A conference with the super specialist Dr.Aishwarya

The Specialist

It was a special day for the Kamapuram fertility clinic. A grand event has been organized for a yearly specialist talk. The country’s best specialist were invited to deliver a lecture. With an audience of about 300 people which includes doctors from the clinic and usual people, the whole clinic looked super busy. There were no regular appointments and only the massive auditorium was the center of attraction. People who were selected for the presentation includes specialist doctors from the clinic and most importantly, patients who had complicated issues and some who were already cured by the clinic.

The chief guest was Dr. Aishwarya Rai and her team of 3 doctors who specialize in Advanced Sexology. She was punctual in making up for the occasion. All the necessary things for the presentation were set and the function began. The introduction to Dr. Aishwarya was grand portraying all her achievements in the field of Sexology. In her twenty years of career, she has come across thousands of cases and hundreds of places. Everything she touched was a success and that is why she is here, at a reputed clinic as a chief guest. The crowd settled and the spotlight focused on the stage. The chief guest stood and accepted the gratitude that was given by everyone.

She was in her forties, dressed in a traditional white choli. It looked grand with embellished stone works and long sleeves. From the initial looks she looked just the right weight and shape. An oval face with a sparkling eyes. Lips were thick and baby pink but the shape of her mouth looked horny. Her smile would make any man mad and beg for her. Her arms were long and chick. Midriff and thighs looked tight and curvy. Not much of boobs were seen in a stuffy dress like that but it was certain she might be a babe. She might definitely have firm ultra hot jugs just as a high class milf.

The lecture for precise and was completed in about thirty minutes. Aish was well prepared and handled the presentation like a pro. Her assistants kept running, getting commands from the team and executed it orderly. One was nurse Anjali, who was a typical south Indian busty lady. The other was nurse Jayalakshmi who looked like a village girl but was petite, tight and erotic in her own ways. There was a short break after the session during which additional crowd gathered on the hall. More doctors came in and had their seat. A big presentation was shown with the text ‘THE QUESTIONNAIRE AND WORKSHOPS’.

Dr.Aish came back to the stage with her collar mic and said, “So gentlemen and ladies, a good noon once again. Hope you all found my lecture interesting and useful. Now, as recommended by the chief of this hospital, you have a two to three hour session and workshops on advanced topics. Rather than a session, this would be an interaction during which you can ask questions one by one. My assistants here will help with the rest”, a brief smile came in during which several cameras flashed.

The nurse Anjali picked the mic and said, “Please be orderly. Whoever has a question can raise their hand and we will come there and give you the mic. There is also a mini stage at the right which can be used for workshops. I hope the instructions are clear”. Everyone agreed to this and even the chief Doctor Kameshwar was present at the first row wiping his glasses and getting ready for the session. It was sure Aishwarya is a gem in her field. No doubt about it.

“The session will begin in 15 minutes from now and I request for your silence and co-operation. Please switch off your mobile phone and a recording of the event will be circulated to the necessary parties. “, told nurse Jayalakshmi. Aish was gone for a few minutes along with her assistants and re-appeared. Most of the audience went awestruck by what they saw.

Aish was in a glittering golden sleeveless gown which was tight. Her arms were fair and lenghty. It was neither chubby nor tight. Just the right amount of flesh with a sexy mole on left arm. Her fingers were delicate and manicured. The gown was perfect in revealing her sizes. An outline of her thick firm boobies were visible on that. Her hair was pinned and bunned at the back of her head. She walked gracefully like a queen on her high heeled slippers. Her lips were glossy revealing her white teeth whenever she smiled. Her eyebrows curved upward with an eye-catchy look which might take days to forget. A perfect hip shape coupled with a babe like arms at 40! mesmerizing!

Aishwarya Rai

People were surprised to see the nurse Anjali wearing a light green sleeveless blouse and a saree. She is too busty and most of her shapes were seen. The sleeveless blouse revealed her dark tanned chubby arms. The right part of her boobs were tightly stuffed in the blouse and was seen as no saree was worn above it. Her hips weren’t much curvy but it had the sexiness of it own. A hint of navel was also seen and the saree was thin as well as transparent. Her buttocks were heavy as if ridden many times. A round cheeky face with swollen eyes and round mouth. A true south Indian whore!

actress Anjali

Nurse Jayalakshmi was wearing a light blue saree and a dark blue blouse. She does not look like an exposing type. She stood with her hands clasped in front. The spotlight showed her tight dark tanned arms. She is petite with a tight boobs whose outlines were shown in the blouse. She was shorter than the rest and not much of her belly and buttocks could be seen. But she had an incredibly curvy mouth and lips which can take three dicks at a time. Her smile and curvy eyes added more erotism.

Many kept wondering why these ladies changed their dresses and appearing like dancers on the stage. However, most experienced doctor knows that the dresses were chosen by the guests themselves. It would be convenient to wear the right attire which might be suitable for all workshops and demonstrations to be made on the session.

Dr. Aish is not like other doctors. She is particularly choosy in her cases and staffs. Anjali and Jayalakshmi has earned her trust and been with her for a long time. They were expecting an useful session which can clarify most of their doubts.

“Ok people, we are ready to take questions. Please help us proceed in an orderly fashion. Let us start with simpler ones first and then keep touching complicated topics”, said Dr. Aishwarya Rai.

One hand went up and Anjali rushed with the mic. Watching her boobs shake as she came running the guy asked, “It is a pleasure to meet you madam. My question might be simple or joking, but I seriously thought as a person and not as someone who practice sexology.

What makes a man crave for a pussy! I would like to get your opinion!”, there was huge round of laughter and commotion on the auditorium.

Anjali smiled a bit while Aishwarya was listening keen from the stage. People waited for her answer.

To be continued NEXT PAGE….⇓

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