Cheated With Husband’s Black Friend | Real Wife Stories – Part 3

Real Wife Stories

I saw his war wound on his upper thigh and felt it gently, The skin was rough and the scar was noticeable. I caressed his testicles as I opened my mouth to accept him into my mouth, I licked all around the head after pushing the skin back. It was so arousing to feel the skins slide up and back from the tip. It was sticky, tasted salty. I took more of it and only could get about half of it in my mouth. I used my mouth to stroke it and slide the skin around, tonguing the head, I never gave a better blowjob. I was focused solely on this big amazing dark man-meat. I felt his big hands on the top of my head as I gave him oral pleasure. Gently sucking and licking his testicles and up and down his shaft and back to sucking it. I wondered if it was going to hurt me when he fucked me. I wondered it I could take it inside me or even some of it!

I thought “boy, if our families or friends could see me now.” and chuckled. I found myself moaning as he grabbed my hair and began to fuck my mouth roughly. Saliva began to form and drip down on my tits. I gagged a few times and that seemed to turn him on even more. Then he surprised me by whispering forcefully, “Like that nigger dick, don’t ya, baby? Never had one like this huh?” I tried to answer but my reply was muffled by all that dick in my mouth. “uggghhhhh huhhhh” all I could get out. I felt his cock throb and then throb again and tense up and I tasted pre-cum. He was arching his back, rocking back and forth and I knew he was about to cum. An excitement came over me and a confidence I was doing a good job.

“I’m CUMMING!!!!” he groaned and a big stream hit my throat with force and I gagged as his hot cum filled my mouth and leaked down my chin onto my tits and thighs but I kept sucking and stroking his cock and swallowing as fast as I could until he finally released my hair. “Oh shit girl!!! damn girl! you are great. the best!!!” I licked him clean and he lifted me up and kissed me, French style, lots of tongue and very wet. He handed me my shot of tequila I hadn’t drank yet and I gulped it down changing the taste in my mouth. We both laughed quietly. He said,”I need a cigarette!” and I said, “Oh, you smoke?” and he said, “NO, but if I did I would need one now” and laughed. Then he sat down and pulled me onto his lap. He kissed me more and his fingers found their mark again. His thumb gently rubbed my clit and I thought I was going to cum, but he stopped and lifted me onto my back on the patio table and put my ankles on his wide shoulders.

He took his cock in his right hand and spanked my mound, lips with it, then working the purple head up and down my wet slit and slowly pushed the big head inside. It went in surprisingly easily and he worked some of his dick inside up to the thickest part of his shaft, in and out and I seemed to adjust as he stretched my pussy. I wanted more and more and tried to reach him to pull him inside me. He finally stopped teasing and pushed it all the way in and I had an orgasm that make me shake. My ankles cramped and I dug my long nails into his hips and bit my hand to keep from screaming. Then he began to fuck me, slowly picking up the pace. I don’t remember how many times he made me cum but it was over a dozen for sure.

He carried me over to the diving board at the pool and laid a cushion on it and had me get on all fours and he worked his big black cock inside and fucked me doggystyle. He got rougher and rougher and I came more and more. It was so hard not to get loud it was so good. “Never been fucked this good huh, white girl? That nigger dick good for you huh? like that dark meat don’t ya?” I was in such a state of ecstasy I don’t even remember replying but I know I agreed. I could tell he had recharged and was about to cum again because he was so thick I felt it get tense and jerk inside me,throbbing inside my love-tunnel. I was fucking him back, rocking back into him as we fucked in rhythm. “You know I will be back for more of your good white pussy!” he said as he pushed as deep as possible. I felt his testicles on my clit as he filled me up with load after another of hot cum. Then, he rested on my back.

His cock slowly slid out and I sucked and licked it clean, tasting both our juices and showing my gratitude for the best sex of my life. We walked back to the patio and got our clothes back on and I went to check on Ron. He was still sound asleep, snoring away. I went back and Deshaun and I kissed and agreed it was our secret and vowed never to confess. He went to his room and I took a hot bath in the hallway bathroom so I wouldn’t wake up my husband. My body was so relaxed, stress free, and tired. It was a good kind of tired and my pussy tingled, felt fuzzy.

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