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The next day Peter came to our house and apologized to me and told me that he was drunk last night and he was not in his control. We could not look at each other, we both were blushing, “Jancy, please don’t tell this to your husband. He will be pretty mad at me, he is my best friend, I don’t want to lose his friendship, you know what I mean?” he said. “I understand,” I said. “Okay, I am leaving now,” Peter said, and left our house and never been back to our house, only his wife use to call me regularly and complain about his drinking habit. After so many days he has come to our house and he is acting as casual as he can.

Shiva who was hugging me started his lessons for good life. “There are certain Rules in order to have a wonderful life,” Shiva said and broke the hug. “After the session, teach this to Peter’s wife also, okay?” Shiva said. “Sure Shiva,” I said.

“Rule No. 1,” Shiva said and looked at us. Saying “Before your husbands come home, you must keep the diner ready. As soon as your husbands come home, you must be neatly dressed and welcome him by hugging him, like this, and kissing him, like this,” Shiva pulled me towards me and hugged me tight and began smooching my lips right in front of my husband and Peter. Hugging Shiva back and smooching his lips I opened my eyes and looked at my husband, and to my surprise he smiled at me, and Peter was stroking his cock over his lungi. Shiva broke the smooch and hug, and “Did you guys observe what I did?” Shiva asked as I wiped his saliva off my lips with the pallu of my purple cotton Saree. “Yes Sir,” my husband and Peter said. “Good, now its your turn Gopal.. come here and do exactly what I demonstrated..,” Shiva said. My husband got up from the sofa with a smile and quickly hugged me and kissed my lips. “Very Good Gopal… thank you, now you go sit down,” Shiva said and my husband went and sat on the sofa. “Peter, its your turn now,” Shiva said, and Peter looked at my husband, “go” he nodded, and Peter stood up from the sofa and came towards me. Peter looked at my husband, “Gopal,” he uttered. “Peter, what happened?” Shiva asked. “Sir is teaching us for our won good, just imagine that Jancy is your own wife Annie, Peter,” my husband said. I was turned on looking at Peter, as I knew he was turned on just like me.

Peter quickly hugged me and began kissing my lips, and I started kissing his lips back. Peter grabbed my buttocks ass as he was smooching my lips. “Grabbing butt is also a good idea,” Shiva told my husband. “Yeah, sir,” he said. Peter began squeezing my butt and continued kissing my lips, and as he stuck his tongue out, I began sucking it. While I was totally lost in the smooching and sucking Peter’s tongue, “wearing your panties inside, Jancy?” Shiva asked. “What?” I asked breaking the smooch. “Are you wearing your panties inside, I asked?” Shiva said. “Yes Shiva,” I said, Peter turned my head and continued smooching my lips, placing his hands over my buttocks. Saying “Jancy, sorry to disturb you,” Shiva made us break the smooch, “do you life if Gopal grabs your butt like Peter is grabbing?” Shiva asked. Hugging Peter, I looked at my husband, “Yes, Shiva,” I said. “You see Gopal, you must know what she likes. She likes if you grab her butt while you smooch her lips,” Shiva said. “Yeah sir, I never knew this,” my husband said. “You like it, if I grab you butt when I kiss you Jancy? Why didn’t you tell me all these years?” my husband asked. Saying “Gopal, it must come naturally, like Peter is doing,” I hugged Peter tight and began kissing his lips, and Peter hugged me and began grabbing my buttocks. “They both are doing it right aren’t they Gopal?” Shiva said. “Mmm… yes Sir,” my husband said.


“Observe them Gopal, they seem like they are enjoying each other. Look how beautifully Jancy is kissing him, if you also like grab Jancy’s butt while kissing her she will also kiss you like she is kissing Peter, got it?” Shiva said to my husband. “You are right sir,” my husband said. “Wow, look how beautiful she looks while she is smooching his lips,” Shiva exclaimed. “Mm… yeah sir, she is turning me on now, and I feel like I want to make love to my wife now itself,” my husband said. Saying “Well, not so fast Gopal, I will come to that part later,” Shiva held my waist from behind, “Alright Peter, you did a great job, go sit down,” Shiva said, and Peter broke the smooch, took his hands from my buttocks and sat next to my husband. As I wiped Peter’s saliva off my lips in my black blouse sleeve, saying “So Jancy, who did it better, was it Peter or Gopal?” Shiva hugged my waist tight and planted a kiss on my cheek. “I don’t want to put my husband down, I love my husband, so I will go with my wonderful husband Gopal,” I said looking at my husband. “Aww.. I love you too Jancy,” my husband said and smiled at me. Saying “Hey Jancy, be frank. Tell us the truth, only then they will learn,” Shiva pinched my waist. “Ouch” I yelped. “Okay Jancy, tell us the truth,” my husband said. “Go ahead, tell us who enjoyed you the most,” Shiva said. “Mmm…. I am sorry honey, Peter enjoyed me more than you did, his smooches turned me on instantly and I too enjoyed kissing Peter,” I said. “Thanks you so much Jancy, it was a pleasure,” Peter said. “You realized where you went wrong Gopal?” Shiva asked my husband. “Yes sir,” my husband said. “Good Gopal,” Shiva said. “Alright guys, this is Rule No.1, hope you guys understand the importance of kissing passionately and turning your partner on,” Shiva said. “Yes sir,” Peter and my husband said. “Feeling good?” Shiva asked holding my waist, and turning me around to face him. “Yeah,” I whispered. “Good,” Shiva said, planted a kiss on my lips. Saying “Go sit down,” he placed his hand on my buttocks and pushed me gently towards the sofa.

“Rule No. 2, after your diner and you must share all the things that happened in the day. You will feel relieved. Okay guys, here is the main part of the Rule No. 3, take off your shirts,” Shiva said. My husband and Peter removed their shirts, and Shiva removed his shirt too. Saying “what is your wife’s name?” Shiva came near me, and holding my pallu “how does she look?” Shiva asked Peter and began removing my purple cotton Saree. “She is pretty sir, I am lucky to have her,” Peter said watching Shiva remove my Saree. Saying “is she as hot as our Jancy here?” Shiva held the Saree fleets which are tugged to my petticoat and pulled it out of my petticoat. While he was about to pull, involuntarily my hand quickly held his hand, “its okay Jancy,” Shiva whispered, and as Peter was biting his lips and ogling at my waist, Shiva pulled my Saree fleets off my petticoat. “Peter, why are you quiet?” Shiva asked taking my purple Saree off completely and leaving me only in my white petticoat and black blouse. “Wow, you look so hot Jancy, I can’t wait…..” Shiva whispered. “She is hot too sir, but…” Peter voice trailed. “But, she did not let to make love to her recently?” Shiva asked. “Yes Sir, how did you guess that?” Peter asked. “Alright, let me get to the Rule No. 2…..,” Shiva said and hugged me tight and began kissing my neck. “Sir, what should we do?” my husband asked. “Remove you pants,” Shiva said and while my husband and Peter began removing their pants, “wearing your bra inside?” Shiva whispered. “Yes, Shekar,” I whispered. “Remove it,” Shiva whispered, and before even I start removing, Shiva began unhooking my black blouse hooks from the tops smiling at me, and with a blush, I began to unhook from the bottom of the blouse. While the all the hooks were unhooked, I began to remove my blouse off me, and while doing so my boobs inside my white bra jutted out right in front of Shiva. Saying “Oh my god, look at these lovely mangoes. Gopal, you are so lucky to get a wife like Jancy,” Shiva grabbed my boobs over my white bra and began squeezing it.


“Yes, he is sir,” Peter said and began patting my husband’s shoulders. My husband seemed proud of me, and smiled at me and I was biting my lips in pleasure and enjoying my boobs getting squeezed by Shiva. The blouse which I was wearing began to feel too tight and it got stuck half way through behind me and I was feeling hard to remove it. I felt like my hands were tied from behind and my boobs jutting right in front of Shiva and he was squeezing it. “Proud of her aren’t you Gopal?” Shiva asked, this time taking his hands off my boobs and holding my face. Trying hard to remove my blouse, I looked at my husband, “Yes Sir, I am so proud of her sir,” my husband said. Saying “I am proud of my friend too,” Shiva held my face and began kissing my lips, my hands quickly moved to hug him but my blouse got stuck to my bangles and it was not coming out. Now I could feel that my hands are totally tied from behind with my blouse. Saying “I am so proud of you Jancy,” Shiva put his hands behind me and unhooked my bra hooks, and lifted my bra from the front making my boobs spill out. Shiva grabbed my naked boobs and began squeezing it and at the same time smooching my lips, I was smooching his lips back, at the same time trying to get rid of my blouse. Breaking the smooch, he grabbed my waist and began sucking my right boobs, “Mmmm…. you taste good Jancy,” Shiva said and continued sucking my boobs… “Mmmmmm….Shivaaaaaaa,” I yelped. “What should we do now sir? my husband asked. Sucking my other boob, he looked at my husband. My husband and Peter were having a huge boner inside their underwear.

“You want us to do the same as you do sir?” Peter asked rubbing his cock over his underwear. While my boobs being sucked by Shiva, Peter’s boner was turning me on. Biting my lips, my eyes were fixed on Peter’s boner. Taking his mouth off my boobs, “Gopal come here,” Shiva said. My husband came near us, “Gopal, could you please help Jancy remove her blouse, poor girl, she has been struggling to remove it,” Shiva said. “Sure sir,” my husband said and began removing my black blouse from behind. While my husband was removing my blouse from behind, Shiva held my face and planted a kiss on my lips, and “ummmh” I kissed back, and smiled at him. This time he placed his hands over my waist and began kissing my lips and the next thing came as a surprise was, while I was kissing his lips back, Shiva was removing my white petticoat knot. The moment my husband removed my black blouse completely off my body, Shiva removed my white petticoat knot and it fell around my anklets, reducing me to only my brown panties and my white bra hanging around my shoulders. Breaking the smooch, Shiva took my white bra off and quickly gave to to my husband. To mu shock, Peter had pulled out his cock and began stocking it, and I forgot about my semi nakedness and began ogling at Peter’s cock. “Now we are going to the bedroom, carry her,” Shiva said. My husband readily came to carry me, “Gopal, wait… this time let Peter do it..!” “Peter come, carry Jancy inside,” Shiva said.

Delighted Peter peeled off his underwear and flashed his thick black cock, the moment he took a couple of steps to carry me inside, I ran towards Peter and hugged him tight crushing my naked boobs against his chest. Peter hugged me tight and began walking towards the bedroom lifting me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and kissing him on his cheek I looked at my husband. He was holding his cock over his underwear and looking at me. “Oh Jancy, what a sexy bitch you are,” Peter whispered and took me inside the bedroom and put me on the bed and slept on top of me. We both hugged each other and rolled over, “Hey Peter, why do you like me so much?” I asked holding his face, sleeping under him. “Just like you? I lust you lots Jancy. I always wanted to make love to you,” Peter said and hugged me tight and began kissing my lips. “Mmmmmmmm….” I moaned, kissing his lips back. Breaking the smooch “Mmmm… you want to make love to me now?” I whispered. “Yeah Jancy, badly,” Peter said and held my brown panties and began pulling it down.. “Hey don’t remove my panties, stop being naughty” I whispered pinching his ears playfully. Pulling my panties till my knees, he placed his right hand over my left breast and began squeezing it and sucking it. “Aaaaaah… Peter…aaaaa” I moaned holding his face, and my legs began kicking my panties off my legs automatically. Realizing my pantyless state, Peter quickly spread my legs and in one push he thrust his cock right inside my pussy and began fucking me. “Aaaaaaah.. aaaaaaaah… aaaaaaa” I moaned, and my husband and Shiva entered inside. While I was moaning, “aaaaaah.. aaaaaaaaaah…. ” my husband quickly came and sat next to me. “Started already,” Shiva asked. Totally ignoring my husband and Shiva, Peter began fucking me quite vigorously, “aaaaaah… aaaaaah…” I moaned. “Enjoying Jancy?” Shiva asked. “Mmmmmmmm…..aaaaa” I moaned biting my lips and hugged Peter tight. “Honey, aaaaaaaaah….I am sorry,….I could not control, … aaaaaaa,” I moaned and held my husband’s hand.


“Jancy, I love you…. you look sexy now. Now I realize how hot and sexy you are,” he said. Moaning “Aaaaaah…. aaaaaaaaa,” Peter began fucking me hard and I was about to cum, “I am cumming …aaaaaaah” Peter yelped squeezing my boobs and came right inside my pussy and letting out a loud moan, I shuddered and came along with him. Peter totally collapsed on top of my naked body, and hugged me tight and began kissing my cheek. Gripping my husband’s hand, with my right hand, “I love you so much honey,” I whispered. My husband’s eyes looked so delighted, kissing my right hand he turned towards Shiva, “this is the first time I am hearing ‘I love you,’ from my wife sir. Thank you so much sir,” my husband said. Shiva smiled at us, “Peter get up,” he said. Peter quickly rolled over from me and stood up, “did you enjoy her Peter?” Shiva asked Peter. “Oh Yeah, nicely,” Peter said. “She was great,” Peter said looking me. My husband wasting no time, saying “my sexy wife, how did I fail to notice the whore inside you?” he quickly pounced on my removing his underwear. Sleeping on top of me just like Peter did, my husband began kissing my lips hugging me tight. I hugged him back and began kissing his lips. “You love you husband Jancy?” Shiva asked. While I broke the smooch to say “Mmmm… yeah … I love him,” my husband spread my legs and pushed his cock right inside my pussy and began fucking me. Watching me getting enjoyed by Peter, my husband has gotten totally turned on and wild and began fucking my vigorously. “How much you love him?” Shiva asked. “Aaaaaaaah…. aaaaaaaaaah..” I began to moan, “Tell me … tell me Jancy, tell me how much you love him?” Shiva asked again. “Aaaaaaaaah… I love my husband a looooooooots, aaaaaaaaaaah,” I moaned. My husband has never fucked me like this, he was enjoying and fucking me and there was a strong orgasm build up inside me. “Gopal, tell me how much you love her,” Shiva said. “Jancy, I love you sooooooaaaaaaah much,aaaaah,” my husband began to moan and I could feel his climax as he was drilling me hard. “Aaaaaaaah… I love you too honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey,” I moaned clinching my teeth , as I was about to cum too. Finally, my hugged me tight and I hugged him back tight, “aaaaaaaaah.. aaaaaaah.. aaaaaaah,” we both moaned, I could not control any more, my finger nails began to scratch his back. The moment his right hand went between my ass crack and his middle finger touch my butt hole, “aaaaaaaoooooooh…. aaaaaaaaa…aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”I moaned and came all over his cock and at the same time pushing his middle finger right inside my pussy, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” he screamed and shot his entire cum right inside me and collapsed on top of me just like Peter did.

“You guys enjoyed?” Shiva asked, rolling and sleep next to me, and breathing heavily, “oh we enjoyed a lot sir,” Gopal said. “It was great Shiva,” I said and turned towards my husband and placed my right hand over his chest. Peter began to put his clothes back. “I love you honey,” I said drawing circles on my husband’s chest. “I love you too Jancy, I will always love you my dear,” my husband said and planted a kiss on my forehead. Gently pushing Peter out, “Okay guys, we are leaving you guys take rest,” Shiva said and began walking out of the room pushing Peter. “But, Sir, what about the next rule,” my husband asked. “Fuck the Rules, there is no such thing as rules. I just made it up to make you guys love each other and I am happy for you guys. Take care, take rest bye,” Shiva said and left the room in the hurry. “What a man Doctor Shiva is,” my husband said. “Oh shucks, I didn’t even thank him,” I exclaimed and got up from the bed and wore by brown panties and white bra quick and ran out of the room. As Shiva and Peter were about to leave out house, “Shivaaaaa,” I screamed and jumped at him and hugged him, and saying “thank you so much Shiva,” I began kissing his all over his face. Hugging me back, Shiva kissed my lips and saying, “I want this tomorrow,” Shiva inserted his right hand inside my brown panties and touch my pussy, I quickly held his hand biting my lips. “Anything for you Shiva” I whispered and held his face and planted a kiss on his lips. Saying “I know, now go to your husband and enjoy,” Shiva broke the smooch spanked my butt and pushed me inside playfully and left my house along with Peter. As soon I ran inside my bedroom, my husband removed my brown panties and made love to me like never ever. From that moment, over lives changed for ever, and me and my husband love to each other the whole night.” Jancy narrated the whole incident.

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