The House Guest Part One

Chance Meetings Oral Sex Story

My wife, kids, and I were grocery shopping when my daughter began talking to another little girl in the shopping cart across the aisle. As I observed the little ones conversation I saw the mother of the other little girl walk over to the cart and I recognized her as a coworker I hadn’t seen in close to 15 years. She looked as beautiful as I had remembered with her shoulder length dirty blonde hair, brown eyes. I blurted out, “Hi, Jenny.”

She turned around and saw me and smiled and said, “I know you from somewhere and you know me, but I am sorry what’s your name and where do I know you from?”

I answered her, “My name is Kyle and we worked together at Lowe’s in Reno a long time ago.”

She replied, “That was a long time ago but I remember you know.”

We chatted briefly and then I introduced my wife, Felecia, before we left the aisle. I went to checkout and my wife took the girls to the small play area where I met up with them and found my wife talking with Jenny. We left the store and as we drove home my wife explained to me that she felt bad for Jenny and her daughter cause they seemed nice and were going to have to stay in a hotel for a couple weeks as they were moving apartments and the new one wasn’t ready. She went on to say how well our daughter and hers played together and they had exchanged numbers about getting the kids together at a park sometime.

After Felecia had finished putting away groceries she said, “I can’t get it out of my head about that little girl having to stay in a hotel. Would you be ok if I offered them to stay in our spare bedroom for the 2 weeks?”

I was surprised by her question as she just met them, but also I knew her caring heart. I replied, “Yes, I am fine with you doing that.”

Felecia then called Jenny and went in another room to talk so the kids wouldn’t be loud. After 15 minutes on the phone she came back in the room and told me of the conversation and explained how Jenny was so thankful and wanted to pay or something and that Felecia told her she could just cook dinner or something to help out and added they would be coming over tomorrow afternoon.

Jenny and her daughter moved some clothes and toys in the spare room and after dinner and the kids went to bed Felecia invited Jenny to come in the hot tub and have drinks. When Jenny came outside in her bikini I quickly noticed her breasts that filled out her top and I remembered her telling me years ago she had DD implants. I tried not to stare at her breasts as the 3 of us sat in the hot tub. Jenny stood up to go inside and check on her daughter and as she was turned around with her back facing me she reached one finger in each side of her bottoms and stretched them out from being bunched in her butt. I stared at her butt and quickly took a drink of my beer to hopefully deflect being seen.

When Jenny shut the back door Felecia softly said, “She is so pretty and she has a nice body.” I didn’t say a word and my wife continued, “Come on, you can’t tell me you weren’t looking at her boobs. Heck, I stared at them!”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes, she does have nice boobs.”

Jenny returned and Felecia asked me to go get towels and check on our kids. When I returned the two of them were sitting next to each other giggling and Felecia said, “I felt her boobs.” The two of them laughed again. I shook my head and smiled. Felecia said, “Jenny said I can feel them again and she reached her hand over and squeezed her boobs. I was getting turned on watching my wife play with another woman’s boobs.

Jenny said, “Let me help you since my top is getting in your way,” and she took her top off and tossed it aside.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her DDs and her pink nipples. My wife continued squeezing Jenny’s boobs and she turned to Jenny and said, “I think we should get out before the heat really makes us drunk.” They climbed out and I handed them each a towel and we went inside.

Once inside Jenny opened her towel exposing her breasts again and asked, “Felecia, would you be comfortable if Kyle touched my boobs?”

My wife nodded her head and smiled at me and said, “Go for it.”

I stroked her breasts with my fingers and softly sucked on them briefly. It felt weird knowing my wife was watching so I stopped and we went to our respective bedrooms.

The next day my wife was out and the kids were napping and Jenny and I were sitting in the living room watching tv when she said, “I liked the way you sucked my boobs last night. Felecia isn’t here so you don’t have to feel awkward if you want to play with my boobs again.”

I smiled and saw Jenny had pulled her shirt and bra off, and I went over to her and began caressing her breasts.

She whispered, “Are you as good at eating pussy?”

I smiled and began pulling down her pants and thong. She laid back on the couch and I began using my tongue on her smooth pussy. Jenny moaned in pleasure and I could taste her sweet juice when she orgasmed. My cock was rock hard at this point.

Jenny ran her hand on my head and said, “I want to feel you inside me.”

I jumped up, quickly tore off my clothes and she said, “Lay down,” as she pointed to floor. I laid on my back and she climbed on top of me and guided my cock into her wet pussy. She bounced up and down on me and I held her boobs with both hands. Jenny bounced faster and faster until I came inside her. She climbed off and went to clean herself and I did the same and shortly after I was back in the living room my wife came home. Man that was close, I thought.

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