Vyjayanthi IPS – The Virgin Policewoman

The Virgin Policewoman

This story is based on the characters from the telugu movie Karthavyam (Vyjayanthi IPS in Tamil and Tejasvini in Hindi). I have kept the basic premises of the story. Enjoy and give your feedback.


22 year old G.Vyjayanthi is a bold young policeowan who punishes criminals ruthlessly and brings them to justice. She is most famous for parading men nude and giving them third degree torture.

Vizag – Muthukrishnia’s domain

The city of Vizag is under the tight grip of local don Muthukrishnia. By bribing the local police and lawyers, he ensures total control over the city and rules the city as an uncrowned emperor. His son, Chakravarthi is known for being a ruthless playboy. He catches pretty young girls at night and rapes them. The women are unable to do anything as the local police would not take any action against Muthukrishnia’s son.

When all hope seemed lost for the people in the city, news of a newly transferred ASP reaches town. What takes people by surprise is that the new ASP is a 22 year old girl. The people expected this young and inexperienced lady would instantly surrender to the will of Muthukrishna.

They did not know that she is a fiery young cop who has a ruthless reputation with baddies.


Vyjayanthi – Bold and Beautiful

Vyjayanthi is a beauty to behold. Her body was extremely well toned from her daily rigorous exercises. Weighing in around 55 kgs and about 5 feet 6 inches tall, her petite appearance would fool most people. Her wheatish complexion and smooth and unmarked face gives an angel like appearance.

During her college and police academy days, many men tried to woo her. But she ignored them all and focussed only on her ambition to be a police officer. As a result of her total dedication to her police job, she had no time for male companionship.

In the police circles, many colleagues looked at her with lust and desire. At the same time, her ferocious approach towards goons prevented them from asking her out.


First day on the job

Arriving at the vizag station for the first day, Vyjayanthi see total chaos and confusion. Criminals and cops are seen casually playing a game of cards and criminals show no respect the constables. She immediately warns the police to be strict with criminals. She then warns Kasipathi, the Circle Inspector who is a stooge of Mudhukrishna. She warns him of dire consequences if he fails to follow strict police protocol.

She then reopens certain cases that have been closed due to mysterious circumstances. One such case involves a lorry accident of a political activist. She suspects murder and personally goes to arrest the suspected lorry driver.


Wild Flower

She enters a shady bar of a local joint. There are about 5 local goons drinking along with the suspected lorry driver. She identifies the driver and catches by the collar and drags him to the jeep. Surprised by the strength and arrogance of this petite officer, the goons start to attack her. But to everyone,s surprise, she single handedly defeats each of the goons.


Male Fan

Hearing about the bravery of Vyjayanthi, Suri the son of one of her elder police constables goes to see her. Suri is about 28 years old, 6 feet tall and well built. He has been a local hero of sorts, often helping the poor people from the local thugs. Previously he has been at odds with local police inspectors because of their corrupt behaviour and being stooges of Muthukrishna. He thought Vyjayanthi too will
be another corrupt cop. However, her honesty and bravery made him think differently about her.

Vyjayanthi regularly goes for jogging in the morning at 6am. One day Suri approaches her during her morning jog with rose flower. He looks and admires her for not only her bravery but her beauty too. He says “Others may see wild female tiger, but I only see a beautiful and shy woman. Take this as a token of my appreciation”.

Vyjayanthi was really surprised and little taken aback at his straight forwardness. Normally men would be afraid to approach her in such a manner. She too would generally menacingly chase them away. But something about Suri that made her keep calm. For one thing, he was extremely good looking. His height, rough stubble and well built shoulders made him look like a god. Vyjayanthi always felt, rather arrogantly, that there were no men who could tame and satisfy her. But Suri’s rough and manly appearance suddenly left her gasping for words and maybe a little shy. This was the first time in her life she felt this way in front of a man.

Reluctantly, she accepts the rose from Suri. Secretly she hoped they would meet again.


Ruthless Torture

One day she Muthukrishna’s son, Chakravarthi rapes a school teacher’s daughter Meena. The teacher had also thought Vyjayanthi when she was a little girl. Due to this, Vyjayanthi takes a personal vow to seek justice for Meena. She goes to the local club and thrashes Chakravarthi and his friends. She then arrests Chakravarthi and parades him on streets completely naked before bringing him to the cell.
Inside the cell, she instructs the constables to tie Chakravarthi on a chair. She specifically instructs that he should be stripped naked. She then takes her lathi and proceeds towards Chakravarthi in a menacing manner. She slowly takes the lathi places it right on top of his penis. She then laughs arrogantly and says “this tiny piece of shit is what you are endowed with? You have been raping innocent virgin girls with this tiny turtle?” Chakravarthi was sweating profusely and before he could answer her, she immediately took the lathi and hit in right on the penis.
Chakravarthi wailed in pain. She screamed “you bastard, you think a woman’s virginity and chastity is a joke? I will ensure that you leave the station impotent” She beats him up some more before Chakravarthi faints from the excruciating pain. Lawyer Gangatharan rushes to the cell with the bail papers and asks Chakravarthi to be released immediately. Vyjayanthi reluctantly releases Chakravarthi, but seeing him being taken in a stretcher leaves her with a cocky grin on her face.

Mudhukrishna immediately rushes to the hospital to see his son. He finds his son in the operating theatre were doctors are looking at this damaged penis. After 1 hour the doctor comes out of the OT and tells Mudhukrishna that they were just able to save him. Thank god he was brought on time, if he had undergone any further punishment he would have definitely become impotent or even worse, he could have died. Now he needs 1 month’s rest and after that he is good to be discharged.

Upon hearing the doctors report, Mudhukrishna becomes furious. He calls Circle Inspector Kasipathi and tells him that he must seek revenge on Vyjayanthi. Make her suffer for the pain she caused Chakravarthi. He vows that he make his son to tame this lioness and make her pregnant and become his son’s sex slave. For this he plans an elaborate scheme along with Kasipathi.

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