The New Joiner at KFC

The New Joiner at Kameshwar Fertility Clinic

(Cast – Keerthi Suresh, Trisha & Priyamani as guest)

The Presentation

Kameshwar fertility clinic is a fast growing fertility and other sexual problem related clinic in Kamapuram. They have 3 branches in the town and are planning to expand rapidly. With thousands flocking to Kamapuram for its traditional clinics across the town, Kameshwar clinic is ranked at number one for the past three years. Increased patient visits mean an increase in the number of doctors they need. They have been hiring several prospective professionals by conducting several forms of interviews.

Unlike usual job interview, practitioner openings at Kameshwar clinic requires the person to complete degree on Advanced Sexology. Also, Kamapuram University of Sex Sciences is the only university in whole of India to offer that course. People who come out as doctors from this university get at least 20 lakhs per annum as their salary. So, this makes Kamapuram a dream location for many youth. It does not matter whether it is a woman or man, everyone competes heavily to get into this university through entrance exams. Dr.Archana, Dr.Meenakumari, Dr.Sneha, Dr.Meena and Dr.Poonam were some notorious toppers who graduated from this university.

A batch of doctors have been recently taken in for Kameshwar fetility clinic and fundamental qualification courses were going on. The chief doctor Dr.Kameshwar along with his experienced team will be training the new joiners for the next 1 year before they get their job confirmed. As per their policy, female doctors will train male new joiners and the reverse in case of female candidates. This training room has about 15 female candidates to whom a team of experts will be taking their session today. It has just been a month for the new joiners and they were already learning and enjoying a lot. The in-charge of today’s session came into the hall. He wished everyone a good morning and turned on his presentations to start the session. (Pres indicates the presenter)

Pres: “Hello All, once again a very good morning. I hope you all are enjoying the training. “, a big response came from the trainees.
“Good that you all are enjoying. In fact this is my 4th batch I am handling. As a doctor, I must agree that things will be very happy in the beginning. Then as you keep advancing in the course, you will experience a great deal of stress. This might be due to the nature of courses you learn and also due to the patients whom you will be meeting.”

“Do not take it negatively, but as you keep talking to patients and start their treatments, you will come to know it will be equally difficult for doctors like us”, he was pruning his beard looking intently at his candidates.

“Doctor, could you please explain more about the challenges”, a metallic but cute voice emerged from the crowd. The doctor looked interested and asked “Sure madam, it is my duty to explain everything. May I know your name first?”

“Sure doctor! I am Dr.Keerthi Suresh”, the reply came immediately.
Pres: “Well Dr.Keerthi, I need to explain in detail and that is what I am going to do the next 1 hour. To start with, the difficulty I mentioned will be mainly due to nature of courses. So far, I am sure you will be exposed only to the very beginning of practical problems. Can you tell me some for which you got trained so far?”, the question was directed to Keerthi.

Kee: “Well doctor, we learned about how to control the mind. Then, we learnt effects of meditation on improving sexual desire. Some on effects of condoms on enhanced sexual experience”, as she continued the doctor said,

Pres: “Excellent. Looks like you learnt a lot. But as I said this is just the beginning. The more you involve on the subject, the more you need to give yourself for the well being of others. For example, how many of you here are still virgins? We are doctors and I suppose there will not be any difficulty in being frank”, a surprising question came.

There was a slight hesitation among the trainees and they started looking around each other including Keerthi. No one raised their hands. It surprised the doctor.

Pres: “Well, looks like everyone here got the diggings already. Good! So, let me be straight. Imagine if your most loved boy friend or boy friends, come in front of you. Imagine if the clinic pays you for a month log overseas trip to all exotic places in Asia. Imaging if you went there. How many of you here will involve in sexual acts?”, again a direct question.

Almost everyone raised their hands again and there was commotion on the hall.

Pres: “Again nothing to laugh or feel guilty of. Perfectly normal. That is human nature! Now imagine, someone stands before you nude. He has a disgusting ball. Some shrunk nasty dick with bushy hair. He might be sterile, a pervert, a cuck or he could be anyone with an inexplicable sex problem. Will you be interested to have sex with him?’, a silence followed the questions.

No one responded and the doctor continued.

Pres: “You might need to activate the patient’s hidden mind frame. Somewhere deep within, he might be having a mind related issue which would be affecting his sexual behavior. As doctors, we need to find that and bring it out. Same applies for the males who are getting trained in the next hall. They need to meet a variety of females, understand their sexual life and then cure them”

“Any kind of man may come. Millionaires, common man, old man, a teenager.. anyone.. they might be needed to lick you, fuck you, sniff you, bite you. Anything. As you might have read on your college books, what happens here is the live version of it. It is not theory. Everything here has a life! Now, how many of your here are confident that you will be a top sexologist like many other doctors who work day and night here?”, this was an open challenge.

After much of thinking, hands started to go up one by one. At the end, everyone raised seeing other raise their hands. Keerthi was also puzzled but her inspiration made her raise her hand.

Pres: “Good! That is the confidence. And dont you worry. You will master these and grow along with these arts. Nothing is going to happen overnight. Don’t worry much for now. With all the hygiene and herbal sciences that the Kamapuram government offers, hygiene is 100%. Reports from past 3 centuries show that none of the specialists ever had a transmitted disease of hygiene issues. So, it is going to be a dream career for you all at Kamapuram, if not only in this hospital”, as his inspirational words poured out everyone started clapping. The applause was roaring.

Pres: “Great! Shall we begin today’s session?”, answers came with a cheer when the doctor asked this.

Pres: “Okay we will start then”, he climbed on to the tall platform where he was supposed to take the session. He stood at the center with his hands near his belly and there was a big button there. As he pressed, in a quick flash, his foot length white coat fell down. There he was, a 45 year old man, black and average built standing nude. His dick was very matured with a fluffy black balls hanging. Broad chests, big tummy and a rough face with thick glasses. Half bald headed!

There was utter silence and then the trainees started to sit straight on their seats. This was their first day in the second month of training. Practical lessons are starting today.

Pres: “So let us begin your lesson ‘Low Difficulty Lesson No. 1 – The Naughty Acts, shortly called LDL-1”, remarked the doctor.

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