Game Of Boobs & Dicks – [ An epic historical saga involving favorites Bolly & South Actresses ]

Caution: The story involves strong objectification and dirty fantasies. It is meant only for entertainment of those who like such stories. In no way is it meant to instigate feelings of rape, violence or objectification towards women. Those who don’t like such stories are requested to stay away. Some parts may also contain small amount of forced sex and violence, so be warned about it.

Also note the characters involved are real life actors & actresses. In no way is the story meant to alter their status and position in society. It is just a figment of imagination and please treat it as a fantasy.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome. Recommendations and requests is what I will be mist happy to oblige with. I will be trying to update the story twice a week, obviously subjected to how much free time I get. So please be patient, this is a long and evolving story.


1) Rules Of The Game – Page 1
2) The Royal Wedding – Page 2
3) The Queen Of Seduction – Aishwarya Rai – Page 3
4) The Royal Incest – Page 4
5) Prey of the bulls – Priyanka Chopra & Lara Dutta Raped Hard – Page 5
6) The Whims of the Prince – Anushka Shetty Mouth Raped – Page 6
7) The Secret Agreement – Page 7
8) Division of Spoils of War – Page 8
9) Walk Of Shame Of Aishwarya Rai – Page 9
10) A Royal Seductress – Shriya Saran – Page 10
11) A Dangerous Mission – Malaika Aroa double penetrated – Page 11
12) The Secret Chamber – Asin fucked hard – Page 12
13) The Cradle Of Fear – Kareena Kapoor Tortured – Page 13
14) The Slave Games – Page 14
15) A Battle Of Survival – Page 15
16) Vengeance of betrayed love – Kareena Kapoor fucked hard – Page 16
17) The Royal Betrayal – Page 17
18) Gangbang Redemption – Shriya Saran fucked by Six Men – Page 18

1) Rules Of The Game

This story is set in the fictional region of IndiLand. IndiLand was a beautiful prosperous kingdom and at peak of its strength in year 500 A.D.
IndiLand was divided into two main parts NorLand & SouLand. Both were ruled by two different rulers. Small wars would often breakout between the two rulers.
History had witnessed many big battles also between the two parts due to the desire of rulers to rule the complete IndiLand themselves.

NorLand was surrounded by mountains in East, North & West, protecting it from outsiders.NorLand was divided into factions like PunjKhand,DeliKhand,HindKhand etc. To south was SouLand which was surrounded by sea in three sides and was also safe from the outside kingdoms.SouLand was divided into factions like TelKhand, TamKhand, KanKhand, MalKhand etc. Each faction had its own small rulers who would follow their respective region rulers.

IndiLand was famous for its prosperity as well as the beauty of its women. IndiLand was known as the land of most beautiful women in the whole world.
Women were once only used as tools to please men in IndiLand. Over last few centuries their status had changed but they were still considered inferior to men.
IndiLand traded wood, food, gold, diamonds and othe valuables with outside world. Now they had also devised ways to trade women.

Beautiful girls were now the most valuable commodities and in demand all around the world. In IndiLand owning a beautiful women was a matter of pride.
Men would be married to one woman but could own more women as their personal slaves. The slaves were subjected to will of their master and had to obey them at any cost. The more powerful a man, the more beautiful women he would have. Women of the royal family would be married to Kings & Princes of various factions within IndiLand to gain political support.Overall women were now the central pawns in the political & economical matters of IndiLand.

Men in IndiLand were admirers of beauty. Rich men would collect and own beautiful women like any other valuable equipment. All the factions had setup slave markets. Women of great beauty would be traded just like cattle here. There would also be auctions where slaves could be bought. Women slaves were also a matter of jealousy among the men. There would be frequent fights for owning women. Men would bet their slaves on fights. It was another thriving business.

Then there were whore houses. Men could own whores for a night and satisfy themselves. Whore houses were owned by many powerful and rich men who had estimated the business potential in it. Whores were trained in art of seducing and satisfying men from their childhood. Whores were many times trained to be spies as they would access information from men easily.

Women slaves would also be punished if found to be guilty of crimes like disobeying their masters or treachery, murder etc. The most dreaded punishment for women was not death but where they would be labelled as “Flaves”. Flaves meant Fuck Slaves. Flaves would be slaves who anyone can fuck anytime. They would mostly be fucked by the most lower class people who could not afford a slave. Flaves would have no clothes, they would be tied in small sheds across the kingdom. Any man can come and do whatever he pleases to them. Even if a man killed a flave that was not a crime. Men would vent all their anger on flaves. Flaves were subjected to extreme torture and humiliation everyday. Death would be their only alternative to escape from the punishment.

The rules of war were also not good for the women. The winning army would capture all beautiful women like a treasure. The war would end only when the victorious ruler would fuck the wife and daughter of losing King and then slay him. All the women would be fucked by army. The best of the lot would be kept by King and other powerful men, some would be sold in auctions to raise money. Remaining would be sent to become flaves. Being a beautiful women was not easy in this land.

The Royal Wedding – NEXT PAGE Cont

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