lucky I am to get a daughter like you,” he exclaimed and from behind he put his hand inside my bra and grabbed my boobs and kissed my back. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” I let out a sigh and began enjoying it biting my lips. Taking his right hand off my right breast and with his left hand grabbing my left breast, he slid his right hand inside my black panties and rubbed my pussy. Saying “No dad, not now, mom will get us caught,” I quickly caught his hand and took his hand off my black panties, and turned around. “Later okay?” I whispered touching his face with my right hand. Okay, he nodded. Shiva got dressed up quickly and came behind me and hooked my white bra, and gave me my yellow blouse to wear it. As I was hooking my yellow blouse, Shiva grabbed my white petticoat and made me put my both legs and and lifted it till my waist and began knotting my petticoat standing behind me. Shiva tied the petticoat well below my navel, and stood in front of me and and went a couple of steps behind and admired my navel. Giving him a naughty smile, I hooked the last hook of my blouse and loosened my petticoat knot and tied my white petticoat right on top of my navel. He smiled at me nodding no, and I smiled back, and my dad came towards me with my yellow saree and saying “thanks dad,” I gave him a hug and kissed him on his cheek, and took my saree from him and began wearing it. As I began draping my saree, the door bell rang and my dad quickly put on his clothes and began to leave, and Shiva followed him. And when I was almost done draping my saree and was bunching up my saree fleets and tugged it inside my petticoat from the front, Shiva bent and kissed right on my navel, “Ouuuuch,” I moaned and he held my neck from behind and smooched my lips and left the room.


To Be Continued …!!

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