A Wife’s Predicament | Chapter-1

My Predicament as a wife !

– “What do you mean by “ONE MONTH”…? And I can’t believe that you agreed to this shit without asking me…!!!”
There was neither response nor any answer to my question.
– “Can you hear me ???”, “I am asking you” I was almost shouting now.
Still no answer from my husband!

– My frustration rocketed making my eyes blur…!
– This was crazy! My husband of 15 years was standing right outside the toilet and was acting as if he haven’t heard me at all! What the heck was going on in his mind? I was getting angrier with each passing second with the news that he popped into my ears few minutes before “I was supposed to leave my home and stay at a place somewhere in the outskirts of the old city of Pataliputra nearby a riverside; and that too for ‘ONE WHOLE MONTH’ attending to some sort of annual social service which happened every year in his family…!”


Earlier today , I left from my office around mid day with two of my assistants for a short client audit. On our way to the client’s office, my mind started drifting a bit. Being employed in an MNC bank as a chartered accountant with 12 assistants and having two teenage girls with husband was not a joke in any sense. The official responsibilities and my home demands carried it’s toll over my mind and body simultaneously delivering their own respective side-effects. “Was I still attractive?” my thought was drifting further…and why am I thinking about this right now? My assistants Rahul and Uma were sitting in the front seat of the car busy with office gossips, I thought.

I was no longer interested in the outside view of Gurgaon skyscrapers. Without realizing, my gaze fell over my feet that were cladded inside an open toe T-strap black heels, my toes and fingers looked tiny bit erotic with the dark red nail polish and the smooth white skin of my feet. “Were my feet still attractive?” I knew my body had it’s own charm and attractiveness even though I had recently touched 35 years…My mind slipped again back into my own thoughts…

Lately, my husband has been expressing his interest on my body hardly during weekend nights and that too after having his usual round of alcohol. Once his drive and desire being released within few minutes of effort, the next sequence from him was to move away from my body and turn over to his side of the bed with an annoying snore. Reality was that my body haven’t witnessed even a normal orgasm from my man for more than six to seven years. This added a lot of fuel to my present frustration, as the only relief to me were my hands and fingers. Nowadays even that activity seemed not to helping much to conquer my exasperation.

I had received all the required attention from my husband Haresh during the immediate years of our marriage and the result was that I got pregnant twice during the consequent years to deliver two beautiful girls. Subsequently, my children got my attention more than Haresh. Inside my heart, I knew that a lot of the “no-sex situation” that I faced currently had lot to do with my own attitude as well.

Through the course of later years , I joined an MNC bank to pursue my career and got busy with the new chores of life with kids, job and my husband. My body had it’s own story to say because after the kids arrived , my interest was more inclined to the daily repetitive routines which directly resulted in the ignorance to take care of my own body. I used to be a very fair and adequately proportioned girl standing at five feet seven inches height and further down the years, my maturity made me a woman with ample buxom and shapely buttocks with long legs.

I can’t say that I look great, but given my height of five feet seven and almost a full bodied figure; I still received ogles and lust glares from male population at work and the locality that we live by. Inside story is that after every shower, I usually stare at the flab that I had gathered around my waistline; recently, even there was a noticeable boob sag that started to show as well. In addition to these low lights, I had realized my buttock shape starting to change as well. However, regardless of all these ‘ugliness’ which I found in me, I secretly did enjoyed the leering that guys gave me.

Biggest challenge to me was from one of my husband’s uncle who used to arrive at our home once in a month for few hours to have some discussion with Haresh about their family business about which I had no much idea about, even Haresh seemed to be not so engaged into it. I guessed this old man to be easily older than 70 years from the immediate look. Though we never interacted more than a simple ‘namaste’ or ‘stay for lunch’; it was the manner with which, he stared at me always made it feel like I was not wearing a single piece of cloth while standing or walking in front of him. We never spoke much other than meek gestures or one statement greets; this old man had an extremely peculiar way of checking out my body and it was the remembrance of his lust filled stares that usually aided my fingers during my own orgasmic pleasuring.

Anyhow, none of this was the problem that I had in hand right now.

Once I finished the client audit and reached home, I saw my husband sitting inside the kitchen and sipping a coffee which, was quite unusual as his normal time to reach home was around 8:00pm to 9:00pm.

– “What happened to you? How come you reached so early?” I asked my husband as my curiosity couldn’t wait.
– “Nothing much, I wanted to tell you something and thought it would be better to have it before our girls reach home”, he replied.
– “Okay, in that case, just let me change my dress and come back”, I replied.
– “No Keerthi, hold on…I made you a coffee……Have this and sit here please…I need to talk now”, his tone was a bit low and face looked serious.

My mind started racing immediately…”Did he loose his job? Was that this problem? or did any of his investment went terribly wrong? or was it his mother? Was she alright? or is there anything wrong with Megha and Namrata? Did any of my girls got hurt?”…questions rorse from hundred to million by every slow second.

– “Keerthi…!” the questions in my mind stopped as I head Haresh calling my name.
– “Keerthi, my mother was here today morning and left back around afternoon, I have been here since morning and deciding what we have to do with the situation in hand”, he paused.
– “What…! Your mother was here…! And why didn’t you called me or at least why didn’t she called me?” and “What is the situation that we have now?”, I asked him as my voice clearly indicated my impatiance.
– “Well Keerthi, the situation is not a simple one, And part of it is that, mother had to reach back home by tonight itself; that is why she came and left without meeting or calling you”. An explanation of some sort came from his side finally!
– “Haresh, what the hell are you blabbering for last few minutes? You are here today…early from office, and you made a coffee by yourself, plus you are telling me that we have a situation in hand and on top of all this, your mother came and left without even telling me…!!!” my voice was much louder than I intended to be.
– “I hope, you start to tell me right now what exactly is going on?” I could almost feel blood rushing to my face and my hands were almost clenched and was already hurting my palms.
– “Okay, you relax Keerthi…I will give you the full situation and please, please for our own sake, do not get agitated, okay”. His eyes looked like they were almost begging.
– “Alright then, you start talking quickly”, I replied curtly.
– “Keerthi, I hope you remember that every year, my mother used to be away from house for a full month and we told you that she was away to look after her deceased father, right ?”
– “Yes”, I replied and concurred as I remembered my mother-in-law being away from home for a whole month, every year since I got married to Haresh.
– “Okay, so what about it? or rather what about her being away?” I was unable to make even a wild guess about what he was trying to tell me.
– “Please Keerthi…give me a minute” his tone had something in it that I never witnessed before – ever!
– “Tell me Haresh…What is it?”
– “Okay, but in reality, my mother was going to a place somewhere near Gulabpur and it was not to look after any deceased…She is taking part of a community activity that has been ongoing for many generations within our family, in fact within our gotra. Every women in my family who reaches 35 years has to provide one month of social support service to a community of old aged people”…” And this small community lives in seclusion following very old traditions in their lives and needs people for one month every year”…”That is why I told you earlier that you would remember my mother going away for a month, right ?”, Haresh paused again.
– “Yes”, I just mumbled and tried hard to guess where this was going.
– “Keerthi” he continued, “my mother came to tell me that from this year onwards, you also have to start this one month servicing because you are already 35 years of age earlier this year…!”

– “WHATTT ???” My voice was almost a surprised screech…!!! “What do you mean Haresh?”
– “Keerthi…relax, you relax please…please let me complete”…He was really begging, I could see that in his eyes.
– “See Keerthi , the problem here is that we cannot escape ourself with any kind of excuse for this case. Reason being, if we do not comply, I will be removed out of my entire family inheritance of the assets and you will be no longer considered as part of our family…On top of all this, our children will not be treated fairly as well. The only way out of this predicament is, you need to go to this place and support the community for a month” he stopped the explanation and was looking at me appealingly.

I felt that the time had stopped…! What kind of crap was he telling me? I knew that his family had some sort of king’s inheritance and was extremely wealthy, but it was never in my curiosity level to inquire more. But now, this revelation from my husband was totally paranoid…What does he mean by telling me that I had to go away from my own home for a month? How can I explain that to my office? And, what does he mean by “community service”? Again, a million questions started forming inside my mind. As an answer, I heard Haresh blabbering something… I tried and sharpened my ears.

– “Darling”, it was Haresh talking…”I know this is a bomb for you, but please believe me, it’s the same for me as well because I never knew about this till mother explained today”.
– “Oh wow…! How nice of her…!!” my thoughts were loud enough and as as these words came out loudly from my mouth; I saw Haresh squirming in his seat.
– “So, my dear, please…I don’t have any other option than agreeing to her…he paused and looked straight into my eyes with a plead and continued.
– “After she left, I went and applied for a month’s local leave from my office and by noon, I had communicated with your HR department to explain about this family predicament”…He eyes contained full of anticipation.

– “Whatttt……!!!!! What have you done Haresh? This is outrageous…!!!” I heard my voice snapping out loudly.
– “First of all you didn’t call me when you got this news from mother and also she didn’t find it appropriate or any importance to explain this directly to me…why all this secrecy? Does she not have my cell number?” I was literally shaking and screaming as I felt the heat boiling through every single pour of my body as my brain started to explode with rage.

– “Haresh, I am going to have a shower and you just bloody slow down on this absurdity”…With this statement, I walked to the toilet.

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