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Real Wife Stories

My wife and I had recently moved into an apartment complex that offered many amenities. Our favorite amenity was the swimming pool. Our apartment was a short walk along a tree and flower lined pathway. As soon as the last of our household possessions were unpacked, we put on our swim suits, filled up a small ice chest with beer and headed to the pool. My wife had recently purchased a very revealing blue bikini. The top barely contained her thirty-four C cup breasts while the bikini bottoms made her ass scream for attention. I also noticed that her pussy lips were clearly visible, although unfortunately imprisoned by a tiny triangle of blue fabric.
We arrived at the pool area. There were not many people there, but those that were there all said hello and welcomed us to their community. We thanked them and made our way to the jacuzzi and got in. The water was very warm and relaxing. After we drank a couple of beers, I kissed her neck and began to rub her crotch. I whispered in her ear that every guy at the pool stared at her pussy and that her Brazilian bikini wax job was worth every penny it cost.
“I trust that the epicurus whose skillful hands created such a priceless work of art, was well rewarded?” I asked her as I slid my hand under the tiny triangle of blue fabric.
“I rewarded him very well,” she replied. “I’m absolutely certain that he was satisfied with the compensation he received,” she added with a devilish smile.

“A man waxed you?” I asked her as I inserted my index finger inside her vagina.”That is fucking hot, baby. How did you compensate him?” I asked as another finger found its way inside her smoothly waxed pussy.
At that moment another resident abruptly entered the hot tub and sat across from us. A thin, dark haired, nice looking man about our age, smiled and introduced himself as Ben. He was friendly and polite. He told us that he that ran a small local business. He also told that he was recently divorced and was relocating to Dallas to start a new life. He complimented Beth’s choice of swimwear. She smiled and thanked him. At that moment, a vivid image of him pulling down her bikini bottom and licking her smooth, waxed pussy entered my head. The images morphed into a hot fantasy which I couldn’t wait to share with Beth later.

My fantasy was interrupted by Beth’s voice asking if anyone wanted a beer. I said yes. Ben told us that he had some errands to run and said he hoped to see us again soon. Beth climbed up and turned around, her nearly naked ass displayed only a few feet away from his face. I began to fantasize again. This time both he and I were gently slapping Beth’s pretty face with our cocks then filling her thirsty mouth with a combined load of our fresh, warm cum.
After shaking our hands, Ben said goodbye to us and left. Beth handed me a beer which I promptly set down and took her in my arms. I began to kiss her passionately.”Let’s go home, baby,” I said.”I need to fuck you now.”
Beth smiled and replied that she was going to suggest the same thing. Later that evening, while lying together in bed, I told my wife that she looked stunningly hot and off the chart sexy in the hot tub today.”I’m sure that Ben would agree,” I added. “His eyes were glued to your ass and pussy when you stood up to get us another beer.”
“I know,” Beth replied. She paused a moment then added,”That’s why you got so horny earlier!…I knew it.” She laughed and kissed me sweetly. “I know he was turned on, too.”
“How do you know?” I asked…already knowing the answer.

“I ‘accidentally’ bumped into him when he shook my hand. His cock was so alive. It desperately wanted to jump out of his trunks and into the nearest vagina or mouth it could find,” she added.
“You have the best of both worlds there baby. If his cock jumped in your sweet pussy, it would never want to leave.” I then told her that I fantasized about watching Ben fuck her wet and willing cunt and her sweet lips siphoning his cum from his balls into her mouth.

“That’s so hot, baby.” Beth replied.”Would watching Ben’s cock ravage my pussy excite you, baby?” she asked me. “Do you want to watch me suck his cock, baby?” she added.
“Maybe,” I replied thoughtfully. “Only one way to find out, baby.”I added. “Do you want to help me find out?”
“I will do whatever I can, baby,” she replied.

We spent the next hour fantasizing about how we should approach a man we just met and convince him to join us in bed. The next morning, Beth and I both walked to his apartment and knocked on the door. Ben greeted us warmly and invited us in. He told us that he made a fresh pot of coffee and asked if we would like a cup. “I was hoping you would visit. Mi casa es su casa .” We chatted pleasantly while we drank our coffee. After I finished my cup, I looked in Beth’s eyes. She looked in mine and nodded her head.

“Ben, I… we have something to ask you. Beth and I really enjoyed hanging out with you yesterday…and were wondering if…”
“Wondering what, bro?” He asked innocently.
“Uh…do you think Beth is pretty?”
“Yes, I think she is very pretty.”
Beth blushed and looked into his eyes and put a hand on his knee. “I’ll ask him, Paul,” she said. “My husband and I want to have a threesome, and we want you to join us.” She paused a second then added, “Please say yes.”
“How soon?” he replied.
“Whenever you have time.” I replied.
“Is now good?” Beth stood up and pulled off her halter top.
“Now is good…” I replied.

Beth then removed her skirt.”Look, I forgot to wear panties… I want you to eat my pussy,” she said to Ben.
She sat on sofa and spread her knees. Ben knelt in front of her and started kissing the soft, white skin of her inner thighs. Beth smiled at me and asked me to sit next to her and suck on her nipples. Ben was now nose deep in my wife’s pussy, licking her clitoris and penetrating her with his index finger. Beth’s moaning grew louder as Ben’s tongue found her sweet spot. I had to pin her to the sofa while I kissed her neck. She yelled out “Now!” as her body shook violently from the effects of her orgasm.

“I believe she is ready for your cock now,” I said to Ben. “Baby, are you ready for Ben’s cock?” I asked her.
Ben laughed and said that his cock was ready for her. I watched as the tip of his dick slowly slid inside my wife’s vagina. He began to thrust his hips back and forth while he grasped her hips with both hands. Beth was soon moaning again, and told Ben to let her know when he was about to cum. She recovered from yet another orgasm when Ben announced his impending climax. She pushed him off her, sat up and grabbed his cock with her hand and began to pump it.

About ten seconds later, Ben simply said, “Yes!” Beth opened her mouth and placed her lips on his cock head. Ben’s body seemed to stiffen a little as he climaxed. Beth worked her lips on his cock until the amount of his cum was too much for her to swallow. I watched as she pulled her head back, Ben’s now visible penis still spewing cum. Beth smiled broadly as his cock sprayed her face with semen. When he was finished, she asked him if he was satisfied with his compensation. “Compensation?” I asked. “Baby, I forgot to tell you. Ben was the epicurus for my bikini wax.”

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