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Singapore Sexy Housewife Jeslyn Found Me

Has been a damn long time since Singapore Sexy housewife Jeslyn stopped contacting me. So therefore, I kept busy with my other fuck friends most of the time especially with sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice. It’s kind of freaky if not luck that Sexy Alice has been my lucky charm. Through her, I got to know her good friend who came from her home town in Ipoh. Then I bumped into sexy Linda who was supposed to be living in Taiwan after we finished lunch. This time round, sexy Alice brought me to her favorite hair salon where the owner singled me out…. This is called fate that I met sexy…

Jeslyn from Singapore again. We were both gladly surprised at seeing each other after so long. Even Alice was surprised too.

So near yet so far. Sexy horny Malaysian Alice has been Jeslyn’s hair salon regular customer and became friends before I met the 2 of them. I’m not even sure who I met first and who gave the first fuck to me. Anyway, it was a good reunion and the 2 ladies had more things to talk about… About me and sex.

As I found out, at the time when Jeslyn agreed to fuck me, she was in the process of divorcing her husband whom she accidentally discovered that he is gay. She agreed to fuck me at the time was because she needed sex but her ex husband then had been refusing sex with her. After a while, she became suspicious that he might be having affairs outside their marriage, so she did what she thought was necessary to find out why he became so cold with sex towards her. Unexpectedly, Jeslyn did found out he did had an affair… But what broke her heart further was… The third party was a MAN!!!! So she filed for divorce immediately along with all evidence she gathered by herself.

Then why stopped contacting me? That was because she had to refrain from seeing other guys if she wanted everything from her ex husband… So I was told by Jeslyn. Anyway, she got what she wanted which included this salon to maintain her livelihood.

While Jeslyn was cutting my hair and Alice just sat beside us, we were reminiscing our fun to Alice whom seemed a little jealous which had never happened before when I met Linda with her besides me. Anyway, we had a good time and soon we became like good old friends. As Jeslyn still had a few more appointments for that day, we arranged to meet for supper after her last appointment.

Jeslyn arrived about 15 minutes after we arrived at Simpang Bedok, my favorite supper place. Had some light supper and teh-tarik while we continued to catch up where we let off earlier in the day. In between after we were more relaxed, Jeslyn got horny and threw her invitation….

Jes: please pardon my directness… It’s been a long time since I had a good fuck and now seeing you earlier today, I had been horny till now. I’m quite embarrassed to say… My panty is very wet now…. My legs been crossed tightly the moment I sat down… Squeezed a few mini orgasm as we chatted.

Alice’s and my jaw just dropped…. Caught off guard by what Jeslyn said. Looked at each other a while before laughing out loud.

Me: Sure sure, we can go fuck somewhere the entire night away. Alice wanted to fuck me tonight anyway. But is your salon closed tomorrow? It’s a Sunday….

Before I finished my sentence, Jeslyn interjected excitedly….

Jes: I already called my stylist to open the salon on my behalf….

Alice: What are we waiting for? Let’s get moving…. To my place.

Me: Is Lyn there too?……

Alice: I don’t think so, she could be out fucking another guy…

Me: awww… That’s too bad, she will missed all the fun. Why not you drop her a message she could join us later.

It was near midnight when we arrived at sexy horny girl Alice’s apartment​. I wasted no time and helped Jeslyn to undress and showered both girls at the same time. One hand on each girls rubbing soap from their breasts down to their pussies. Both pussies were shaved and smooth to my liking.

Once done showering, I pussy fucked Jeslyn from behind right away in that position until she scream out of orgasm and I had not shoot yet. Next was Alice’s turn. I wheeled around and shoved my hard cock into her mouth to deep throat her…. And she sucked on my cock like no tomorrow…. Jeslyn was on the sofa rubbing her pussy furiously and moan non stop watching Alice sucking my cock. Suddenly, the front door swing open, it was sexy horny Malaysian girl Lyn. Lyn was wearing a short hugging dress so sexy that I wanted to fuck her immediately but Alice refused to let my cock go. As I said hello to Lyn and then tried to introduce Jeslyn to her, horny girl Alice simply hugged and squeezed my ass so hard that I couldn’t push her off. She continued to suck harder, so hard that I cum straight into her throat that nearly choked her…. Alice didn’t stop there, she was looking up at me with her slutty look and continued to suck on my cock as my cum bubbled and flowed from corners of her mouth. My orgasm was so overwhelming that I couldn’t talk for like 20 seconds until Alice separated her mouth from my cock. I didn’t waste another second, I pulled Lyn towards me, pushed her to sit down beside Jeslyn who was still rubbing her wet and swollen pussy furiously, lifted up both legs of Lyn high enough to pull her panty off exposing another shaved pussy. But that wasn’t my target because I had already fucked Jeslyn’s pussy. I wanted an anal fuck so I brought my slimy cock with left over cum towards Lyn’s ass hole and swiped it with my cums and spat some saliva over it. To prime her, I pushed my thumb right into her ass to finger fuck her a bit before my hard cock started​ to Penetrate her ass. While she holding both her knees now against her chest. I hold her hips tight to begin fucking her butt hole furiously. Both sexy horny Jeslyn and Alice were sitting on each side of Lyn rubbing their

pussies and moaning…. The 3 girls moaning were incredibly sexy especially when they reached orgasms… It’s was music to my ears and making me more horny, pumping Lyn’s ass hole like a horse. Gradually, Jeslyn and Alice reduced to fingering their own pussies and quietened down as they were both obviously expended. Lyn was still high and horny with my hard cock fucking her asshole. To help her cum big time, I began rubbing and fingering her wet pussy that made her moan even louder. Then her eyes widened, short of breath and clenching her teeth…


Her eyes began to roll back which signalled her huge orgasm. About the same time, I felt my cock tightened along tingling sensation…. I tried holding back as long as possible while continued fucking her faster until I can’t hold back my cum any longer, I shot my second sperm load of the night into Lyn’s swollen ass but I didn’t stop. I continued fucking her as my cum flowed from her ass onto Alice’s sofa until my cock couldn’t stay hard any longer.

All 4 of us just slumped on the sofa trying to get ourselves together. Just as I was slipping into sleep, I felt someone sucking lightly on my half hard cock…. Damn, it was so nice that I didn’t even bother to find out whose mouth was that. We slept all over the sofa and floor. The next morning, before Jeslyn went back to tend to her salon, she pussy fucked me one more time in the shower until she was satisfied. The rest of the day was just fucking both Sexy horny Alice and Lyn… And getting my cock sucked dry.

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