George Enjoying Food And Sex From Surabhi

Cheating erotic porn story

Surabhi and Ganesh were married since four years and they were leading a very happy married life. Next year after marriage surabhi gave birth to a boy. Husband and wife had wonderful sexual compatibility that they fucked daily two or three times. Surabhi was a timid and shy girl. But Ganesh gave her so much sex that she wanted more and more of it.

They learnt from the internet new poses of fucking, perfect method of oral sex, etc. She learnt the trick of blowjob that she did it like a professional. Ganesh licked her pussy so nicely that she got multiple orgasms. While fucking she learnt to control her vaginal muscles so that he gets maximum pleasure. After about five years the capacity of Ganesh seemed to decline.

May be due to too much familiarity with his wife and her methods, he was not performing well. He started to end the journey before she arrived. His iron like stiffness slackened and was not standing erect. He needed more time for revival and Surabhi lost her patience. She suggested that they go and meet a doctor.

But he was shy to go and tell an outsider about his short comings. Let us wait and take a gap, I think it will become alright he said. But it remained as it is. In the meantime, in the office where Surabhi was working a new supervisor took charge, Mr. George. He was tall and handsome and very sociable. He came to the table of Surabhi, introduced himself and asked about her family etc.

He said his children are studying in the school and their exams are due and hence he did not bring his wife. He was staying alone in the quarters. Hotel food did not suit him at all, but what to do. He cannot cook for himself. Surabhi said Sir, I will bring curries made by me to the office, you may try them with some rice. But he said he has never cooked rice in his own house.

He said he will send a peon to her house and she may send through him a tiffin carrier with rice and curries etc. The arrangement worked well. Peon carried the tiffin carrier by noon from her house to his quarters daily.

But on the third day without informing the peon went on leave and Surabhi waited for him, since he did not turn up she carried the food herself and went to the house of George. It was a holiday and George was waiting to take bath with a towel wound around his waist. He said wait a minute, I will come within five minutes.

Within five minutes, he came out of the bathroom with a wet towel wound around and went to the corner of the sitting room where a lungi was kept for his use, he took it and while wearing it, the towel slipped and fell down and lungi also fell down. For a minute he was totally nude and his cock about 7″ long was hanging between his legs.

Surabhi should have gone home after leaving food there, but she said she will serve him and then take the empty vessel home. George with his broad hairy chest, was wiping his body with his towel and was trying to wipe his private parts, legs etc in full view of the lady.

Having seen the total geography of his body, Surabhi felt like hugging him as he was suprior in all respects to her husband. George could understand her thoughts and he purposely unwound and wound the lungi exposing his cock to the outside world in various positions of erection.

She asked whether she may use the bathroom. He said not this one, go inside my bedroom and use the bathroom attached to it. As she was using the bathroom sitting on the commode, she looked around and found it to be a luxury bathroom, with so much of modern fittings.

As she took the faucet to wash her private parts, it slipped from her hand and fell down with full force of water spraying from it. The water sprayed on her head, face, and the upper part of her body. Her saree and blouse were wet.

Some how she took a towel from the clothesline and wiped her face and head, the water on her blouse and saree seeped inside making a bigger patch of wetness. Pulling up her panty she came out and George was surprised. He said how can you go out with so much of wetness on your clothes.

He said just spread them on the bed and put on the fan in full, it will get dried within 15 minutes. He too offered to help her. But Surabhi untied her saree and removed her blouse and spread them on the bed, when George put on the fan in full speed. Now standing only on her pettycoat and bra, Surabhi looked at George.

He came near her and touched her bra and petty coat and said they are also it is better to remove them. Surabhi did not know what to say. They were indeed wet. In the meantime, George unhooked the bra and pulled it out and her massive melons without sagging were standing erect. He untied her petty coat and it fell to the ground.

Geroge took it and spread it on the bed. Her hourglass figure and lightly wet panty flat stomach, her boobs made George to get an erection. Without saying a word, George pulled Surabhi to his side and applied his mouth on her erect nipples and started to suck. She could not stand his onslaughts.

He pushed her into his bed and bowed down to suck her nipples and squeeze her boobs. He pulled up her legs and made them wide and her pussy freshly washed glistened with the honey coming out. He licked her honey and licked her clitoris. He got up and pointed his cock at her fuckhole and plunged it inside.

The change in the style of fucking made her horny and she moaned and received him with full vigor. Sex hungry George fucked her for 15 minutes very fast, deep, and rough and she came many times in between and he threw his shots into her. He was ready for a repeat performance and she too. Any how they had to wait for the clothes to dry.

They fucked and fucked in different poses. She got on top of him and that was the best. Finally they both were hungry. But there was food only for him. She wore her clothes and served him on his plate. They kissed and kissed for the gratitude. She bade him farewell and left hurriedly. George found her cunt very tight and she being very horny gave him maximum pleasure.

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