My girlfriend and her sister – Chapter 5 [End]

My girlfriend and her sister

My girlfriend and her sister – Chapter 4

It was a delightful sight to see the sisters come together. I was so excited by all this that

i simply wanted to fuck Rashi now. As Richa kept rubbing her pussy on Rashi’s face i kept

sucking her madly till they both moaned loudly and closed their legs in a jerk enjoying their

heavenly orgasm. Soon they were both exhausted they lied next to each other breathing heavily.
Their boobs were moving up and down as they breathed heavily and it was an awesome sight.

Richa was completely nude while Rashi still had her panties on. I was lying on her thighs and

kept my head on her stomach. I kissed her navel and said Rashi you taste so good. Rashi

replied, thanks and you taste very good yourself. Richa said, how do you know how he tastes.

Rashi then said, I gave him a blowjob in the disc when you were enjoying with others. Richa

immediately got up shocked and said what ? Really ? I added yes Richa, she did give me a

blowjob. Richa felt a bit jealous and said, I did not expect this. I said why not, she just

gave you the best pussy suck you ever had. Richa was embarassed and controlled her jealousy

and said, Rashi wasn’t I tasty ? We all smiled at this comment. RIcha then asked me, who is

better at sucking me or her. I told her that we need to re-test both of you together and then

we will know who is a better sucker. Richa hit me and Rashi also got up and joined Richa.

We played around for a while and then held Rashi’s panties and slid it out. She said, what are

you doing. I said, now it is time for a nice fuck to your virgin pussy. Rashi said no please.

I said Rashi come on, you think we should not fuck ? Lets ask Richa. Richa joined in and said,

i want to see you two fuck. Rashi said are you mad, you want me to fuck your boy friend. RIcha

said yes my boyfriend and my sister together. Rashi was a bit suprised. She was not resisting

anything. I started to kiss her from her navel. I was moving up licking her boobs and nipples

as i moved up. I took all my clothes off and i climbed on top of her. Richa was lying by her

side and she started to kiss Rashi from one side on her ear lobes and neck. We continued to

kiss Rashi on her face, her boobs and her neck. Her wetness and out kisses were making her

crazy. She held me by my face and smooched me deep. She looked at me said, fuck me Karan, I am

all yours. Make me yours forever. I was excited to hear this. Richa smiled and said, Iski aisi

chudai karo ki ise yaad rahe chudai kya hoti hai. Rashi hit Richa and said, iske baad abhi to

tumhe bhi mujhe chodna hai. We all smiled. I spread her legs and looked at her in the eye. She

was excited and as well as in fear of being fucked. Richa was by her side and as i spread her

legs to position my hard penis on her pussy, Richa started caressing her boobs. I started to

force my penis slowly inside her tight pussy. Richa was looking continously at my penis trying

to go inside her sisters pussy. Richa was sucking and licking Rashi and Rashi was also touching Richa and her boobs as I gave a powerful push to put my penis inside her tight virgin pussy. Rashi screamed in pain and Richa held her face trying to calm her down and kiss her.
I was all inside and blood started to come out as she tried to manage her pain. Richa was consoling her and kissing her. She told her that the pain will not last long. I stayed inside till she was abit relaxed and then started to fuck her slowly. Richa was kissing her and slowly Rashi started to enjoy the fuck. I started to move a bit faster than before and with each thrust Rashi was moaning madly now as if she was having her first orgasm of life. Richa was also enjoying all this and she started to suck her boobs as she moaned. I kept fucking her faster and faster and Rashi was now in full mood, she said fuck me harder. This made me really excited, and i was now fucking her with full force. Richa was now sucking her madly and was rubbing herself. I could sense Rashi having orgasms as she kept moaning madly in between and tried to hold RIcha’s ass and squeeze them madly. i then stopped and asked Rashi to climb on top of me. Richa cleaned Rashi and helped her get on top of me facing away from me. I wanted her to face me but Richa said she has something in mind. I was lying down and Rashi climbed my hard penis facing away. I could see her ass cheeks engulfing my penis inside her pussy as she positioned herself. She started to move up and down and she was now arching backwards to let it go deeper inside her. Richa on the other hand, started to suck my balls as Rashi moved up and down on my penis. Richa wa licking my balls and soon her tongue rached Rashi’s pussy and was licking her as well as my penis. It felt really good and i could not control anymore. Rashi had lot of orgasms and now i was ready too to join in with her coming orgasm. Richa was good in supporting this and her licking made Rashi so exicted that she held Richa’s face and made her suck her clitoris as she engulfed my penis inside her. As Richa held my balls and squeezed them, i got really excited and came inside Rashi. As my penis grew to push my cum inside her Rashi orgasmed and her pussy held my penis really hard. I never felt such a soft pussy in my life. She was really a marvellous fuck. As she rested with my penis inside her, I said, Rashi you are a great fuck. Rashi said you are a great fucker. I never imagined i will enjoy sex so much. She told Richa that she sucks so well that it gave so many orgasms she cannot even count. We all smiled and we rested on each other. I was in middle and two nude sisters were lying on either side.

We slept soon, and i woke up in the morning around 8 AM. I was still not sure if i fucked Rashi and i checked in the morning to find both of them lying nude next to me. Rashi had now turned to other side and her ass was on my side. Richa was also lying other side and her ass was too on my side.

I realized I have a morning boner. Morning boner is very normal, however today it was special and this was bound to happen as i was sleeping with such hotties. I started touching Rashi’s back and i turned to place my penis in her ass crack. I started to kiss her back and her neck. I sucked her ear lobes and was playing with her body. She was sleepy but she said kya kar rahe ho. I said, nothing, just preparing you for a fuck. She hit me from behind in her sleep and smiled as she turned on her stomact to hide her boobs. I got on top of her from back and started kissing her neck and shoulders madly. My penis was between her legs in ass crack and touching her pussy. I was giving her love bites as i bit her hard and sucked her hard till she started to move her ass up trying to get my penis to her pussy. I could sense she was wet, and i really wanted to fuck her anally but this was not the time. I was humping her between her legs touching her pussy and could feel her wetness on my penis. As she got wetter, i kept kissing and licking her. I started to bite her on her back and put my hands uinder her. She adjusted to let me inside so i could squeeze her boobs. I held her nipples and twisted them till she started moaning. I could sense her eagerness to get me inside her as I was licking her neck and earlobes and squeezing her boobs. She said, what are you doing you crazy. YOu made me so wet, now fuck me quickly. I said not so quick sexy and i kept sucking her. She wanted to turn around so she could make me go inside her. I held her in that position, with my pelvis on her sexy round ass. I went down licking her back and started kissing her ass. I bit her ass and licked it really well. I started rolling my tongue over her ass to her pussy. This made her mad and she started moaning madly. I started licking her pussy and as my tongue touched her wet pussy, she exploded on my tongue in a passionate orgasm. She was enjyoing her orgasm, but I wanted to make her really moan madly. I quickly spread her ass cheeks and inserted my penis in her pussy from back. She was completely mad with lust and passion. She started to move her ass upwards to make me go in and soon she was sitting like a bitch to let me fuck her doggy style. She moaned so loud that Richa woke up and saw me fucking Rashi in doggy style. She said, oh my god you guys started already in morning. She was hald up and was looking at me fuck Rashi from behind. I held Rashi’s ass and was giving really strong pushes which made Rashi scream madly in pleasure. She was shouting fuck me karan, fuck me harder, go deeper. I was stroking her with all my strength and each push made her scream and moan. Richa got excited by all this and went under Rashi and started to suck her boobs. She said, Rashi your soft boobs make me mad and she started to bite her causing her to scream in pain. Rashi was again being completely mauled by us and i was fucking her hitting her ass as Richa sucked her. I said Rashi, your pussy is so hot to fuck, your gaand will be even better. Rashi said, no please dont think about it, it is painful i know. Richa said, marwa lo gand, maja ayega and kept sucking her. I was fucking her continously with strong and deeper push. I think she had many orgasms, but i was not in any mood to let her go. Richa then positioned her pussy near Rashi’s mouth and said, Rashi suck me and make me wild. Rashi held Richa’s legs and kissed her pussy. She was really in mood as she licked her pussy with her tongue and drank her juices as she wanted to drink her own sister. She looked at Richa with lust as i fucked her and she started to suck her. She said, Richa and Karan you made me a bisexual. She then started to finger fuck her own sister and licking her clitoris. Richa now joined in moaning and there were loud moaning noises in the room. It was driving me crazy. Richa held Rashi’s face and was pushing her to her pussy. I slowed down my frequency and started to move my penis almost out of her pussy and then ram it with all my strength all the way in. I slowly took my penis out till the end and then rammed it in with all my force and i kept doing this till she came multiple times on my penis. Richa saw this and was almost awe struck with the way i was fucking her little sister. She came on her sisters tongue and fingers. I also came with one final strong push inside her and stayed there till i emptied myself. Rashi was completely fucked up in morning and she was tired with all the rough fuck she got in the morning. It was a great start for us.

We rested for a while and then we started to freshen up. Richa asked me what happened to me and how come i am so horny for Rashi. I said, not just me you are horny as well. The way you were sucking her boobs was lustful. She was a bit embarassed and said, i wish i could fuck her like you fuck her. We both smiled and Richa hugged me tightly.
After breakfast, we decided to shower together. There was not much place but we all stepped in nude and started the shower. It was fun rubbing each other and I ocacsionally squeezed their boobs and also sucked their wet lips as if drinking water from the lips. It was then Richa kneeled down and took my wet penis in her mouth sucking it to drink water. She made sure water was flowing through my penis inside her mouth and the effect was awesome. I felt really really good and i closed my eyes enjoying this feeling. Rashi bent down as well and i felt a tongue on my balls. It was Rashi sucking my balls and Richa sucking my dick. Both were drinking the dripping water and the view of both of them kneeling on front of me and sucking me was so great that it added inches to my erection. I was not going to cum easily as i was completely drained. After a hot sucking session by the hot sisters, I asked them to stop as my penis was already paining. We stepped out of shower and rubbed each other dry. Their soft wet boobs were so suckable that all i wanted was to suck them. However, i had to go out for some work. I got ready and went out. I was in the market shopping some stuff for Rashi and Richa when i got a call from Preeti. I was not sure why was she calling. I picked up and said Hello, Preeti how are you ? Preeti replied – Congratulations !! I was a bit surprised and said why ? She said Rashi told me that finally you two made love. I laughed and said, yeah, it happened last night. She said, you were lucky that Richa was drunk and passed out to give you this chance. I said, who told you all this. She said Rashi told her that Richa was drunk and passed out and then you two got chance to fuck each other finally. I laughed and said, do you think this is true. Rashi must be feeling shy to tell you but she was fucked by both Richa and me. Preeti could not believe me and was completely shocked. She said what the hell, how come you managed that. I said, if you had a sister, i would get you two to fuck me too. So do not underestimate me. Preeti smiled and said, if i had a sister, i would offer her to you for fuck and laughed. She said, she wanted to meet me and wanted a hot fuck session with me as this made her really horny. I said, i cannot come, but she can ask Rashi to come over or you can come over and we will see what can be done. She said, no yaar Rashi is my friend. It was different with Richa but Rashi is a friend and how can i even ask about this or mention this. I told her that she has to think of something or simply grab Rashi and kiss her. I laughed. She said you are crazy and your crazy ideas will get me killed as well. I told her to send me some hot pics of her so i can enjoy and i can send some of my pics fucking Rashi or Richa. She said no need to send me pics fucking Rashi or Richa. I will send you my pics and i am sure it will help you decide to come and fuck me madly. I said ok, send me and i see. I then asked her if we can arrange a surprise party for Rashi today evening. She said ok, let me see. She made some calls and called me back and said, she could get some friends to come. I said that she has to come too and I then told her, maybe we can even get chance to fuck.
She laughed and said you want me to be killed.

I was thinking about Rashi and how clever she is, by not mentioning Richa in the sex act. When i reached back, Rashi and Richa were relaxing and seemed very tired. However, i told them to get ready as we had to go out for dinner. They did not want to go out and were really tired, but I told them that it would be fun and easy. I asked Rashi to wear something nice. She took out a dress she had bought. It was really nice and looked to go deep until she wore it. I realized it almost made her boobs pop out. But It was really sexy dress till her knee. She really looked hot. Richa was wearing jeans and tshirt which made her sexy figure very apparent. The bell rang and I asked Rashi to open it. Rashi answered the door and we heard people shouting surprise as some of her friends walked in. Preeti was leading the pack and she looked hot as hell. I was not sure what was on her mind, but she was wearing a very hot black skirt and a really low cut top exposing her huge boobs. She was probably showing more boobs than Rashi and i think the only think left to imagine was her nippled. Her round figure and sexy ass in a tight skirt was so fuckable that i really wanted to fuck her then. Rashi was genuinely surprised and she thanked me for the surprise witha tight hug. Soon the room was all decorated and we cut the cake. We ordered pizza and everything was really good. I was continuosly looking at Preeti and even Richa was completely hooked on Preeti. Richa and Preeti were alone in the kitchen for a while and I went to check them as others continued to play some game. Richa and Preeti were kissing and Richa’s hands were inside her top. I knew what she wanted to do, but sensing someone was coming they quickly broke the kiss. I asked them what is going on. Richa said, she looks so hot, i wanted to kiss her. Preeti was a bit embarrased and said, I have to go as people are waiting. I held her hand and said, ek kiss mujhe bhi de do. She gave me a quick kiss on my lips and hurried back. Richa looked at me and said, how many do you want to fuck. Sometimes i think you dont love me. I told her, I love you but dont mix sex with love as you enjoy sex with them as well. Richa hugged me said, I love you too you fucker. Soon it was 10 and time for everyone to go back. We bid them goodbye but Preeti stayed back and said, I called my parents that i will stay with Rashi tonight. I looked at her with suspicion and said, just with Rashi ? We all laughed and it was decided that Rashi and Preeti will stay in one room while Richa and I will sleep in other. Preeti wanted some clothes to change, on which i said, why you need clothes, everything is almost visible already. Just sleep in your underwear. Preeti was embarassed but Rashi came to her rescue and said, Karan you are mad. She is my friend and leave her alone. I told Rashi that she is my friend too, arent you Preeti, i asked her. Preeti said, yes you are. She then said to Rashi, it is ok, let him joke. I said, let us all drink and play game as i still have vodka left. Rashi was a bit alarmed and said no no, what if we do something silly. I said dont worry, Preeti knows me really well. She trusts us. Preeti smiled and said, dont worry all is in control. I told her, not to change as she looked good. She can change after the game. Rashi said, isko to chhod do. You have eye on my friend and you already are dating my sister. I told Rashi that, whats the harm as long as Richa doesnt mind and you dont mind. Rashi did not know our secrets and said I mind. SHe is my friend. I was still flirting openly with Preeti and I todl Rashi that she can join in if she wants. This made her really embarassed and she said shut up and hit me. We all smiled and everyone was at ease. I made drinks for all of us and we started to drink it slowly. As usual, i was drinking less Vodka and more juice while others had more vodka and less juice. After two rounds of drink and a round of some girly game, I asked Preeti how close a friend she is with Rashi. She said, we share everything and we are really close. I said then you are my half gharwali too just like Rashi. So if i join you two, i get one complete gharwali. Rashi was a bit angry and said, how many gharwalis you want. After few more drinks, we decided to sleep. Richa was really tired and drunk. She had no control with Alcohol. She passed out quickly. I could hear Rashi and Preeti whisper and talk in the other room. I got up and went on the window and said, do not do naughty things. Rashi said, are you not sleepy. You idiot go to sleep. I said I am not sleepy and i am coming there. Rashi was not comfortable with the idea. I went to their room and slept beside Preeti as they talked. Rashi said, why you are lying there. I said Preeti does not mind, do you preeti ? Rashi thought i was behaving like this as i was drunk. She was more drunk than me but the effect of alcohol was not so strong on her or Preeti. Preeti said, Not at all Karan, you are safe. I said, what do you mean safe, i can do anything. Preeti wanted to escalate this as well and said what can you do. I said, i can fuck you right now. She said can you fuck me infront of Rashi ? I said yes, and even Rashi can join. Rashi said, he is shameless. Dont listen to him.

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