Bollywood Sluts :Deepika's New Shoot- Take 1

Deepika’s New Shoot- Take 1

Deepika Padukone stared at her naked reflect into the mirror in her bedroom as she put down a script that she had received from a leading Bollywood producer. She ran her hand through her long dark hair, which ended below her pert 33B breasts. At 5’8”, she was tall for an Indian actress, with long never ending legs and a toned ass that her fans loved. The 30 year old athletic beauty had a dream run in Bollywood – billed as one of the top actresses in the country, she had won awards, accolades from across the country.

She had been wooed by not only the top production houses but also the best actors from across the country. As she stared at herself in the mirror, admiring the curves of her body, she contemplated over the script.

“It’s a powerful story but the steamy sex scenes may prove too controversial in this country” she told herself.

When the director had come home to drop off the script he had told her “Deepika, keep an open mind while reading the script – there are some very steamy sex scenes – those scenes are essential to the storyline.

As he paused to gauge her reaction, he continued “We want to push the boundaries with this movie…there will be partial nudity during the sex scenes, we obviously won’t show the essentials – the censor board would go nuts – but we will want to show both you and the male actor in a semi-nude state.”

The sex scenes, he explained were necessary to show the passion of the lead couple, a necessary precursor to the remaining storyline of the turbulent, complex relationship between the couple.

After reading the script, Deepika understood the director’s point on the importance of the sex scenes. A few years ago she would have balked at a script like this but as the years passed she had gotten more confident as an actress and as an artist. She was tired of the run of the mill movies. She wanted to take on challenging roles, push the boundaries of art and what better way than to act in the first of its kind mainstream movie with steamy sex scenes.

“Who knows, I may even enjoy the sex scenes” joked the leggy lass to herself. She thought back on the alleged steamy scenes – all of which were child’s play compared to what this movie expected.

Deepika remembered one of the intimate scenes in a movie with Farhan Akhtar in a movie where his character suffered from a split personality. The prelude to the steamy scene was a song featuring both the actor and her in a club. During one of the intimate dance scenes, she had to grind her fabulous pert ass against Farhan’s crotch. She chuckled as she remembered, how by the 4th take, she could feel Farhan’s erect cock against her pert ass. Deepika wasn’t a prude – she took it as a compliment that she could still get a married man’s cock erect in the middle of a shoot filled with extras, cameras and crew.

“Poor Farhan had a tough time walking back to his trailer after that shoot”, she remembered.

The next scene, was much more intimate. It involved Farhan’s character coming back to Deepika’s character’s apartment and both of them getting cosy. The scene had Farhan sitting on a sofa, slightly drunk, while a very drunk Deepika climbed onto his lap while wearing a revealing halter top and jeans that showcased her ass and long legs. As she undid the clip holding up her beautiful black hair and looked into his eyes, while his hands held her around her hips, she became very conscious of the intimacy.

She remembered thinking to herself “God, I’m actually getting turned on!”

The script required a deep kiss – Deepika remembered how, as she bent down to kiss Farhan, as she slipped her tongue into his mouth, she felt his cock jump against her crotch causing her involuntarily to grind her pussy against his cock as she sat on his lap – their crotches rubbing against each other. As her breasts mashed up against his strong chest, Deepika forgot for a moment that they were in the middle of a shoot and moaned into his mouth – until the director shouted “cut!”, praising both actors for the realistic scene. Deepika was flushed and blushed slightly as she reluctantly rose from Farhan’s lap, giving him enough cover to grab a pillow to hide his erection from the rest of the crew.

As she scanned her memory for other similar scenes, she remembered a particularly steamy song from an older movie of hers with multiple twists. The movie was a senseless action movie where she was paired against Saif Ali Khan, a leading actor. The song had her dressed up in all kinds of sexy outfits – basically the equivalent of bikini tops or short dresses aimed at showcasing her firm 34B breasts and never-ending long legs.

Since the song was meant to showcase the beginning of a steamy relationship between Saif and her, the song had Saif running his hands over her entire body while she ground her ass into his cock – “Poor Saif had a perpetual erection that day”, she laughed to herself.

She was close to Saif, having acted with him in many movies, and even joked about the erections with him during the scenes while out of the earshot of everybody. At times when they had to shoot a sequence while hugging each other, Deepika, remembered, she would naughtily slip her hand between both their bodies and squeeze Saif’s cock under the guise of straightening out her dress.

“Haha! Poor Saif just couldn’t get the expressions right after those discrete squeezes – earning him a shouting from the director”, Deepika recounted to herself.

Saif would try getting back by grinding his hard cock against her tight ass or pussy but as Deepika remembered that had more of an effect on him than her. Things had gotten really steamy in the last sequence of the song which was shot in an infinity pool spilling into the ocean. Wearing a skimpy blue bikini top and a pair of equally skimpy white hot pants, Deepika had to lie on her back on a half-naked Saif who was already lying down in the pool. As she got into the position and they waited for the camera to get into action, she felt Saif’s hard dick against her ass.

She chuckled and without looking back, asked him “Doesn’t that thing ever go soft?”

He naughtily replied “Not as long as your sexy butt is grinding against it Deepika.”

She smiled at the compliment, and slowly began grinding her shapely butt against his hard cock – he moaned into her ear, warning her that the crew was close by – she shushed him, telling him that they were far away since it was a wide angle shot. As she continued to feel his hard cock grinding against her ass, she heard the director shouting at the cameraman – apparently, the camera crane had developed a hitch – Deepika called out to the Director and told him that they were quite enjoying the water and the sunset and asked him to take his time getting the shot setup. Since there was a lot of water around the pool that they were lying in, none of the crew came close – thus giving the actors limited privacy in the pool, as long as everything happened under water.

Horny by now, Deepika remembered how she slowly guided Saif’s hands over her shorts – his fingers took over from there – he slowly worked his way through the zippers and began to stroke her clit through the panties that she wore under the shorts – as she moaned and began to grind against him harder, she told him “Finger me babe!”

He smiled and slipped two fingers under her panties and into her pussy while continuing to stroke her clit with his thumb. It didn’t take much for Deepika to reach an orgasm – her grip on his hand tightened as her entire body stiffened, she drew in a loud gasp of air as she tried stifling a lustful moan. As his hand withdrew from Deepika’s shorts, she squeezed his cock in gratitude and he moaned while shooting his load into the pool. He couldn’t have cum earlier, as the camera crane came back online.

As she found herself wet and fingering herself after recounting all the steamy scenes in her career, Deepika decided, in a horny state of mind, that she was going to do the movie, knowing well that it may open new avenues in Hollywood. As she fingered herself to an orgasm, she picked up her phone and messaged the director that she would take up the movie and that she was open to all “necessary scenes”.

The director was ecstatic, sending her a million smileys.

Shooting started quickly – the sex scenes were set to be filmed on the tenth day of the shooting. The day before, the director called both Deepika and the male actor Abhishek Bachchan into his trailer.

He told them “Tomorrow we shoot the sex scenes – as I told both of you, we are going to push the boundaries but we haven’t decided the err…” he hesitated “the format of the sex scene and I wanted your inputs…the scene basically showcases the first passionate steamy sexual encounter of the couple in question”.

He looked at both of them.

Deepika smiled and asked the director “You basically want to know which sex position we should engage in while shooting the scene?”

The director looked at her sheepishly and said “Yeah, kind of…”

Deepika giggled, looked at the director and her blushing co-star and said “Well if we are looking at a passionate scene, how about Abhishek starts by kissing me when we enter the flat – he then rips off my shirt – tearing off the buttons – he then makes me bend over the back of the sofa, pulls down by pants and panties and drills me into the sofa.”

Both the actor and director had their jaws on the floor after hearing Deepika’s point of the fact description of the sex scene.

“What!?” she asked, “You asked me to tell you!”

The director snapped out of his shock and said “Yes, absolutely, that sounds good!”

The wardrobe manager came into the trailer to discuss their outfits while the director slipped out. She told Deepika, “For tomorrow, we are thinking you wear simple business wear – an embroidered white shirt and black pants, since your lingerie is going to be visible during the scene, we are thinking, maybe a sexy black lace set of bra and panties”.

Deepika nodded smiling, asking whether it would be better to swap the panties for a thong – especially since her character wouldn’t wear panties with a pair of tight pants because of the panty lines. The manager agreed.

So it was finally D-day. The crew was kept at minimal – just three cameraman, the director, his assistant and the two actors.

Take 1

Deepika and Abhishek walk into the apartment after their date – as they look into each other’s eyes, Abhishek pulls her into him and passionately begins to kiss her while running his hands over her body – Deepika was quite taken aback with the kiss, he was a really good kisser and just as she began to get into the kiss, she felt her shirt ripped open – the buttons tearing of revealing her breasts firmly ensconced in a sexy partially transparent black bra and she felt his hands run up and grope her breasts, gently tweaking her nipples.

As Deepika threw her head back moaning, she felt the back of the sofa against the back of her thighs. Abhishek turned her around pushed her over the sofa and unbuttoned her pants, pulling them down, displaying her thong covered ass to the room – her ass looked even more fantastic precisely because of the black lace thong. Going with the spontaneity, he leant forward and softly bit her ass. As Deepika moaned – no acting this time, Abhishek unbuttoned his own pants and began to simulate fucking Deepika from behind while pulling back her ponytail with one hand, wrapping his other hand around her waist. Deepika could feel his hard cock through the material of her panties and his boxers – the fact that they were doing this before other people sent bolts of excitement through her body – as she felt him grope her breast, she could feel her nipples stiffen – her pussy was wet and she could smell the scent of her sex – she was sure that everybody in the room could smell it by now.

“Cut” yelled the director – he clapped his hands and said “fantastic guys!”

As the actor’s assistants rushed with robes, both Deepika and Abhishek wore the robes over their undergarments while smiling at each other – both knew that other was turned on. The actors and the director crowded around the director’s screen to look at the scene – while the scene was definitely hot – Deepika could see the bulge in the director’s lap – they all agreed that it didn’t look realistic enough. The fact that both Deepika and Abhishek were wearing their under-clothes simply made the scene look less than real.

The Director looked at them and asked, almost pleadingly, “Are you guys okay taking off the underwear, all of it– we’ll make sure the camera doesn’t get any privates?”

Deepika looked at the director with raised eyebrows – she wasn’t expecting to be completely naked but then again she saw the director’s point – the director sensing her hesitation told her, “Deepika, we can use nipple pasties on your breasts and maybe put a sock over Abhishek’s penis so that there is no direct contact between it and your butt while he simulates the sex scene”.

Deepika looked smiling at him and told him “I hate nipple pasties, they are a bitch to take off and honestly, I’m a big girl. I can handle a cock rubbing against my ass for a couple of minutes”.

The director was ecstatic, thanking god in his head for a co-operative actress in an industry of prudes.

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