Blackmail:Taming of Anushka Episode1

Taming of Anushka – Episode1

Anushka just returned to her flat from her birthday party. She was 19 now. She was thinking, ‘What a middle class mediocre party. It is just 7 pm and the party got over. How lame.’ She was in her own thoughts and her phone vibrated; she had a message. “Happy birthday Anushka.” She looked at the message. There was no number shown. She was little curious yet she ignored it; must be one of her many admirers. She threw the phone on the couch and started opening her shirt. The phone buzzed again. “You are 19 now. You should learn some manners. I was expecting a Thank you from you.”

The message got hr angry. She knew she had a couple of enemies in the college and outside due to her attitude and behaviour. Must be an admirer turned hater. Yet she was curious. She was not going to be apologetic. She replied, “Who the hell are you to teach me manners? You are blocked. Get lost.” She types back angrily. She did not block the person; she was sure that the person would apologise and plead and she would then trample him satisfying her ego.

The phone buzzed again. It was not an apology, but a pic of Anushka in her white half-cup bra. She was stunned to see such a private pic. The background was blurred and the pic was half. She was angry as the message said “Consider me as your well-wisher. Believe me, you don’t want to block your well-wisher like that. So be a nice girl and first apologise.”

Anushka hailed from a well to do family, both her parents were well qualified and working. All her life she lived in the city in a moderate apartment and mingled with high society friends. She always dreamt of going to a good reputed college and be an engineer. She knew that she wasn’t great at studies but she did hope to get into a decent college at her own. She knew her dad was very strict in that manner. He had built it at his own and wanted his children to make it big at their own. She knew he would help her in her studies but not with any donation or ‘recommendation’.

The worse happened. She was not able to score good marks in her 12th. Worst was, all her friends scored way better. It did hit her ego; anyhow she wanted to get into engineering now. The only college she could get through at her own was in a faraway town. Her parents tried to ** dissuade her by siting the poor living standards, poor job opportunities etc. Her dad was even ready to ‘manage’ a seat in city College with his influence. Now it was too late; it would have been embarrassing for her to go to the same college on a ‘management quota’ seat where her friends have got through on merit. She had made-up her mind to move to the town as it would anyway give her a new opportunity and give her some breathing time away from her high achieving friends.

It was obvious that she was an upscale girl for the town. She used to standout in the town crowd with her looks. She was about 5’4 and slim, weighing just 50 kgs. She had a slender waist of 27 and curvaceous figure with handful 34c bosom and firm round 35 sized buttocks. For easier imagination, she was none other than look alike Anushka Sharma (the actress). She knew that she was a head turner even in the city. High nose with added attitude made it hard for her to make friends; she mostly looked down upon people of the town.

Being brought up under strict watch of her parents, she remained an untouched virgin; and she could never think of any guy from this town or town college as boyfriend material. She did receive many proposals initially, but the way she insulted and crushed them made people think twice before approaching her.

She was still in a shock to see her own picture in bra. But she was not going to give in like that. She wrote back ‘Don’t you dare blackmail me like that. I will immediately report you to the police. I know the pic is also photoshopped you sick pervert.”

Her heart was racing with anger as she pressed the send button. She was waiting for a reply with her hands now shivering. She did not have to wait too long. The reply was very calm and to the point.

“You can try to report to the police but by you neither have my number and nor you will be able to locate me. If somehow you manage, then by that time many such pics and videos of you will be out. I am sure you know how interested Vicky and gang would be to have these in their collection. Believe me, they are generous people; they will share it on internet without me telling them. You will be famous.”

“You should improve on your observation skills. How can you miss the tiny mole on the far left of your upper left breast? If you want I can share some more pictures to prove that it indeed is not a photo shop work.”

Anushka’s hands were now trembling. She was shocked and scared at the same time. She knew that Vicky and the collage gang would spread such pics like wild fire and one thing she did not want to risk was her reputation in terms of sexual character. She told herself that this must be some prank. She asked back:

“What do you want? “. Her tone in the message was plain and practical. Her mind was thinking hard who this would be.

“Now you are talking Anushka. As I said, I am your well-wisher and I want you to do a few things for me for your own good. Btw did I mention that your phone is tapped? So please don’t try to be smart and call your parents. Also I am keeping an eye on you. So if you buy a new phone or try to use another phone, your pics will be shared immediately. But don’t worry, I wish all good for you. You only have to wait for my message and follow what I say.”

“I am going to delete this picture of yours if you do as I say.”.

She was more shocked to read all that. Anushka was still in doubt if her phone was actually tapped. She was a smart girl and she was not going to give in so fast. She made a test call to her friend and just told her that she has safely reached home. She got a message as she was done with the call. The ‘well-wisher’ (that’s he will be addressed now on) detailed the entire conversation with a smiley at the end. She was now really in a panic mode.

“What do you want me to do? Why are you doing this to me?” She messaged.

“Calm down Anushka. I want you to do a simple thing. Right now, go to the shop of Sharma uncle and buy a bra for yourself. Be nice to uncle. J”.

Sharma uncle was a retired tharki man who opened a shop of female undergarments after his retirement. He used to live alone and was a known pervert. He was completely harmless. His shop was hardly visited and he wasn’t even bothered.

“No way. Are you sick? I am not going to do that.” She replied in anger.

“Don’t be so hard Anushka. It takes just one click to share your picture. Just imagine how famous you would be overnight. Your birthday night. You will be really ‘looked after’ in college tomorrow. Do you want that? Think again. You have 5 mins to comply. The time starts now”.

She was now shivering in anger and fear. She quickly typed “Ok. But what is the guarantee that you will delete the pic.”

“That is good Anushka. This is your first lesson. Trust. You need to Trust people. That is all you can do in this case. I promise I will delete it and you will have to trust me on that.”

She picked up her purse. The task was not very daunting. She started walking towards the shop. Rarely she had visited that market. She walked in her buttoned shirt and low waist jeans. Making a few heads turn. She walked fast as she reached the shop.

Sharma uncle couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Aare Anushka betiya…aap?” (ohh, is that you Anushka). He exclaimed keeping his newspaper aside.

She was in an irritated mood as she wanted to get done with it. She quickly said “Ji…I want one bra. Please make it fast.”

She had full attitude in her voice. She looked around if anyone was watching her.

“beta, which brand? Which type? …and size” Uncle asked looking at her with his heart beating in pleasure. He was whispering as his eyes were rolling over her youth.

“Enamour normal bra…uhh..34c”. She said confidently but even her tone got little softer giving out her own sizes to a pervert man.

“Ji beta..mai leke aata hoon.” He said quickly; he was also a bit scared of her rude tone.

As uncle turned around. The phone buzzed: “Don’t be rude. And well did I forget to tell you? I want the top button of your shirt OPEN. DO IT NOW.” She started looking around but her fingers quickly opened the button. She was now really scared as she felt like being stalked. She wanted to get done with this and somehow get some help.

The opened button let some cool air in and that made her aware what was on display. She was wearing a half cup bra and her fim tender upper breasts were making their presence felt.

As she was in her thoughts, Sharma uncle came back with a bra piece. She smiled for a change as she was asked to be nice. Sharma uncles eyes immediately caught the sight of her opened button. He was now confused as it seemed she herself is showing her cleavage yet with such a rude tone.

For the time being uncle was happy to see the fair deep valley. Giving clear hint of what was hidden inside that thin shirt.

She was aware of his eyes on her. And her face was red in anger and shame. She somehow quickly got the money out and handed it over to the pervert sharma who was engrossed in her youthful bosom.

She quickly turned around and left the shop. She almost ran to the house; she felt so unsafe outside. Her button was open and as she walked fast she turned more heads with her jiggling jugs. She reached home finally. She opened the door and threw the bra on the couch. She was ashamed of the whole episode. She sat on the couch with spinning head and the phone buzzed.

“As promised, the pic is deleted. You did good but you were not polite. You must learn to be polite. Now relax. There is no new task for you. But remember, don’t do anything stupid. You are being watched always.” There was her picture walking in the market just to prove the point that she is being watched.

She was shocked. She tried to calm her mind but she couldn’t. She was continuously thinking who would this be? But this seemed real and not just some prank. It was much serious and now she was very scared even to take any help. Yet she was determined to crack this open; she was a stubborn high headed girl. She was not going to break that easy. She tried to analyse both pictures. Trying to figureout the position of the camera.

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