Blackmail: Taming of Anushka: The Lesson

The Lesson

Anushka rushed home. She was red every time she thought about that incident at Sharmaji’s shop. For the first time she was so naked infront of a man and that too an unknown stranger. She was now horrified by the ‘well-wisher’s an extent that every time her phone rang she was scared. She knew that this is not the end of it and there is more to come. She kept wondering why her and why is he doing this to her.

She messaged with shaking hands “I did what you asked for. Will you please delete my pictures now?”.

There was no reply for hours. She wondered how this well-wisher is now totally silent. She knew that this person seemed pro in his act and has good control over the situation. By his language she could guess that he is a well educated man who could speak good English and knew how to play slow. Usually she used to be the hunter in such games but this time she was the one being hunted.

One whole day passed without any reply. She kept thinking throughout the day about the incident. Finally in the evening her phone buzzed. This time she knew it was Him. She opened the message.

“I like the way you have said Please. That indeed is an improvement in your tone. But you need to be consistent. This time I thought I will handover the pen drive containing your pictures to you so that you can delete them yourself. But…..”

She was eager to receive the next part of the message. She was eager to type but didn’t want to show her desperation. She waited patiently.

“I will keep the pen drive at the back gate of the Mall. You will have to get it in 30 mins. If anyone else before you gets it, then you know what will happen. But, I can keep a password for it if you nicely request.”

She knew that the mall is frequented by the college boys and it was a big risk to leave it un protected. “Please put a password.” She replied forcing politeness out of her.

“Good. But you know there is a cost always. And this time it is not just a cost but a lesson too. Do you remember how you mistreated Bahaddur (the guard)? I want you to apologies to him. He is leaving for his long leave tonight.”

Apologizing was not in her nature but it was a small cost to pay for the pen drive. She immediately replied in affirmative.

“The way of apologising is the following: You are going to go to him wearing a t-shirt and your short skirt. Without any inners of course. He will be leaving in 10 mins. So you need to rush. But that is not all. I want you to experience a 6 seater rickshaw ride with him to the mall. And all this while you are going to be NICE to him.”

She was red in anger. Travelling in a public transport when she had her own car? No way. But she knew there is no point in challenging this well-wisher. Instead she tried another way:

“I can drop Bahaddur by my car to his house.” She waited for the response.

“Anushka, I am not asking for any alternatives. Let this be the last time you making counter proposals. I want you not only to apologise to Bahddur but also feel the pain of every day travel of a common commuter. You time starts now. If you don’t comply with any of the tasks, just remember that the pendrive contains pictures and a full video of you. Don’t bother to respond, just get going.”

She was thrilled. The idea of travelling in that low class crowd of 6 seater made her shiver. Her heart was beating as she wore the U neck light pink tshirt and then with great difficulty wore the thigh length skirt. She had just 5 mins now. She quickly put her hands inside the shirt and let go off the bra next was the panty.

She walked down quickly without even waiting for the elevator. She rushed as she saw Bahaddur already leaving. She almost ran behind him. She didn’t know how to approach. She kept quiet as she reached the auto stop. Bahaddur turned his head as he felt someone behind him. It was already 8.30 pm and sufficiently dark yet the road lamp provided enough light for Bahddur to have a good look. She was panting and her T-shirt was giving a good outline of her bra less boobs. The cold air was making her perky nips hard and making an impression on the tshirt. She folded her hands over her chest realising his eyes on her.

He was not sure what was she doing there. As she put her hands on her chest, he looked at her face. The angry face that insulted him yesterday was soft and shameful today. He didn’t know what was happening. Finally she spoke:

“Kal jo maine bola uske liye sorry.” Her tone was soft and she spoke with her eyes down. He was not sure if this was happening in real. He wanted to accept her apology but his eyes were busy on her slender waxed fair legs.

[English: I am sorry for my behaviour yesterday.”]

A small breeze made her realise how light her skirt was. It was blown exposing her fair round buttocks just for a split second. But Bahddur’s face said it all. He was flabbergasted. He had a cheeky smile on his face. “Aap yahan kaise?” he asked for sake of it.

[what brings you here?]

“Actually mujhe auto lena tha mall jaane keliye, issliye.”” Her face was already red in adjusting her skirt. As her hands were busy with the skit, Bahaddur’s eyes were busy on her poking nipples and 34cs making their presence felt on every breath.

[Eng: actually I was here to take an auto to the mall]

The auto arrived before he could react further. The auto was already full with just one seat left. Bahaddur looked at her

“memsaahab mera bus ka time ho raha hai…aap aagli auto me..” he said as he was actually getting late. His tone was polite as he knew her rude nature.

[eng: “Madam, I am getting late for my bus…would you mind taking the next auto?]

She had hard time controlling her rude reflex, but she successfully replied in a soft tone.

“Mujhe bhi jaldi hai. Dono adjust kaar lete hai.” She couldn’t believe she said this to a low class man whom she always looked down upon. She was going to be his co-passenger.

[eng: I am also in a hurry, why not adjust ]

The auto driver gave him a look as if saying ‘you lucky dog’.

Bahaddur got in first and now Anushka realised what she had gotten herself into. She was half standing facing the direction of the driver, Bahaddur was sitting at her back. The auto started with a jerk and Bahaddur expecting her fall, softly placed his hands on her waist.

She was disgusted to have hands of a security guard on her buttery waist. But little she could do than frown in her head. As the auto gave another jerk, it got worse, she had no time to adjust herself or control her fall. Bahaddur was quick, he placed her on his lap. Thanks to darkness, no one could see the horrified look on her face.

She could clearly feel the hardon under her soft pantyless buttocks. In an attempt to control her fall, she automatically placed her soft palm on bahddur’s manly thighs. She was trying to lift herself up to avoid the touch of his hardon. She was successful; she lifted herself up. Bahaddur was feeling little pressure on his thighs, she was a feather weight girl.

But now Bahaddur was not going let this opportunity go. He was anyway going on a long leave and all the co-passengers were his friends. Like a tharki low IQ man he thought that the girl is travelling without inners and was ready to sit on his lap. It clearly means she isn’t going to resist. Nothing can really go wrong, he thought. As she had lifted herself, he raised her skirt with one hand and tucked it in her waist elastic. This was very unexpected for her. She still had her ass in air and Bahaddur now placed both his palms under her 35-sized round ass. As he touched, they both felt a current. He could not believe the softness and she couldn’t believe the roughness. She supressed her moan under her tight lips.

After taking a feel of the softness and size by giving quick squeezes, he now started to push his finger in the ass crack. She was tight and hot. His finger could feel the freshness of the fair soft skinned ass.

Aushka was now trapped between rock and a hard place; is she would sit then his hardon would directly be on her tender ass and if she kept herself up, his finger was going to explore her secret places. She couldn’t take it anymore when his finger reached her tiny rear hole. She though it was better to sit as the thick finger was now trying to make its way inside the tiny hole.

She was thrilled and now it was getting impossible for her to control her moan due to increasing pain. She reduced the load on her palms, indicating that she wanted to sit.

Bahaddur instantly got the hint and he moved his finger out. But now he did something which she never imagined. He held her both ass cheeks separated and then trapped both her legs in his legs, gave a light press down making her sit. Her eyes popped out when she got in direct contact with Bahaddur’s hot hard tool. She didn’t even realise when this man undid his zipper in the moving auto. She had her eyes wide open, in the darkness also she felt as if the person sitting in front was smiling. She had her breath stopped as she could feel Bahaddur placing his tool inside her tight crack.

She tried to push herself up with her hands, but by now Bahaddur had his hands gripping her waist. He made sure that she is down on his lap; her legs were also held tightly; she couldn’t move.

That was just the beginning. Her throat went dry when she felt being moved back and forth, Bahaddur had good grip on her waist and was making her move on his hard dick. His dick was trapped in her tight ass crack and giving him heavenly pleasure. He knew it wouldn’t be possible to fuck Anushka in an moving auto, this is the max he could do.

She was still not able to comprehend, a weird nervous feeling was taking over as she let out a small moan in pain as the thick rod rubbed against the soft ass crack. Realising that she was drawing attention she closed her eyes tightly and sealed her lips, trying to bear as much. Bahaddur now increased his speed, making her move more and more, his rod was now properly dug inside the crack. Her palms on his knees were just making futile attempts to get up.

He didn’t want to lose the grp and hence inspite of having other desires he couldn’t free his hands. But the soft ass crack was enough compensation. He increased the speed and the redness on her face increased.

“Mall stop.” The auto driver shouted now slowing down the auto. She was relieved and tried to getup. But Bahaddur asnt in mood to let her go. He was going to have his pleasure till the last moment.

She heard a grunt and then she had her jaws dropped. Bahaddur exploded in her ass crack. Jerking and holding her tight. She had her face cringe in weird shame and fear. She felt the hot liquid now slowly filling her crack as now the grip was loose.

She quickly gotup and put her skirt down as the auto stopped. She didn’t even have guts to look at Bahaddur who was anyway in 7th heaven now. She paid the auto as she could feel the thick liquid slowly flowing out of her crack and spilling over her inner thighs.

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