Kajal agarwal and Shreya saran erotica Story – part 5

shreya was on her knees gasping for air. Kajal looked at Shreya’s sweaty body which added fuckable appeal to it. The sweat on her boobs in this cold night was like a dew on a flower ready to be tasted.

Mahesh was still looking at kajal and licking his tongue .
Mahesh – “ did raju satisfy u completely kajal ma’am?”
Kajal turned towards Mahesh and blushed.. “ no..We were interrupted “..
Mahesh asked “by who?”..
“I don’t know”.. replied kajal..
“Was it shreya here?”.. told Mahesh and spanked Shreya’s ass hard..She jolted and moaned..Kajal said no. Mahesh gripped Shreyas hand and pulled her towards him turning her.. Shreya’s face collided with his rock hard dick.. without any invitation, Shreya started to lick it.

Mahesh closed his eyes in pleasure.. kajal ceased this opportunity and clicked a photo on her Mobile.. hearing the flash sound, Mahesh opened his eyes to see kajal with her phone aimed at him..
Mahesh –“what are u doing?”
Kajal –“ u can’t be the only blackmailer here sir… if u tell anyone or take advantage of this incident in the future, we’ll frame u for rape against us”.. Mahesh was shocked.. before he could start to threaten kajal, she moved swiftly towards him and kissed him on his lips. Mahesh was shocked at this move.. he thought he had to draw out kajal more for her sex but here she was dominating him without warning.

Mahesh’s one hand was on Shreya’s head guiding her in the blowjob and the other was on kajal’s waist pressing her body towards his. Their tongues danced in saliva as they smooched. Kajal enjoyed the warmth of a man in this cold night and she was glad it was not her husband. Mahesh broke the kiss and hugged kajal tightly.. he felt her milk tanks against his midrib and brushed his body to enjoy the melons of kajal.

Shreya was in her own word gobbling his dick and tasting the precum. Kajal loved the masculine body embracing her and her hands cupped Mahesh’s butt . Mahesh only dreamt of such acts but now he was engaging in them. He looked down and saw shreya’s looking up at him with his full dick in her mouth..He was surprised by her talent at taking dicks.. the watery mouth engulfing his rod placed Mahesh in heaven. After a few minutes, kajal got down on her knees.
She brought her face near Shreya’s who was giving a bj and she whispered to Shreya to let go.. Shreya released the dick and kajal immediately kissed Shreya .. Mahesh was jealous and he placed his dick in between their noses and pressed it towards kajal. Kajal released the kiss and took the dick into her mouth.

The dick was already well lubricated by Shreya and kajal just polished the dick with her saliva. Shreya meanwhile was licking kajal’s ears. This continued on for a while and Mahesh was about to climax , he pushed kajal’s head away and forcefully controlled his excitement. He still had a lot of dirty things planned for these bitches.
Kajal looked up surprised and she stood up.. “what’s the problem?”.. “nothing.. “ he replied and proceeded to lick kajal’s nipple.. meanwhile Shreya had unbuckled kajal’s bottom shorts and in one go pulled down her shorts along with the panty. Kajal moaned when fresh air enveloped her pussy. Mahesh now placed his finger on top of kajal’s pussy and started to massage it.. Shreya went behind kajal and buried her face in the ass of kajal. Kajal moaned at double pleasure “oohhhhh…hmmmmm!!!!”.

One hand of kajal was on Mahesh’s hairs as it guided his mouth on both her breasts. While other hand was on Shreya’s head burying it deep inside her ass crack..
Mahesh licked his fingers coated with kajal’s precum and stepped back. He gazed at his naughty bitch with salivated boobs and dripping pussy. Mahesh then collected Shreya’s saree from the floor and folded it and spread it on the floor.. he layed down on his back with his erect penis in the air. Shreya saw this through the gap between legs of kajal and released her face from kajal’s ass. Mahesh saw as shreya toddled like a little baby towards his dick.. he even noticed her boobs swaying to and fro as Shreya crawled towards him.

Shreya wasted no time and she stood up, parted her legs on either side of Mahesh’s waist and lowered herself untill her wet pussy touched the leaning rod. She then straightened the dick with her hand and slowly lowered her hip. The tip of the penis penetrated the wet pussy. Shreya closed her eyes at the warmth. Mahesh looked up at the milktanks of Shreya and licked his lips . He sat up to take her boobs in his mouth and simultaneously, his dick entered the wet pussy of Shreya.. Shreya rolled her eyes backwards in pleasure “hhhmmmmmmm…..!!!!!”..

The feeling of warm pussy muscles around his dick aroused the beast in Mahesh. He bit on Shreya’s nipple a little hard and Shreya pulled it out and slapped Mahesh lightly.. Mahesh smiled and lifted his waist from the ground further penetrating to maximum.. Shreya hugged him in pleasure. She lipped him in passion with his dick fully penetrated.. Mahesh was shocked at the flexibility of Shreya’s pussy… he silently wondered the number of dicks that would have penetrated.

Mahesh started to hump Shreya where his dick slided in and out with full lubrication. Shreya was giving out all kinds of naughty sounds “hhmmmmm,,,, ooohhhhh,,, don’t stoooppp….Yyeessss!!!!”. Mahesh layed on his back again and this time, it was Shreya who was humping him. She sat up and down on Mahesh’s rod while he enjoyed the bouncy pair of milk machines in action.

Kajal was not ready to be a mute spectator. She went near Mahesh’s head and stood there parting her legs.. Mahesh looked up to view the gorgeous pussy lips dripping with precum. Kajal released a few more drops of precum and it accumulated into a big droplet and dripped on Mahesh’s lips.. he licked it gracefully and liked the taste.
Kajal smiled and lowered her pussy onto Mahesh’s face..

on the other hand, Shreya was literally jumping up and down on his dick like a crazy bitch.. Mahesh had started to lick on kajal’s precum when suddenly Shreya’s climaxed and released her juice onto his dick while simultaneously gripping his dick by her pussy walls.. Mahesh could no longer control and he seeded Shreya inside her pussy.. Mahesh bit kajal’s pussy lips in excitement .

Both the woman screamed and jumped back . Kajal was checking out her pussy for any signs of blood due to biting.. Shreya was busy wiping her pussy by a cloth to remove the sperm. Unfortunately Mahesh had cummed deep inside Shreya’s pussy and she could not remove some portion of the cum from deep inside her pussy.

She screamed “what is wrong with you?!! Couldn’t you pull it out before you cummed?!!”. Kajal also joined “ ur bite has swollen my pussy lip..You fool.. you don’t deserve our body.. come Shreya let’s go!!”.. Shreya nodded and looked at Mahesh who had a naughty smile on his face. Shreya pulled her saree from beneath Mahesh and clumsily covered her body while kajal slid back her bottoms and covered her boobs by her torn top..
They clumped their belongings nearby and started to storm off a path while barely covering their private parts. Mahesh stood up with a collapsed dick.. he was not done yet.. he still had to taste Randy kajal Agarwal. He was not ready to let go of this golden opportunity. He dusted his buttocks and went in pursuit of kajal.

“sir, your private jet is ready “ voiced the secretary to Manoj (kajal’s husband). “ great.. thank you.. and can you track my wife’s phone.. she hasn’t answered in a while.. and also track my brother.. make sure my return is a secret”.. secretary nodded and exited.
Murthy (head constable from earlier updates) could not sleep because in a few hours, he will fuck his dream heroine kajal Agarwal.. he had even denied sex to his wife to save up the stamina.. he scrolled through the pics of kajal on his phone with an erect dick and lustful eyes.

What will Mahesh do to kajal? Will kajal be able to meet Murthy as per her agreement? Or will the sudden arrival of Manoj change the fate?.. stay tuned for further updates.
Poll : who would you like kajal to be fucked with?(hero or anyone else).. And how?.
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