Bollywood Sluts : Deepika's New Shoot – Take 2

Deepika’s New Shoot – Take 2

Deepika and Abhishek enter the apartment and hurriedly began kissing as he worked her towards the sofa. This time too he ripped apart the buttons on her shirt and took it off. As he turned Deepika around over the sofa, he unhooked her bra and slipped it off – as she felt the cool air of the room against her bare breasts she felt her nipples simultaneously stiffen – as she drew in a gasp of breath, she felt his hands slip down her pants and then her thong – he was slow with the thong – bent over the sofa, he could see her pussy in all its bare glory – it was dripping wet. She threw her head back, her beautiful black tressed sweeping over her arched back. As she her turned her head to the camera with a lustful expression, she locked eyes with the director’s assistant, who was discreetly trying to adjust his erection. Deepika gave him a naughty grin, before turning her head to give Abhishek a deep kiss.

Improvising on the script, she flipped her body around, dropped to the ground and slipped of Abhishek’s trousers and boxers with one rapid movement – his erect dick almost slapped her in the face. Once he was naked, Deepika planted her naked ass on the sofa’s headrest and spread her legs wide before wrapping them strongly around Abhishek’s naked butt, pulling him into her body until his hard cock was firmly planted against her now soaked pussy. Looking into his eyes, Deepika pulled down his head to give him a deep kiss while feeling his throbbing cock angrily pressing across her pussy, the cockhead grazing her clit.


Taking the cue from the improvisations to the script made by Deepika, Abshishek decided to give her a few surprises of his own. Slipping his hand under both her knees, he unlocked her legs around his waist and placed her ankles on his shoulders – his cock briefly entering her velvety, soaked pussy. Deepika moaned out, throwing her head back as she felt him enter her briefly – quickly regaining her senses and deciding to up the game, she grabbed Abhishek’s head bringing it to her pink nipples. Taking the cue, Abhishek began sucking Deepika’s nipples, alternating between each other – his cockhead was still in her pussy – he was desperately resisting from slipping the rest of his cock into her and fucking her senseless in front of the cameramen, the director and his assistant. Remembering their turned on audience, Deepika turned to the camera in front of the director who was positively thrilled with how the scene was unfolding.

As Abhishek gently bit her nipples, she let out a lustful moan, while turning her gaze to the Director’s assistant who now had a wet spot around the crotch of his pants. Deepika felt a thrill of excitement purse through her body, thrilled that she managed to get the young man to cum in his pants without even touching him – hell, she wasn’t sure whether even he had touched himself. The proud brunette shifted her gaze to the remaining cameramen and the Director – all of them had hard-ons! Deepika had never been so turned on in her life- she had just discovered that she was an exhibitionist and there was something liberating about it.

Deepika decided that it was time to perhaps turn up the heat a notch higher. She dropped her legs from Abhishek’s shoulders, causing his cockhead to slip out of her pussy.

She looked at him with a saucy grin and announced loudly so that everybody in the room could hear, “You are going down on me!”

Turning down to her audience, she winked and said “If you guys want the show to go on, you guys are going to strip down too!”

At this point, the cameramen, the director and his assistant would have possibly been ready to kill on Deepika’s command – they were beyond horny.

Seeing their reluctance, Deepika did a sexy twirl on her toes, showing off her toned nude body to the audience. Turning to face her butt towards the director, his assistant and two of three cameramen, she dropped from mid-waist grasping her ankles with her hands, she showed off her shaved pink pussy to her audience, looking at them upside down through her legs, with a sultry smile on her face. That did the trick, the Director’s assistant was the first to strip his clothes – he was a young guy, not more than 21 years and a nephew of the producer. He was a lanky guy with a nice hard-on. The others were average looking middle aged men and known to Deepika for several years now – she trusted them to keep the footage safely and use only what was needed for the movie. She had even helped out Camerman 3 with money when he needed an emergency loan. Which is why, she could have her fun today without the fear of being raped or betrayed by leakage of the unedited footage.


Looking proudly at the erections that she had induced in their cocks, Deepika announced, “Okay gentlemen, let’s get this shoot going now and if the Director doesn’t mind, I’m going to direct a few segments of this sequence.” The director could only nod excitedly at the suggestion.

Taking Abhishek by his hand, Deepika led him to a study table in the same room. She could feel the burning gaze of the cameramen, the Director and his Assistant on her shaved pussy. Pushing Abhishek down into the chair in front of the table, Deepika sat her ass down on the table, spreading her legs and placing her feet on the armrests of the chair. Her soaked pink enlarged pussy was now visible to the entire room. Deepika grabbed Abhishek’s head bringing him down to her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and generously lapped at Deepika’s pussy, running his tongue over her pussy before sucking her clit .

Looking at her spellbound audience, Deepika asked Cameraman 3, with a slutty smile on her face, “Why don’t you come and shoot ‘point-of-view’ shots from both our perspectives?”

Cameraman 3 grabbed his portable camera and went scurrying up behind Abhishek’s head – the viewfinder of the camera panning slowly from Abhishek’s head bobbing against Deepika’s pussy between her toned legs, to Deepika’s flat tummy and ended with framing her moaning face between her pert almost upright 34B tits.

Abhishek’s tongue was buried deep in Deepika’s pussy, with his hands stimulating her clit with his fingers. He was hitting all the right spots, Deepika’s moans were getting deeper and more frequent with her fingers tightly grasping the edges of the table until her knuckles turned white.

Gasping for breath, Deepika directed Cameraman 2 to come up behind her, “Stand behind me and get Abhishek’s expression while he goes down on me. Keep it till his eyes without showing my pussy of course.” Cameraman 2 was only too happy to oblige. He quickly scurried behind Deepika and focussed the camera over her shoulder, panning down from her breasts to her tummy, before settling on Abhishek’s eyes and head bobbing between Deepika’s thighs.

In the meanwhile, the Director directed Cameraman 1 to set up for a side-profile shot of Deepika sitting on the table, her legs spread wide with her feet firmly placed on the armrest of the chair where Abhishek was sitting with his head lowered to her pussy. Just as Cameraman 1 set up his camera, Abhishek stopped teasing her and redirected his energies directly towards her clit – in less than 2 minutes Deepika began an explosive orgasm. Her head thrown back, her face contorted with pleasure, her thighs squeezing Abhishek’s head in a death grip, while her fingers grasped the sides of the table. As ripples of pleasure swept her body, Deepika stopped acting, letting her orgasm take over her senses as she came loudly. As she remembered that she was orgasming in front of an audience, her orgasm became so intense that Deepika blacked out temporarily, lying flat on the desk as she relaxed the deadlock her legs had around Abhishek’s head.

She opened her eyes to vigorous clapping from the Director and his Assistant.

“Excellent shot Deepika!” said the Director continuing, “Why don’t we review the footage before continuing the shoot?!”

Deepika looked down at Abhishek’s smiling face which was covered with her pussy juices, asking him to help her up. They walked in their naked sweaty glory to the Director’s screen which captured all the camera feeds. Deepika glanced at all the hard cocks in the room, impressed with their self-discipline for not stroking themselves to an orgasm.

There were only 5 chairs for the 6 of them. Most actresses wouldn’t have bothered about making the cameramen stand. But not Deepika, she always took care of her entire unit. She made them all sit down before plonking down herself on the Director’s young assistant, his young firm cock pressing against her firm butt. As the director replayed the various feeds and the team discussed the footage, Deepika could feel the cock throbbing against her butt. Deciding that she had been enough of a cocktease, Deepika decided to give the poor guy some sexual relief. She began to discretely press her butt into his cock, eliciting a moan from the assistant.

The moan caused the others in the room to turn towards giving her a look – she looked at them sheepishly saying “The poor guy needs some relief or else he’s going to pass out!”

As the others laughed at her retort, Deepika decided to do away with any pretenses and began visibly rotating her hips, causing more pleasurable friction between her ass and the assistant’s cock, effectively giving him a lap dance. She knew the assistant was a huge fan of hers and she wanted the guy to have a memento of this episode.

Looking over to the cameraman 3, she gave him her phone and asked him to record a video of the lap dance that she was giving him.

Turning her head towards the young chap, Deepika told him “You better hold on to something for this ride, it is going to get wild.”

Laughing at his expression of lust mixed with confusion, Deepika took hold of both his hands and placed them on her breasts. He was a quick learner and began to squeeze her nipples and breasts. Deepika rose slightly slipping her left hand under her butt to grasp the assistant’s hard cock with one hand, while the other fondled his balls. Just as she began stroking his erect cock, he exploded, cumming all over her hand and ass.

Deepika could tell that he was embarrassed at having cum so quickly and consoled him with a deep kiss – it caused his dick to jerk against her ass. As she stood up, the others could his cum stains all over her ass and butt. Almost nonchalantly, she licked the cum off her hands, to the amazement of the others in the room. She scooped of the remaining cum on her butt with her fingers before licking it up with her mouth.


This was too much to take for at least two cameramen who stroked themselves to orgasms, shooting impressive loads of cum right before Deepika. Flattered but keen to return to the shoot, Deepika looked with a matter of fact expression at the Director asking him, whether they should shoot a scene of her giving Abhishek a blowjob. She winked, reminding the Director that any hot blooded guy would expect a blowjob after going down on his woman.


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