Bollywood Sluts :Deepika’s New Shoot- Day 2, Aishwarya joins the shoot (part 2)

Bollywood Sluts

Part 1 : Deepika’s New Shoot- Day 2, Aishwarya joins the shoot


It was quite a sight as the three walked onto the main set – Deepika and the assistant completely naked along with a completely clothed Aishwarya (although her erect nipples were piercing through her shirt).

The only people on set were the same as the previous day: Director, the three cameramen and Abhishek. All of them had a priceless expression on their face as they took in the sight of the three walking in – most of them were staring at Deepika’s nude form, her catwalk accentuated by her heels.

As they reach the director’s camera, Abhishek greets both women with a kiss and introduces Aishwarya to the remaining members of the crew.

With hands on her hips, Deepika looks towards the still clothed crew and said “Gentlemen, I thought we had a deal yesterday – everybody remains naked for this shoot.”

Abhishek was the first to strip naked, the cameramen and the director were a little hesitant and it became very clear that the reason for their reluctance was a fully clothed Aishwarya Rai. Her beauty was intimidating to the bravest of men.

Abhishek quickly understood what was happening and told Aishwarya, “Honey, I think you need to strip naked too. It’s only fair.”

Aishwarya laughed him off, saying “No way is that happening. I may be ready to take off one piece of clothing, why don’t we let the crew take a call?”.

Turning her gaze to the crew, she teasingly asked, “Gentlemen, only one piece of clothing, make your choice carefully – which one will it be?”

The Director and cameramen were standing frozen, looking like deers in the headlight.

Deepika teased them, “Gentlemen, the world’s most gorgeous woman is letting you choose which part of her clothing to take off her body – this is not the time to feel shy!”

Ultimately, it was the already naked assistant who had fingered Aishwarya in Deepika’s changing room who coyly suggested, “I guess the trousers would be a good option.” The others could only nod along, still not being believing what was happening.

Aishwarya gave the young assistant a wink and began unbuckling her belt and unbuttoning her trousers. She then pulled down her trousers, revealing her black silk panties with a french cut, on the top of her long, smooth, sexy legs. A hint of cameltoe was visible on her panties, which were soaked. The sight of a half naked Aishwarya standing on the set along with a fully naked Deepika was enough to make the rest of the crew drop their clothes. Aishwarya and Deepika eyed the 5 hard cocks bobbing around in front of them (the Assistant was still to recover from Deepika’s blowjob in the changing room).

Eying the erect cocks in the room, Aishwarya told the men, “Gentlemen, very impressive!”

The Director, cleared his throat, signalling to everybody that they should start the shoot. But before everybody could assume position, the Assistant informed Deepika that it was the birthday of Cameraman 2.

Ever the warm person, Deepika called out to Cameraman No. 1, a middle aged man, saying with her hands outstretched “Happy Birthday! Come here, come here.” As cameraman no. 1 strolled over to her with his erect cock jutting out in front of him, he extended his hand expecting to shake Deepika’s hand.

Deepika who had other plans, told him, smiling from ear to ear, “A birthday deserve at least a hug!”, fully aware that both of them were completed naked.

Even before the cameraman could reply, Deepika wrapped her arms around him and gave the shorter, middle-aged man a tight hug. Her pert 34B breasts thrusting against his chest, while she could feel his erect penis rubbing against her soaked pussy. After a tight 4 second hug, Deepika artfully disengaged and gave him a kiss. The cameraman was stunned – here he was celebrating his 44th birthday with a full body naked hug from Deepika – his cock had made brief contact with Deepika’s pussy and he was so turned no that he felt like he was going to faint at any moment!

Aishwarya wasn’t one to be left behind. She wrapped her hands around the naked cameraman to give him a hug, thrusting her shirt clad breasts against his chest. She could feel the cameraman’s erect cock rubbing up against the crotch of her panties – excited by the sensation of hugging a naked man before an entire audience, she squeezed him tighter. The cameraman who was already excited with Deepika’s hug, was on the edge when his cock began rubbing against Aishwarya’s silk panties – her tighter squeeze applied more pressure on his already excited cock and in no time he ejaculated onto Aishwarya’s silk panties. It caught them both by surprise, with Aishwarya immediately disengaging from their hug – looking down towards her panties. The big white blob of semen exactly on the crotch of her silk black panties was visible to everybody in the room. The other men were jealous, the husband was kind of turned on and Deepika was trying to stifle her laughter.

Consoling the now highly embarrassed cameraman, Aishwarya soothingly told him. “Don’t worry, I take it as a compliment! Please get me a tissue paper.” She quickly pulled down her panties, revealing to the room, a beautiful, excited pussy with a nice landing strip of hair right above it.

Abhishek consoled the cameraman (who was trying to evade eye contact), “My wife takes premature ejacualtions as a compliment so don’t worry.”

Folding her panties neatly, Aishwarya smiled at the cameraman and held out her semen soaked panties to him, jokingly telling him “This is your birthday gift now!”. The still embarrassed cameraman gladly accepted the panties and handed over a bunch of tissue papers to Aishwarya so that she could clean up the remnants of the semen that had dribbled down on her thighs.

AIshwarya placed her hands on her hips in a power pose and cheekily ordered the cameraman, “You made the mess, now get down on your knees and clean it” she said pointing to a few drops of his cum that trickled down from the panties to her inner thighs.

The look of embarrassment on the cameraman’s face changed to shock as he dropped to his knees. Trying not to get distracted by Aishwarya’s world class pussy, he gently dabbed the tissue on her inner thighs swiping away the remains of his semen. Aishwarya who was enjoying the powerplay by now was getting more excited by the fact that she was standing in the middle of a studio, naked waist below in front of other people, her husband included, while this middle aged man was cleaning his semen off her thighs. The entire experience was causing her pussy to moisten even more – the cameraman could see her pussy moisten and her pussy lips get engorged with excitement. The strong scent emanating from Aishwarya’s pussy caused his erection to return despite having just cum on her panties. Thankfully, he finished the job without any other “accidents” and received a kiss on the cheek from Aishwarya for a job well done.


Finally, the Director managed to get the stars to begin reviewing the footage of the previous day’s shoot. The director sat in his chair with three screens before him feeding in the edited footage from the previous day’s shoot. Deepika and Abhishek were standing on either side of his armrest with Aishwarya standing in between – everyone was of course naked. As the three bent over to scrutinise the footage, the Assistant who was sitting on the sofa behind the director’s chair, got a lovely view of the contrasting asses of Deepika and Aishwarya. Both sets of asses were spectacular in their own way – Deepika’s was toned and firm, while Aishwarya’s was more voluptuous, wider and rounded, thanks to childbirth. Finding it difficult to choose which arse he wanted to ogle at, he decided to stare at both, while stroking his cock.

The director, told the actors, “I spoke to the lawyers this morning and they said that although the Censor Board is quite ham handed when it comes to sex scenes but apparently side-boobs and naked asses will get passed. The only problem are nipples – women’s of course – and of course cock, that will get a demand for a scene cut”.

“Such hypocrisy”, said Deepika, “What makes a woman’s nipples more obscene than a man’s?”

“I know”, said the Director “but anyway, we aren’t really aiming to show your nipples on camera. I sat and edited the footage this morning but it has been a bit difficult to edit out Deepika’s nipples in a couple of scenes – let me play you the footage, so that you guys can see it.”

With that he played back the footage from the previous day. It began with the footage of Abhishek and Deepika enter the apartment, him stripping her naked, their naked passionate kiss where Deepika sat on the sofa and finally the scene where Abhishek performed cunnilingus on Deepika’s pussy. In the scenes where Deepika and Abhishek kissed naked while she sat on the sofa with her legs wrapped around his waist, Deepika’s nipples were visible when Abhishek unwrapped her legs and place. Similarly in the cunnilingus scene, the camera which caught the scene from behind Abhishek’s head, caught Deepika’s nipples almost throughout the scene. The camera which caught the same scene from behind Deepika’s head thankfully didn’t catch her nipples.

In the meanwhile, Aishwarya was simply speechless by the eroticism of the scene – she never thought that seeing her husband almost having sex with some other woman would turn her on as much as she thought. She was quickly snapped out of her sex-filled stupor by the discussion between the director and the two actors.

“So maybe let’s just shoot the scenes again, this time without the nipples”, said the director and continued “This time, make sure in the first scene you guys are kissing with your bodies are completely pressed against each other – so maybe Deepika should have her legs wrapped around Abhishek’s waist rather than putting her ankles on Abhishek’s shoulders and in the cunnilingus scene, Abhishek can maybe cover Deepika’s nipples with his hands.”

Both actors excitedly nodded their heads.

The Director soon had the scene setup and placed all the cameramen in their position.

“Action”, shouted the Director and as the cameras began rolling, Deepika and Abhishek already naked – she sitting on the sofa’s headrest and he standing in front of her – began their hot passionate kiss, with Deepika’s breasts pressed into Abhishek’s chest so that her nipples wouldn’t be visible to the cameras, while her toned legs were wrapped around his waist. After a couple of takes, they shot the cunnilingus scene. Like the previous time, Abhishek performed well, running his tongues up and down Deepika’s pussy from her clit till her asshole. This time his hands covered Deepika’s nipples.

Viewing Deepika and Abhishek making out in front of her made Aishwarya really horny. As she massaged her breasts through her shirt with her left hand, she dropped her right hand down to her cunt fondling her clit and pussy. But she felt like she really needed a good licking down there. Scouting the room, she noticed that the assistant had taken over one of the cameras and cameraman no. 1 was now free and stroking his erect cock while alternating his gaze between a naked Deepika on the table with Abhishek and a semi-naked Aishwarya. When his gaze fell on Aishwarya, she used her right index finger to signal him to come closer while her left index finger pointed him towards her pussy, while she stuck her tongue out in the most obscene manner she could think of – the message was very clear, she wanted the cameraman to lick her pussy.

The middle-aged slightly pot-bellied cameraman had to stop himself from running towards Aishwarya. He couldn’t believe his luck, he used to jack off to Aishwarya from back all those years when she walked the ramp at the Miss World pageant in a swimsuit. As he walked wide-eyed towards her, Aishwarya looked him with her sultriest expression possible. Once he reached her spot, he just stopped, not quite sure on the next move.

Stretching out her hand, Aishwarya held his hand in her and said, “Let’s go to the sofa, I need a good licking down there.”

Pushing him down on the sofa, Aishwarya stood on the sofa, her legs parted and her cunt directly over his face, descending slowly onto the cameraman’s mouth. Kneeling over his face, she waited until she felt the cameraman’s tongue hesitatingly lick her pussy. It took sometime to get into rhythm but he was soon giving Aishwarya’s pussy a good licking. He drove his tongue up and down her pussy lapping up her juices, before concentrating on her clit for sometime. His hands were roaming around her body, feeling her phenomenally soft skin. As he slipped his tongue into Aishwarya’s pussy, probing her deeper, he could hear Aishwarya moan as she tightened her thighs around his head, groaning with an increasing frequency. Her hands running through his neatly combed hair, Aishwarya, began rocking her body and breathing more urgently as she felt his tongue probe her pussy tunnel.

Suddenly the cameraman felt a pair of hands wrap around his erection and balls. He froze because he knew Aishwarya’s hands were fondling his head, so who was this then?

Noticing that he had stopped, Aishwarya opened her closed eyes to ask him what happened, when she realised that both Abhishek and Deepika were standing right behind her with cheeky grins on their face. Deepika’s fingers were wrapped around the cameraman’s balls and erection, massaging him softly.

Peering down at the cameraman, Aishwarya told him, “Deepika is fondling your cock, please don’t stop whatever you are doing down there, it feels good”.

Suddenly the cameraman felt a pair of hands wrap around his erection and balls. He froze because he knew Aishwarya’s hands were fondling his head, so who was this then?

Noticing that he had stopped, Aishwarya opened her closed eyes to ask him what happened, when she realised that both Abhishek and Deepika were standing right behind her with cheeky grins on their face. Deepika’s fingers were wrapped around the cameraman’s balls and erection, massaging him softly.

Peering down at the cameraman, Aishwarya told him, “Deepika is fondling your cock, please don’t stop whatever you are doing down there, it feels good”.

The cameraman resumed licking Aishwarya’s pussy with vigour. Noticing her husband’s erection, Aishwarya reached out to Abhishek and began to jack off – – her husband. A grateful Abhishek bent down to give her a hot kiss – his tongue entering her mouth with a passion. He could feel her moans from the mouth as a result of the cameraman’s ministrations on her pussy. Beyond horny now, Abhishek gently forced Aishwarya’s head down to his cock and began fucking her mouth as she continued sitting on the cameraman’s face with his tongue probing her pussy. The cameraman’s eyes widened with amazement as he saw Aishwarya giving Abhishek a blowjob. He couldn’t believe he was in a threesome with a celeb couple. Foursome actually, given that Deepika was giving him a handjob with her finely manicured hands. It was only a matter of time before the cameraman hit the right spots in Aishwarya’s pussy and she orgasmed, her thighs squeezing his head as the orgasm travelled through her body. Her mouth still stuffed with Abhishek’s cock, Aishwarya came hard with an earth-shattering orgasm. Seeing his wife cum Abhishek too blew his load right into Aishwarya’s mouth.

The other two cameramen, the Assistant and the Director were all watching the unfolding scene, while vigorously jacking off.

As she climbed down from her orgasm and cleaned the cum that spilled on to her lips and cheeks, Aishwarya asked the cameraman with a smile, “Why don’t I repay the favour?”

Without waiting for his answer she turned around her entire body, so that her voluptuous ass was facing his face and with one knee on either side of the cameraman’s chest, her breasts grazing against his hairy tummy, she lowered her mouth to the cameraman’s cock, which Deepika was still holding in her hand.

Feeling kinky as usual, Deepika announced with a twinkle in her eye, “I’m going to join you Aishwarya!”

The cameraman felt like he was going to have a heart attack – both of these gorgeous women were going to give him a blowjob together! Soon he felt both their tongues run over his cock. While Aishwarya swept her tongue over the length of his cock, Deepika sucked on both his balls and cock – often their tongues would cross each other. The ever grateful cameraman, decided to repay the favour – Aishwarya’s ass was facing him and he decide to resume licking Aishwarya – this time rimming her asshole with his tongue as he stuck his fingers into Aishwarya’s pussy. She let out a load moan as his tongue flicked her asshole and began sucking his cock with a renewed urgency.

Deepika who was holding his cock concentrated on licking his balls, occasionally swiping her tongue upwards to get a taste of Aishwarya’s tongue. Soon enough the cameraman announced that he was cumming – just as Aishwarya lifted her mouth from his cock he erupted all over Deepika hands.

As he came down from his orgasm, Aishwarya thrust her ass backwards into the cameraman’s face instructing him to continue licking her ass. As the cameraman resumed his licking, Aishwarya could see that Deepika was turned on and desperate for an orgasm. She reached out her right hand to touch her knee and when Deepika responded with a smile, Aishwarya extended her fingers towards Deepika’s pussy and began stroking her clit while Deepika reached out and began returning the favour. Both women were now moaning rather loudly. With the crew and her husband watching, Aishwarya and Deepika orgasmed loudly as waves of sexual pleasure ripped through their bodies.

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