Blackmail: Taming of Anushka: Getting serious- Part 1

Getting serious

She was much tense the next day. She still was not sure if this was real or some prank. The photo was real and was of her but that was just a photo in bra. However, she stayed put.

One day passed and the next day her phone buzzed; it was evening and she just came home from college. She knew who it would be as no one used sms in the time of WhatsApp. She opened the message with trembling hands.

“Hi Anushka. Good that you are home. I will straight to the point. I want you to go to Sharma Uncle’s shop again and tell him that the bra is not suiting you well. You will buy another bra and TRY it in his shop before buying. And yes, you won’t be wearing any bra while going to the shop. ”

The message was very short but clear. She was stunned to see the audacity of this man. She was furious. How dare he asks me to do such a thing? Being ordered around itself was so humiliating for her.

“I am not going to do that you sick pervert. I know you cant do anything but a cheap blackmail by threatening me to share a few random pics.” Her hands were shaking in anger as she typed.

“I guessed you would say that. But before you say anything further, I want you to check your mail box. You have 5 mins.”

She ran down towards the mailboxes. She was panting as she opened the mailbox. There was an envelope. She didn’t dare to open it in front of the security guard. She flipped the envelope and checked but it has no address or no postal stamp on it. It means someone dropped it there just 5 mins ago. Because she checked her mailbox while returning home and there wasn’t anything in it. Hence this must have happened in the last 5 mins.

“Bhaiya, ye letter kisne dala pata hai aapko? Koi aaya tha yahan abhi?” she asked looking around. Her voice was worried and face pale.

[English: Do you know who posted this letter? You saw anyone?]

“Nahi madam, koi nahi aaya tha. Aap aaise kyon puchh rahi ho?” The guard asked curiously looking at the envelop.

[English: No, I did not see anyone. Why do you ask?]

She lost it on the guard as she angrily screamed at him:

“Aise kaise ho sakta hai? Aap ka dhyan kahan hai? Abhi 10 min pehele maine check kiya to ek bhi mail nahi tha aura ab ye. Kisine to dala hoga na. Aap ne kaise dekha nahi?” her words were sharp. She was accusing the 45 year old Bahaddur of dereliction of duties.

[eng: That is impossible. i checked my box just 10 mins before and it was empty. Some one must have put it (the letter) there right? How did you not see? were you sleeping?]

“memsahib, mai peshab keliye gaya tha 2 min. Agar tab koi aaya hoga to nahi paqta.”. He replied in a humiliated tone. No one ever accused him of such a thing in his last 25 years of duty.

[eng: I was away for 2 mins only; washroom break. I wont know if someone came in that 2 mins window.]

She went running towards her apartment and opened the envelop. It had a coloured photo of fair Anushka, standing top naked; most probably in the shower. The background and other details were blurred but her face ad body were clear. She knew in the full photo she would be fully naked but here it was cropped only to show her upper treasures.

Before she could even think, the phone buzzed:

“Are you sure still you want to disobey me Anushka? I can drop these pictures in many mail boxes. Are you ready to compy or I should start printing copies?”.

This was getting more serious than what she thought. She had no time to plan it or even think about it. This person could drop the mail in her own mail box in 5 mins time and that too the guard didn’t see him. So either the guard is also involved, or the man was too efficient and well planned.

She immediately replied “Yes. I will do what you said. Please don’t print more pics.”

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