Rajesh having sex with Reena in train

Indian Sex Stories In train

I am Rajesh and belong to Bilaspur. I work in Tata Nagar and this incident happened two days back and I here to share with all of you. Friends, I had boarded Jyaneshwari express and had side berth in 2 a.c. Everything was o.k till Raurkela. There a lady, about 30 years in age, boarded. Her husband had come to see her off and was very tense.

He kept on instructing his wife ( Reena) to bribe TTE so that she can travel unreserved. Shortly the train left. My berth was next to door and she asked me if she can sit there. I had been observing her since she boarded the train. She was fair, tall and the projection of her boobs and ass spoke volumes about her awesome figure. Any man worth his lund would have helped her.

I grabbed the opportunity and she settled down on my side berth. After a while I asked her where she is going. She was tense and said ‘ actually I have to go to New Delhi and from Tatanagar she would be boarding another train ‘. To continue the chat I asked her ‘ are there no train from Raurkela ‘. She sighed and said no good train and she has to reach delhi urgently.

She then politely asked me ‘ am I disturbing you ‘. I said no, don’t worry I had my share of sleep and my destination is Tatanagar. I then asked her to sit comfortably. I asked her what she will be doing in Tatanagar for 5 to 6 hours. She just shrugged and said she would pass her time in platform. I advised her to book retiring room as platform would not be safe for a beautiful lady like her.

She giggled and said thank you for the compliment. I smiled and said bhabhi I am only telling the truth. She again giggled. Meanwhile TTE came and she paid him. Everybody in the compartment were sleeping. I pulled the curtains and lit the reading lamp which was near her head. I inhaled the aroma of her body and asked her, bhabhi which perfume is this.

She said it is aroma of lavender oil then mischievously said you have great nose. I smiled back and said eyes too mam ! She again giggled and her tension on face eased a bit. I continued my mild flirting and said mam, I am not a miser when it comes to appreciating beauty. She kept on giggling and I extended my hand to her and said, this is rajesh mam, friends call me raj.

She took my hand and just said Reena. I held her hands long enough to said Reena you look good when you smile so never get tense, keep smiling. She nodded and said Raj you are very intresting man. I kept on flirting with her and her pallu slipped. I had a good view of her cleavage. The blouse was not that deep cut but her chuchi was so tightly held gave me enough idea regarding her size.

I then offered her to take a nap. I suggested we sleep with head at opposite ends. She agreed and switched off reading lamp. We adjusted, both of us faced window. Her legs were very close to my face and there was only little gap between her ass and my lund. I started breathing hot on her feet and touched her ass with my semi erect lund very gently.

There was no response from Reena. Then I started nudging her with my lund in rythym of train. She did’nt object. I gained confidence and then once I pressed hard against her ass and remained like that for quite some time. I could feel her mild jerks on my lund. I kissed her feet gently and and then licked it. She continued with her jerks. I could not hold any longer and I switched side.

I hugged her from under the blanket and pressed my lund fully. I started to pull her saree to her waist and I felt her soft velvety skin. I took out my lund and rubbed over her thighs. She shivered at the feel of hotness of my lund. I cupped her chuchi and kissed her neck all at the same time. I kissed her bare shoulder and tried to unhook the blouse.

She stopped me from proceeding any further and whispered softly ‘ koi aa jayega please mat karo ‘( some one may come please don’t do it). I immediately stopped and kept on rubbing my lund on her thighs and played with her chuchi. I kissed her face softly. I continued to play with her body for quite some time. It seemed we were nearing Tata nagar.

I got up and started keeping our luggage near toilet. Soon train slowed down and she too came out. I pulled her towards me and hugged her. As there was no one I kissed her lips. She just closed her eyes and allowed me to kiss her.
I hired a coolie and asked him to take us to retiring room. Reena silently followed me. As we took stairs she held my hands casually. I asked Reena to call her husband and inform him. I saw one a.c room was available but the attendant would not budge. I managed to book the room saying we would be leaving by morning 6 a.m. I pushed a five hundred note in his pocket and got the room booked.

We settled down and when coolie attendant left, I locked the room. Reena was blushing and softly said thank you Raj. I hugged her and started kissing her. I kissed her lips and sucked it hard. Then we explored each other’s mouth with our tongue. After some time she pushed me and naughtily said wait Raj, switch off the light and let me freshen up.

I let her go and switched off the lights. She opened her bag and pulled out a towel and a gown. I laughed and said Reena you would not need gown and again hugged her. She tried to free herself and said, ‘ raj thoda intezaar kar lo, main kahan manaa kar rahi hu ‘. I licked her neck and said ‘ tumhe bathroom mein kapade utana hi hai darling, main to sirf tumhe help kar raha hun yehi utar deta hun’.

While I licked her neck and shoulder, my hands were busy undoing her sari, blouse. In seconds she was just in her panty. I tweaked her erect nipples and she moaned softly eeeeeeesssssshhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh into my ears. I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking it. She gripped my hairs tightly and moaned ooooohhhhhhhh raaaaaajjjjj ufffffffffffff isssssssseeeeeehhhhhsss.
I sucked her both nipples one by one and my hands entered her panty. I caressed her wet pussy. Juices had started flowing. I felt her neatly trimmed pubic hairs and collected her juices from her choot and rubbed it on her trimmed pubic hair. I then undid my 3/4 th and jockey and she immediately grabbed my average sized (4 ” ) but lucky lund. I kissed her while she played with my lund.

I made her turn and bend and hold the table on which her bag was kept. I rubbed my lund on her choot. She started breathing heavily. I positioned my lund on her choot and parted her choot lips with head of my lund. Then just a mild push and I was inside her. Another two pushes and I was totally inside her. Her pussy walls tightly gripped my lund and I began stroking her at gentle pace.

I cupped her chuchi from behind and started kissing her back and pumping her simultaneously. She started gyrating her ass and I matched her gyration and pumping. She moaned eeeeeeiiiiisssssssshhhhhhhh aaaaah oooooogggggmmmmmhhhhh. My hands were busy tweaking, squeezing her nipples and my lund going in and out at gentle pace.

She was continuously moaning softly uuuummmmmm hhhhhuuuhh aaaaagghhghghgh eeeeiiiissssssss ooooohhhhhhh oooohhhhhh rajjj hahhhh haaaahhhh raaaaaaj. I kept on pumping her and now my pace had increased. There was thapp thappp sound due to continuous banging of our bodies. She was franatically swinging her ass and head.

I withdrew from her choot and she went mad. She begged pls raaj daalooo naa pls plssss. I lifted her right leg and kept it on table. She understood and immediately positioned herself in half inclined way. I then thrust myself in single go and started banging her choot. I rested my upper half of body over her body and started licking again.

She was moaning softly and continuously aaaaaaaaaahhh rajjjj jjussssstttt lillllll faaaaaassssstttt yesssssss kartttteeee oooohhhh ufffffffffff hummmmmm ahhhh eeeiiissssss seeeeeeeeiiisssss ahhhhhhhhhhh. I was very near my peak and gave her powerful jerks. I felt she was no where near her orgasm. To control I again withdrew and sat on sofa.

She like a mad bitch followed me and sat on my lund greedily. She held me from neck and I started sucking her chuchi. She then started fucking me and by god ! she was giving me powerfull thrust with swings. She was looking at me with lust and with seductive smile and biting her own lips. She talked and moaned rajjj tum mast hooo eeeiissss ohhhh mereee saathhh delhiii chalogee huuuu.

I could feel continuous flow of shower on my lund. I waited and she orgasmed soon, and Without withdrawing I pumped her furiously. I gave her my best shots and said Reena sex ke mamle meri pasand ki aurat ho tum. While my lund was still erect but was loosing its erection fast I said ‘ sex kutiya ke saath karne mein mazza aata hai aur tum ek number ki kutiya ho ‘ ( I love doing sex with bitch and you are bitch no 1 ).

She smiled and said aur mujhe daring mard pasand hai jo aungli dikhane se chuchi pakad lete hai aur phir decent aurat ko kutiya bana ke chodte hain.( I like those men who take initiative and make a decent women bitch greedy for sex ).

Meanwhile my lund shrunk and came out of her choot. Reena winked and said chalo saath saath nahate hain ( lets take bath together ). I said first lets book a flight from Ranchi to Delhi. I took out my laptop and booked us afternoon flight and a star hotel near Airport.

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