Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter – I

Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter

While doing her SSC Razia was married and her husband who was a businessman in gulf told her to stay back and continue her studies and that the moment she passed her degree he will take her. Razia was a beautiful girl and she was very horny. On her first night she made her husband fuck her twice.

She acted as if her seal was ruptured to convince her husband of her virginity, but her servant knows how many times she calls him to fuck her. When the itching starts putting her finger, or a banana or a carrot does not satisfy her, she wanted only a stout cock to pound her to bring her orgasm and satisfy her hunger for sex.

A newly recruited boy to help in the kitchen who lied in the pantry will come to her room to place a jug of water daily for her purpose. Just before he leaves, she used to ask him to come to her bathroom and she will pull out his cock and wash it well with soap and kneel on ground and suck it.

Keeping his hand on his hip, the boy, saravanan, will bend backwards to give her the maximum length of his cock. When his cock attains full erection, she will aske him to come to her bed and she will open her legs and show him her golder cunt to fuck. Saravanan used to wonder whether it is a dream or reality, to fuck an angel like girl in her silken draped bed.

Come on do it fast urged Razia and Saravanan used to take a long time which was his advantage. By the time he gets his orgasm Razia would have had atleast five orgasm. After the job is over Razia asked him to hurry up and see that nobody notices his comng to her room. Her father was away at the gulf. Her mother was there.

Her mother, Shamla had a similar weakness for cocks. She used to go to gulf to visit her husband once in three months. Shamla will make her husband fuck her twice every day. He was a busy businessman touring all the gulf countries often. But he had very trustworthy servants who took care of the needs of the wife of their master.

One fellow was an Afgan and another a jordan whose sexual prowess was world known. They loved Shamla and her beautiful body. The moment their master goes abroad, they both will come and stay with Shamla and fuck her front and back simultaneously. After three months of vigorous sexual onslaughts Shamla will return to India to reminisce over her gulf experiences.

During her mother’s absence her aunt stayed to take care of Razia. But aunt cannot stop people coming for combined study. Razia had a large bevi of friends and their friends. They come for combined studies both during day and night. Once she went to meet their family doctor, a matured sensible lady. She told Razia not to have too much sex.

Too much sex will disturb her harmonal balance and she will put on a grown up and matured look than that of a young teen ager. A terror ran over her and Razia suddenly stopped all combined study and stopped all outsiders except of course Saravanan. Saravanan aged eighteen sported a cock of six and half inches, The advantage with him was he was equal to six men.

His cock will stand erect for one hour or more by which time she can have four or five orgasm. She asked him to sleep in her room, on floor, with his cock standing erect like a flag post that any time she can cooly sit on it, While studying her books she wanted his cock to fill her hole and retain erection.

She wanted him sometimes to bury his face into her pussy and tongue fuck her or lick her clit. Saravanan did all these tasks with utmost care and devotion. To bring him to her level of cleanliness, they usually bathed together and she applied soap on him he did with her.

To clean the deep depths of her vagina, where fingers will not reach, he used to take the trouble of sending his cock and by vigorous rubbing with his cock head her vaginal depths will be cleaned. They both were addicted to cleanliness. They helped each other to remove their public hair. She allowed him to wear only a lungi and a sleeveless vest during day and night.


To Be Continued…


Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter – II

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