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By the time Jancy finished narrating the whole incident, her husband came and picked her up and left. Taking my nightie off I wore my husband’s white shirt and went to bed in the same black panties I wore today. I crashed on the bed and fell asleep the next moment. My cellphone was ringing, so sleepy I was that I could not even pick up the call. Somehow I managed to grab my phone which was in the same bed as I am. To my shock it was already 8 in the morning, by this time Jancy would have come and woke me up and got my son ready, besides there were like 20 missed calls in my phone. It was all from Shiva, I was automatically getting excited, even reading Shiva’s name on something was kind of turning me on these days, I quickly called him over the phone, “Shiva, sorry I was sleep,” I said. “No problem Maya, I just called you to inform you that I spoke to me yesterday,” Shiva said. “Ajith? Who?” I asked. “Ajith, the Advocate whom dad introduced to us yesterday?” he said. “Yeah, yeah yeah,” I said. “Forgot him so soon madam, what were you thinking before you slept last night? ha ha ha,” he said. “Thinking about you, Shiva,” I said in a whisper. “Me too Maya, I miss you lots” he said in a whisper. “I miss you too, Shiva,” I whispered squeezing my boobs over my white shirt. “Can’t wait to come down there and make love to you, Maya,” Shiva said. His words were sending wrongs signals to my brain and my body began reacting to him sexy voice, my nipples were getting harder, and my thighs were squeezing my black panties rubbing it against my crotch. “You are so mean Shiva, you always get me horny regardless of time and place. “So do you, my sexy Maya, you get a boner all the time, you are meaner,” Shiva said. “Do you have a boner right now?” I whispered. “How do you know? I am surprised,” Shiva said. “Oh…Shiva, feel like holding it now, and kissing it all over,” I whispered squeezing my boobs harder. “Oh Maya, please stop… you are making it even harder. It is forming a tent inside my pant right now,” Shiva said and let out a soft moan. “I want to put my hand inside your pant and pull your cock and kiss it on the tip,” I whispered. “Aaaaaah… Maya ..noooo,” he moaned. “What are you wearing, Maya?” Shiva asked. “A white shirt,” I whispered. “And then, wearing a bra?” he asked. “No,” I whispered. “What about the bottom?” Shiva whispered. “Shiva no,” I said. “Maya, please tell me what you are wearing, I want to know,” Shiva insisted. “You should not be asking me Shiva,” I whispered with a moan. “No… tell me what bottom you are wearing, Maya,” Shiva asked and moaned. The more Shiva was keen on knowing what I am wearing, the more I was getting turned on. “Shiva, I am not wearing anything, just my black panties,” I whispered, and my left hand directly went inside my black panties and began rubbing my clit. “Aaaaaah… Maya…” he moaned. “Only in your black panties, Maya? aaaaaah..” Shiva asked. “Mmmmm…Yes Shivaa,” I moaned rubbing my pussy.

“Mommmmmm….” my son screamed and came inside my room, and I quickly pulled my hand off from my panties and covered myself with the blanket. “Wait darling, doctor uncle in the call, 2 mins.” I said and Goutham sat next to me. Completely understanding the situation Shiva, “Maya, today I am coming to your house along with Advocate Ajith. If you are wondering why Jancy did not turn up early today, I told her to come late after I come there and call her. We have a plan Maya,” Shiva said. “Mom… I am getting late to school.. come on get up,” my son held my hand and tried to pull me. “Goutham stop… mommy is not wearing her pants, you can’t pull me out now,” I said pulling out the earphones from my ears. “That’s okay, there is no body here, not even Jancy, come on mom, prepare my breakfast,” my son Goutham said and I got up from the bed and stood there in my white shirt. Since the white shirt was only till where my panties ended, and was flashing some bit of my panties to my son. “Mom, you are a lair, you said you are not wearing your pants, now see you are wearing your black panties,” Goutham said lifting my white shirt and pointing at the crotch region of my black panties, I quickly pulled my shirt and covered my panties. “Alright, go get your shower and come back, meanwhile I will prepare breakfast for you,” I said and sent him to the bathroom. Realizing that I did not end Shiva’s call, I picked up the phone and putting on the earphone, “Shiva, are you there?” I asked. “Yeah Maya,” Shiva said. “Shiva, I will call you back,” I said. “No no no… take your phone along with you and prepare breakfast,” Shiva whispered, and I went to the kitchen putting on the earphone and phone in my hand. I began to prepare breakfast, “Maya, I wish I was standing behind you,” Shiva whispered. “And hugging you from behind,” Shiva whispered.

“Oh Shiva.. please .. mmmmm,,, not now,” I said hesitantly. “Rub my cock against you butt,” Shiva whispered. “Shivaa.. no…” I whispered, his voice was turning me on. “Shiva, I badly want you here,” I said. “I would grab your boobs from behind and gently bite you neck,” Shiva whispered. “Mmmm…” I moaned closing my eyes I was totally feeling horny by now and I was trying too hard to control my hand from rubbing between my legs. Closing my eyes I held on to the kitchen slab right, biting my lips, and placing the phone next to me with my ear phones on. “I would grab your waist and inserted my right hand inside your black panties,” Shiva whispered. “Nooo… not inside my panties,” I said, and before my right hand could go inside my black panties, my son Goutham came out of the shower and hugged me from behind and inserted his right hand, right inside my black panties. “Mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…” I moaned holding Goutham’s hand over my black panties. “Honey, take out your hand out of mommy’s panties,” I whispered. “Oh my god your son has put his hand inside your panties?” Shiva said. “Yes Shiva, aaaa,” I said with a gentle moan. Saying “still talking to doctor uncle?” Goutham inserted his middle finger right inside my pussy. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. no Goutham, you should not put his finger inside mommy there,” I begged. “Don’t stop him, Maya. Enjoy it… I am stroking my cock thinking about you now,” Shiva said breathing heavily, filling my mind with thoughts about his cock. “Oh… Mom, you are so wet here,” Goutham said, “My god, wet already? You are so turned on bitch,” Shiva said. “Goutham, no.. take you hand off my panties please,” I begged leaning a bit forward and gripping on to the kitchen slap. Saying “you are going to enjoy it mom,” Goutham began finger fucking me vigorously, “Aaaaaaaa… aaaaaaaaaaaaah… aaaaaaaaah…..” I moaned gripping the kitchen slab tight. “What is he doing now?” Shiva asked. “Aaaaaaah… Shivaaaaaa… his finger is inside me and he is stroking me there, aaaaaaah…” I moaned. “Oh my god… Maya, I wish it was my cock instead of his finger,” Shiva said. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh,” I moaned. “Maya, I am going to cum… aaaaaah,” Shiva said breathing heavily. I was so turned on too, “aaaaaaah.. aaaaaaah.. aaaaaah… ” I moaned and my son’s pace was not enough, my right hand automatically right inside my black panties and placed it over his hand and started stroking my pussy vigorously. His middle finger went deep inside my pussy, “aaaaaaaaah…. aaaaaah….aaaaaaah,” I moaned as I was about to cum. Biting my lips with tears filled eyes, and stroking my pussy with his finger I turned to look at him. The earphone fell on the ground. “Aaaaaah… aaaaaah.. aaaaaah…” I moaned, and the moment his left hand went and grabbed my left breast and squeezed it, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…” with a loud moan I came all over his finger.


As I pulled out his hand off my panties, like nothing happened he wiped my cum juice in my white shirt and left the kitchen saying “mom, get my breakfast ready before I put on my uniform, I am getting late for school.” I was cursing myself for letting my son inserted his hand inside my panties in the first place, and what’s worse, I allowed him to stroke my pussy and leaked my cum juices all over his finger. When I checked my phone, to my surprise, Shiva was still on the call, picking up my earphones, “hey idiot, you are still on the call?” I said. “Was enjoying the way my Bitch Maya was moaning… wow.. priceless,” Shiva exclaimed. “It is all because of you, Shiva. You are the one who turned me on,” I said, and I could hear a door bell sound and Shiva hung up the call and went. As soon as I prepared breakfast for my son, I served him at the dining table. “Goutham, you should not have done that,” I said. “Done what?” he asked. “What you did in the Kitchen,” I said. “What did I do in the kitchen?” he asked. “While I was preparing breakfast for you, why did you come from behind and inserted your hand inside my panties?” I asked. ” “To make you happy,” he said casually and go up and began packing his school bag. “Happy?! Who told you that I will be happy if you do that,” I asked. The school van honked, “Love you mom…, bye,” he said and left the house.

I went to the shower and came out and being that Shiva is coming to my house, I was excited and I wanted to tease him this time, so I pulled out my green panties and white bra. I wore a black leggings and a white round neck T-shirt. I stood in front of the life size mirror and looked at myself, the White T-shirt was right till my black legging elastic, and when I turned and looked at my back, I could clearly see the panty impression on my black leggings, I just like that ignored it. While I was putting on some make up, I got a call from Shiva. “Maya, hurry, Ajith has got a lead, you got to come to the Lakeview Restaurant immediately,” Shiva said. “Lead? What lead?” I asked. “You are such a dumb idiot Maya. Ajith has arranged for a meeting with deceased Srikanth Mani, the Advocate who we suspect knows about the murderer,” Shiva said. “Great News Shiva,” I said. “Yeah,” he uttered. “What about Jancy? You told her to come here right?” I asked. “Yeah, but I have called her and informed her about this, and we will keep the meeting tomorrow in your house. You just just get up and come to the Lakeview Hospital. How long will it take for you to reach Lakeview Restaurant?” Shiva asked. “I will be there in 20 minutes,” I said and quickly rushed to the spot. Keeping all my belongings safe in my car, “Shiva where are you, Guys?” I called Shiva and asked over the phone, holding Srikanth Mani’s visiting card which I got it from Constable Vikram. “Inside the Lakeview Restaurant, where are you?” Shiva said. “I am outside, Shall I come inside?” I asked. “No no no wait.. we are not exactly inside the Restaurant, we are in the basement in a private room. I will send the security guard and he will bring you here,” Shiva said. While I was saying “Okay Shiva,” I heard Shiva say “Hey Imran, one Madam will be waiting outside, go and bring her here, make sure nobody sees her, walk her here quietly okay?” Shiva said. “Okay sir,” the guard said. “Sir, how do I identify her sir?” he asked. “Wait, Maya, you still there,” Shiva asked. “Yes Shiva,” I said. “What are you wearing now?” Shiva asked. “I am wearing a white t-shirt and black leggings,” I said. “Imran, madam will be standing next to a white care in white t-shirt and black leggings,” Shiva said. “Okay sir,” Imran said. “It is a surprise Maya, never seen in you modern outfit, ha ha ha, wonder how you look in t-shirt and leggings,” Shiva said. “I didn’t have time as you wanted me to be here as early as possible, so I just came out with what I was wearing,” I said. “Okay cool, no problem,” Shiva said and hung up the call.

I saw a young guy in security guard uniform coming out of the basement, playfully tossing a coin in his hand. “Imran,” I said and waved my hand. He waved back and I went near him, “Shiva sir friend?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “This way Madam,” he said and walked inside the basement with a torch in his hand, and continuing to toss the coin which was in his hand. As I followed him getting down through the stairs, we reached a narrow corridor, it was totally dark and creepy, and the floor on which we were walking were full of broken bricks and empty beer bottles, and stagnant rain water. The only source of light was the torch in his hand. He was still tossing the coin in his hand, “Imran, you toss the coin all the time?” I asked. “No Madam, this is my Lucky Coin, my pockets are torn, that’s why I am holding it in hand,” he said. “If it is a Lucky coin, hold on to it tight Imran, you might loose it in this dark,” I said. “You are tight madam,” he said and began to walk. While I was walking, I felt something on my hand, “Oooch,” I screamed. “Madam, are you okay?” he asked. “Yeah yeah, just some rain water fell on me,” I said. Before he finished saying “Careful madam, there are broken bottles, lizards, cockroaches, and rats in here,” a cockroach flew and sat on my t-shirt, “Haaaaouch…” I yelped and pushed the cockroach away and went close to him, and hugged him from behind. “Careful madam,” Imran said, and I let him go. “Imran I am so scared of cockroaches and Lizards, since my childhood, ha ha ha, I don’t know why,” I chuckled saying that. “I got used to it madam, don’t worry we are almost there,” he said.


While I was starting to feel relieved, all of a sudden a couple of cockroaches flew and went inside my white T-shirt, “Oooouuuuh..” I screamed and quickly removed my T-shirt and began wiggling my t-shirt rapidly. Saying “Madam, you are okay,” Imran turned around and pointed the torch at me, and realizing that I have removed my t-shirt and I am only in my white bra, like a gentleman he pointed the torch on the floor, so that I can put on my T-shirt back. Saying “cockroaches went inside my t-shirt, Imran” I began to correct my t-shirt and trying to put it back on. “Don’t move,” he whispered, “what?” I asked standing still in fear, holding my t-shirt in my right hand. The moment, Imran with his boots tried to push lizard which was sitting on my feet, I saw the lizard, “aaaaaaaah…. ” I screamed and jumped on Imran, and hugged him tight wrapping his legs around his waist. Hugging me back, “Its okay its okay, you are safe now,” he said, “hold this,” he said and gave me the torch to hold it. “Oh, Imran, I am so scared,” I said and hugged him tight holding the t-shirt and torch in my right hand. “Relax, now get down slowly,” he said. Before I could get down from him, with one leg wrapped around his waist, I tried to place my other leg on the ground, but I somehow had the presence of mind to point the torch towards the floor. To my horror, the floor was full of rain water with rats and frogs everywhere, “aaaaaah… noo” I screamed again and wrapped my both legs around him, “there is no way I am going to put my legs down” I said to myself. “Imran I can’t walk like this,” I uttered into his ear. “I understand,” he said and began walking hugged me tight.

This is the first time in my life, I am hugging a total stranger like this, only in my bra and leggings. To my shock, he was kissing me on my neck and shoulder gently, I did not know what to react, and all I could do was receive the kisses and keep hugging him tight until we cross this corridor. Strangely, I could feel was nipples getting erect, to stop him from kissing me I decided to keep him busy with conversation, “how far is it, Imran?” I asked. “We are almost there,” he said. I understood that if I keep him busy taking, he will stop kissing me. “Why is the place like this Imran?” I asked. “All this was done on purpose, to keep the strangers away. Only the people whom Srikanth Mani sir trusts can get inside,” he said and kissed my cheek. I ignored the kiss and kept him busy talking, “I didn’t get you,” I said. “There is a secret floor inside Madam, with all the facilities, that is where boss makes all the deals, no ones goes inside without his permission,” he said and kissed my cheek and neck. “Mmmm… you smell like Jasmine madam,” he said and hugged me tighter and kissed my neck again. When he did that I could feel my leggings coming down further along with my panties and cold air began entering inside my leggings from behind. I could feel the chill air passing inside, “Am I too heavy for you Imran?” I asked hugging him. While , he was saying “No madam, not at all,” and kissing my cheeks, I saw a zero watt bulb glowing 100 feet from us. In an absolute delight that I am almost there, I kissed his cheeks back, saying “We are almost there Imran.” This time, he got bold, and after I kissed his cheek, he got the signal that it is okay to kiss me, and I am not objecting it. It was dark, I did not notice his lips coming towards mine, and all off a sudden he started kissing my lips, my lower lips got sucked inside his lips. Not to create a scene to make him drop me down, I kissed his lips back for a second, and gently pushed his lips off mine with my tongue and broke the smooch and hugged him putting my lips away from his reach, with my face near his shoulders.

“Sorry madam, I thought it was you cheek,” he said. As if I am okay with kissing me on my cheeks by some random stranger, “its okay,” I said. Out of curiosity, I pointed the torch on the ground, to my shock, there were still rats, lizards, and cockroaches everywhere, and I quickly closed my eyes and hugging him tight. Deep in my mind I was saying to myself, “you are almost there Maya, just hold on for a couple of minutes,” and for a while slowly but steadily Imran was talking towards the light. While my eyes were closed, I could hear cockroaches flying, and all off a sudden I could feel something falling inside my partially pulled down leggings and panties. “Aaaaaaaouch… Imran….. Cockroach cockroach.. cockroach…” I screamed, moving my butt uneasily, still hugging him tight. “Where? Where? Where?” he asked. “Inside my panties,” I screamed in fear, dutifully he slid his hands right inside my leggings and inside my panties, and the moment his hands touched my pussy, “aaaaaaaouh” I moaned. “Relax, madam, I will take it out…” he said and inserted his middle finger inside my pussy and began digging it, “Aaaaaaaaah… aaaaaaaaah… aaaaaah,” I moaned. Saying “Is it biting you Madam?” he began stroking my pussy vigorously, shamelessly I was getting turned on and at the same time scared as of what might of fallen inside my panties. “Aaaaa.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Imran, aaaaaah,” I moaned, and realized that he was not moving an inch. Saying “Madam, I think I found it,” he began digging his middle finger deep inside my pussy, “aaaaaaah.. Imran.. please ….” I moaned. I held his face, and kissed his lips saying “please keep moving Imran.” With his middle finger inside my pussy, he began walking, and I was trying too hard not to cum.

“Mmmmm…mmmmmmm,” moaned escaped from my mouth as he carried me towards the light with his finger deep inside my pussy. I was biting my lips and trying to control myself, and when I turned back and saw towards the light, “Maya, what happened?” Shiva shouted. “Shivaaaaaaaaa,” I screamed. “Sir, cockroach fell inside madam’s panties sir,” Imran screamed. “Oh no.. bring her here fast Imran, come on,” Shiva screamed. As Imran ran with his middle finger inside my pussy, and a strong orgasm began building up inside me. As soon as Imran reached Shiva, I quickly jumped from Imran, and his finger came out of my pussy and my panties. Saying “is it off yet?” Shiva quickly inserted his right hand inside my black leggings and inside my green panties. The moment his right hand touched my pussy, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…” I screamed and holding his wrist with my both hands I came all over his fingers, and leaned on Shiva. Shiva pulled his hand out from my panties, and saying “its just a coin Maya,” he showed the coin with full of my juices. “Sir, it my mine sir, it is my lucky coin, sir,” Imran said, and Shiva tossed it at him. Saying “it is you lucky coin in deed” I said and put on my white t-shirt back. Saying “My baby is totally wet here,” Shiva playfully touched my pussy over my black leggings. “Shut up, all because of you,” I said and playfully slapped his hand. “Ha ha ha…” he laughed. “Imran, go close the gates and come,” Shiva said. “Okay sir,” Imran said and left the place.


“Come Maya, this way,” Shiva said and walked upstairs and I followed him. The place was lit with dim light, and we entered a room and opened the door. There were like 4 rooms inside. Ajith, came out from the last room which was like 40 feet away from us. “Why it is so dark here Shiva?” I asked. “It is done purposely by Srikanth Mani, I will tell you about it later, Ajith is coming,” Shiva whispered. “Okay,” I whispered. “What took you guys so long?” Ajith asked. “Oh, the corridor… Imran coin..” I blabbered. Shiva gripped my hand indicating me to stop blabbering. “Its okay, now listen to me carefully. He is half drunk now, and all we have to just act friendly. I have got everything under control, let us not goof up anything, especially you Ms. Maya, whatever happens don’t overreact or act silly. This is a matter of your husband’s life or death, if we miss out this chance, we are not going to get it again, understand?” Ajith said. “Yes Ajith,” I said. “Okay, I am going inside, you just have to come exactly after 5 minutes,” Ajith said. “Okay Ajith,” Shiva said. “I am telling you guys again, if we missed out this chance, we will never save your husband. I am telling especially to you Maya, don’t do anything silly, just listen to whatever I say,” he said and went inside. “Just to get to this guy I had to sleep with the police constable Vikram, and do all the stunts and I should not goof up on this and obey to whatever Ajith says,” I said to myself. “We are almost there Maya, our fight for justice and saving your innocent husband is almost over” Shiva said and put his arm around my shoulder and rubbed my shoulder. “Almost, Shiva,” I said. “Nervous?” he asked. “Little bit,” I said. “Don’t worry, your dad has found the best lawyer in town, Ajith is doing a great job, it is not an easy task to arrange for such a meeting with a guy like Srikanth Mani,” Shiva said. “I understand Shiva,” I said. “Ajith suspects that Srikanth Mani knows everything about it, and it could be well planned murder to frame your husband. Ajith says somehow we must capitalize this situation he is in, and make him reveal the name of the murderer and how they murdered Shobana,” Shiva said. “That will be good enough to catch the murderer Shiva,” I said. ” We are going in, in another 30 seconds…..Are you still nervous?” Shiva asked. “Nope, actually…! I have made up my mind to listen to whatever Ajith says and whatever you say, and help you guys get the information out of him,” I said and smiled at Shiva. “You are so brilliant Maya, I wish I had married you,” Shiva said and playfully pinched my lips biting his teeth, “Ouch..!!” I yelped. “Let go now,” Shiva said and we both entered the room. The room was quite big, it had a large sofa set at one corner and a table with 4 chairs, and the room was lit with low lighting. The table was full of hard drinks and side dishes, a middle age man was sitting there and sipping the drinks, I understand that it was Mr. Srikanth Mani, and Ajith was sitting opposite to him.

The moment Srikanth Mani saw me, “Hey, how did you come in here, Imraaan…. you bastard,” Srikanth Mani shouted. I got totally scared and held on to Shiva’s hand tight. “She is Akash’s wife right? I know…, I have seen her at the Police Station along with her father. Ajith.. I trusted you, but you cunningly set me up” blah blah blah… Srikanth was screaming.. “Shiva, shall we run out of here? He knows me. He must have seen me in the Police Station,” I mumbled, I was totally terrified and my knees were shivering. “Imraaan……!! Where is that bloody bastard…?” Srikanth screamed.

“Come one Sri, too much of drinks already is it? She is my wife Maya,” Ajith playfully said and stood up from the chair and came towards me. Saying “Kirti, come here darling,” Ajith came towards me and hugged me tight and began kissing my lips. Breaking the smooch “I missed you so much,” he said. Saying “My wife is getting prettier day by day isn’t it Shiva?” Ajith held my face with his both hands and showed my face to Shiva. “Oh, your girl friend is hot Ajith. Look how sexy she looks in this dress,” Shiva said. “wife? Really?” Srikanth asked. “Oh Maya, I forgot to introduce the most important person… This is the great criminal lawyer Mr. Srikanth Mani,” Ajith said and introduced Srikanth to me, and saying “hello sir,” I extended my hand to shake his hand. But, Srikanth quickly hugged me saying “She is too cute, Ajith,” and began kissing my cheeks, biting my lips I looked at Ajith and Shiva to ask them what to do. Shiva and Ajith were showing thumbs ups and signals to go ahead, by their signals I could clearly understand that, the reason they brought me here is to seduce Srikanth and get the information about the killer. Wrapping my arms around Srikanth’s neck, I showed Shiva and Ajith a thumbs up and kissed Srikanth’s cheeks saying “you are cute too Sri.” Planting another kiss on my cheek, “wow Ajith, just love the way she calls me ‘Sri.’ Aww… it feels so good hugging you Maya,” Srikanth said crushing my boobs against his chest. Saying “how does it feel now,” I kissed him on his lips. “Oh my god… what a lips she has got,…mmmmmm,” Srikanth said and pinched my lips with his fingers, and immediately I kissed his index finger and started sucking his finger looking into his eyes. “Oh my god… look at that …. she is so horny, just like me,..oooooh,” Srikanth said and pulled out his finger from my mouth and began tasting my saliva. “Mmmmmm…..” he moaned and put the same finger inside my mouth again. I licked it and looking into his eyes, with a seducing look in my eyes. “Oh Ajith, I am liking you wife already,” Srikanth said. “Yes Sri, she is sweet girl,” Ajith said. Licking his finger which was inside my mouth, “Mmm .. she is sweet,” Srikanth said. “And Sexy too,” Shiva said and “Mmmm…. yes she is,” Srikanth said and started kissng my lips, and I responded kissing his lips back. While we were kissing each other, “Sri, don’t kiss my wife on the lips,” Ajith said, and we both ignored and continued kissing each other. Srikanth put his tongue inside my mouth and I began sucking it, I was getting turned on as well. Saying “Sri, stop it.. Shiva pull him,” Ajith grabbed my waist from behind, and Shiva grabbed Srikanth from behind and separated us making us break our smooch and hug.


“Behave yourself Srikanth, you are drunk. She is his wife remember,” Shiva said. Saying “you can’t kiss her like this Sri,” Ajith who was standing behind me holding my waist, slid his hand inside my black leggings from the front and inserted his hand inside panties, “Aaaaaaaaaah,,” I moaned the moment his hand touched my pussy which was wet. My hands went to grab Ajith’s hand, but I stopped it realizing that it is all part of the plan. Saying “My god… look what you have done to her,” Ajith began rubbing my clit “aaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. aaaaaah,” I moaned. Pulling out his hand from my panties, Ajith showed his wet right hand to Srikanth and said “you have turned her on and got her horny, now I have to take her home and make love to her,” and Ajith put his right hand inside my black leggings and inside my panties and gently placing his hand over my pussy he began to walk along with me. As I walked a couple of yards with Ajith’s hand inside my panties. “Ajith, wait please ….” Srikanth said and ran towards us. With his hand inside my panties, hugging me from behind, Ajith turned around, and this time Ajith began running my pussy.. “Aaaaaaaah… aaaaaaaaaah,,,” I moaned looking at Srikanth. “Sri, I don’t have time, please try to understand. My wife is totally horny right now, look how she is moaning, I have to make love to her right away. I have to take her to the car immediately,” Ajith said. “Sriiiiii… aaaaaah.. aaaaaaah,,,” I monaed and tried to reach my hand toward Srikanth. Srikanth caught my hand, and looked into my eyes, and I was biting my lips, “mmmmm aaaaa…” I moaned. Saying “Come Maya, let me fuck you in the car,” Ajith with his left hand grabbed my boobs and began squeezing it, “Sriiiiiii… aaaaah,” I moaned and Srikanth caught my hands. “Ajith wait… you know I will do anything to get what I want right,” Srikanth said. “Srikanth, let them go… Maya looks too horny now and she needs a hard fuck now,” Shiva said. “Shiva, he has set his eyes on my wife, look how much he has turned her on,” Ajith said, and pulled his hand out of my panties and took my white t-shirt off my body, turned me around and hugged me, reducing my top part to only my white bra. “What as ass…!!” Shiva exclaimed.

Ajith unhooked by bra hooks from behind and peeled my white bra off my body and threw it on the ground, leaving me totally top naked. Saying “Oh Maya….my god… what am I gonna go,” Srikanth whined and pulled me from Ajith and hugged me tight and began kissing my lips, and responded kissing his lips back. Breathing heavily, he sucked my lips and with his right hand he grabbed my boobs and began squeezing my left breast. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah,” I moaned breaking the smooch, and Srikan began sucking my right breast squeezing my left breast. “Oooooooooh.. Srii….you are so good… mmmmmm….” I exclaimed holding his head. Saying “You like it Maya… haaan… haaaan…?” Srikanth, inserted his right hand inside inside my black leggings and inside my panties. Quickly Ajith grabbed my waist and tried to pull me away from me. While Ajith was pulling me, Srikanth’s hand was still inside my panties, and rubbing my clit. “Mmmmmmm…. Srikaaaaaaanth, aaaaaaaaaah,” I moaned. “Seems like she wants Srikanth inside her, and let him enjoy her Ajith,” Shiva said. Saying “No way,” Ajith grabbed Srikanth’s hand and pulled it out of my panties. “Ajith, please, please please …. please let me enjoy her, I will do anything for you. Here, this is the black cheque fill how much ever you want,” Srikanth unbuttonning his shirt and removing his pant he ran towards his suitcaste and opened the cheque book and quickly signed it and gave it to Ajith. Saying “Wow, Ajith, you won’t get a chance like this, quickly you guys come to an understaning, meanwhile I will hold Maya,” Shiva pulled me from Ajith and hugged me. My lips came close to Shiva’s lips and I was about to kiss his lips, “You want to make love to Srikanth now Maya?” Shiva asked with a wink. “Yes,” I said and looked at Srikanth biting my lips. “Srikanth, come on do something,” Shiva said and hugged me. “Ajith, please take this cheque and let me have her,” Srikanth said rubbing his crotch over his underwear. “You think I am a pimp? Srikanth, I am a bloody professional lawyer damn it,” Ajith asked in an angry tone. Saying “my god.. Look at this butt Sri,” Shiva grabbed my black leggings elastic alsong with my green panties elastic and pulled it down exposing my naked buttocks to Srikanth. “Mayaaaaa…,” Srikanth exclaimed. “Ajith, come on, take that cheque and ask anything else you want. She is dying to make love to Srikanth,” Shiva said and grabbed my naked buttocks.

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