My girlfriend and her sister – Chapter 4

We were lying side by side and we were really tired. I was completely exhausted because of the heavy lifting. I put my arms around her and turned her face towards me. I started talking to her and was telling her that she was really beautiful and sexy. When i met her, i did not think of her like that. She was enjoying my compliments and also complimented for being so gentle on her. She told me how her boyfriend fucked her and took her virginity even when she shouted No and cried as he fucked her, almost raped her. I hugged her and tears rolled down her cheeks. I kissed her cheeks and hugged her tight, putting my leg between her legs. I was gently moving my legs between her legs to massage her pussy. I told her, I also do rough sex but only if the girl wants it. She said, she may enjoy rough sex, but only if she really liked the guy. I asked her does she like me ? She looked at me and said you are nice but you are my friends desire. I know why she likes you and you are really nice. I said – I asked do you like me ? She said, I kissed your penis which i have never done and I let you fuck me wildly in my own house. What do you think ? I got the cue and smiled. I kissed her lips softly. She moaned and said you kiss really well. I said, you kiss well too but you still did not give me blowjob. She said, you are mad, how can you still want to do things. Arent you just done ? I smiled at her and said we have many hours. She laughed and said you are really crazy. She hugged me tight and i hugged her tight too. My hands caressed her back and touched her ass now and then. I rubbed my legs with hers and she was responding by rubbing hers as well.

We stayed like this for an hour and i started squeezing her ass more and more now. I smooched her and sucked her tongue. She was aroused as i could feel her wetness on my thighs. I kept sucking her and then started kissing her boobs. I was biting her and sucking her nipples. I then broke the hug, got up and went to her pussy and turned my body around. My legs were now towards her face and my mouth was near her pussy. I started licking her pelvis area and started kissing her there. I licked her pussy and she moaned. Ispread her legs and started licking her pussy again. She was moaning and then without me asking, she started kissing my inner thighs. She licked my inner thighs and bent her head to lick the inner joints of my legs. We were in a perfect embrace as we turned on our sides and i took her one leg over my head and put my leg over her head. I started to insert my tongue and finger in her pussy. She was really wet and she then held my penis and kissed it. She licked my balls and sucked my balls. She sucked them so hard that i almost screamed. I was licking her and i bit her clitoris. She screamed in pain and pleasure. She then for the first time sucked my penis and took it all in her mouth. I was on cloud 9. She was sucking me wildly and her teeth was also hitting my penis head. I was in pain. I started slapping her ass as i sucked her. I was squeezing them so hard that it turned red at many places and my bite marks were all over her ass. I licked her pussy and i dripped my fingers in her juices. I used the same finger to lubricate her anus and with one push inserted my finger all the way in her anus as i licked her. She moaned loudly and shouted. I felt a massive flow of juices from her pussy. I guessed she had an orgasm. I was using her own juices to lubricate her anus. I was leaking precum and she was slurping it all in this time. She kept squeezing my balls and sucking me harder and harder. I was fingering her and her moans were reduced to hmmms as she was full with my penis. I was slapping her then and now and as i was about to come, i squeezed her ass tight, i pushed my pelvis to put my penis deepen in her mouth and i came in her mouth. She was filled with cum and she waited till i was all done. She on the other hands had many orgasms. Her thighs and ass was all red with my bite marks. As my penis turned limp in her mouth she ran to the toilet and spilled all the cum in the sink. She was breathing heavily. My penis was drenched in a mix of her saliva and my cum. I laid there in pleasure and pain which she gave me. She came back and slapped me on my buttocks. She said, it hurts bad boy. I said but you were moaning and i held her by her hand. She came near me and said, you made me a dirty girl today. I said no you are not dirty yet, you should meet my girlfriend and then we can all be really dirty. She said, you are mad, we should never do all this again. You will get me killed. I laughed and said, i thnk before that you may die fucking me. We both laughed and i pulled her near me. I smooched her. She responded and smooched me back. She then said, are you not done ? I said, I am just starting. It is just 3 PM now and I still need to be here till 5. She laughed and said, I dont think you can do it now. I just pulled her in again and smooched her. I told her if you do what i say, then i will show u heaven. She laughed and said, if you can do something now, i will meet your girlfriend. She was really sure that i could not do anything now. I was also not sure as i had really two huge orgasms in matter of few hours. She added, now means now, not after 1 hour.

I pulled her on the bed and smooched her. I but her lips. She screamed. I sucked her tongue with lot of force and almost made her lips red. Her lips seem to be swollen now. I was squeezing her ass and slapping her madly. She was in pain but liked it so she did not stop me. I made her lie on her stomach and started kissing her back. I slid my hands under her chest and squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples madly. I started biting her big ass. I bit her everywhere leaving bite marks all over. I was getting excited. I let her lie there and went infront of her. I shoved my semi erect penis in her mouth and she started sucking it. Her lips on my penis and her sucking me was hot for me. With all the marks over her body of my dominance, I shoved my penis deep in her mouth till she gagged. I almost suffocated her but i kept pushing it to the limit. I was hard again. I went to the dressing table and brought vaseline. I applied it to my penis and then started applying it to her anus. She though i will finger her and fuck her from behind. I applied it all over and kept slapping her ass. Her ass turned red with my slaps. She was in pain but enjoyed it. I held her hands behind her and held her by her wrist behind her back. I put a pillow under her pelvis. I spread her ass cheeks and pushed strongly in her anus. She shouted in pain, what are you doing. I slapped her ass and kept pushing it. She was trying to free her hands but she could not and i held her tight. I then sat between her legs spreading her even more and pushed my penis deeper in her anus. She screamed in pain and with one final push i was all the way in. She was almost crying. I let go of her hand and with my penis all in, i leaned on her back and whispered in her ears, How do you feel. She said, it pains so much. You are really horrible. I said, you said you like rough if u like the person. This made her smile and she hit me hard with her hand. She said you are a moron. I kissed her cheeks and said, but you are lovely. I stayed deep in her and asked if she felt better. She nodded and I started to move in and out of her anus slowly. Once she started enjoying it, i increased my pace and started to really fuck her madly. I was slapping her, i was pulling her hair and i was squeezing and spreading her ass cheeks as i fucked her anally. Since i already had orgasm, i knew i wont be cumming soon. I kept fucking her madly. I was slapping her so much that all over she had red marks and bite marks. I was moving up and down on her anus with my penis and really taking it deep. After what it seemed a lifetime, she orgasmed shouting and moaning and i soon followed. I was completely exhausted. I came in her anus and collapsed on her. I bit her cheeks and laid like this.

She was completely shocked and fucked. She got up after i got from her. We cleaned ourselves. I asked her, if i hurt her or she is angry with me. She said you really fucked me roughly but i actually enjoyed it. it was painful but the pleasure was unmatchable. You really made me enjoy sex today. I was happy to hear this. We hugged each other and stayed like this for sometime. I said she has the loveliest fuckable ass i know. She smiled. We got dressed and i bid her adieu.

I went home and was greeted by Rashi. I ws tired. She said Richa is in market and will be back in 5 mins. I said ok no issue and we sat. She made tea and soon Richa was back. I was too tired and i soon slept and told Richa that i had lot of work today. Next day, i got a msg from Preeti to call her when i can. I called her when i was in office and she told me that Rashi had called her and asked her not to meet me. As she understood now why i cannot leave my gf. She forgot to tell her earlier. I then asked, what did she tell her. She said that i told her that i did not speak to you yet. I said ok and we agreed not to tell anyone. I was happy that i did not ask Rashi about it.

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