Anushka and the Boys in Blue – Naughty Erotic Story

A part of Anushka was disgusted with herself and the woman she had become. But another part had never felt sexier and more alive. Not only had she cheated on her boyfriend Virat, but she had done so with Mahi, Virat’s ex-captain and friend. Actually, to be perfectly honest, she had done more than that.

First, she fantasized about him. Then, she let him finger-fuck her. After that, she had phone sex with him and willingly admitted numerous illicit desires to him. Next, she gave him a blow job. Then finally, she fucked him. All the while professing to be his personal on-call slut and perform whatever demeaning sexual acts he demanded.

No matter how bad that part of her felt about the betrayal of her friend and boyfriend, those feelings paled in comparison to the uncontrollable, carnal lust she felt towards her new lover. Fantasizing about him constantly, she was pretty much unable to orgasm while making love to her boyfriend or masturbating without imagining him in some capacity.

Whereas in the past, after their indiscretions, she had tried to stay away from him, she now knew that it would be impossible. She knew that it was an undeniable fact that she absolutely loved being used by him. That she loved how he treated her like a sex object and was desperate for more.

It had been almost a week since she had finally given in to her desires and fucked her fantasy man when he beckoned her to come over. Julie was out of town visiting her mother and he sounded quite eager to have his new fuck-toy over and see just how obedient she was actually willing to be for him. Just as keen to show him how dutiful a slut she could be, Anushka made up an excuse for her boyfriend and rushed out to comply with his summoning.

When Mahi opened the door to the apartment, a shiver immediately shot through her body, causing her nipples to harden and her pussy to quiver.

“Hi.” She whispered softly, her mind already envisioning the hot, dirty, rough, even brutal sex they were about to engage in. “May I come in?” She asked as she walked in past him, not waiting for his answer.

“Make yourself at home.” He replied, shutting the door as he looked her up and down and nodded with approval.

The sand coloured, linen drawstring skirt she wore came to just above her knees, while the sexy indigo blue scoop-neck camisole tank top with the built in shelf bra nicely showed off her ample bosom. The pair of brown leather sandals with four and a half inch wedge heels added a nice compliment to the outfit, as did the ribbons of loose, glossy curls that bounced in her brunette mane.

“Less than an hour, I’m impressed.” He continued, glancing at the clock on the wall as he moved closer towards her. ‘You really are my little on-call slut, aren’t you?”

She flashed a devilish grin at him, almost proud of the title he bestowed upon her. They both knew that she was at his beck and call, desperate to push her sexual boundaries and be the dirty girl she had long wanted to be for him.

“Yes…” she sighed, as he leaned in close to her, his breath warm on her neck.

“Tell me,” he whispered in her ear as he pressed up against her from behind. “What dirty fucking things did a slut like you hope she was gonna do today?”

She could not stifle the moan that escaped her lips as she took in his words. It amazed her how well he knew her sexual desires. How he knew that her entire body ached to be used, to be taken completely as an object of pleasure, with no sexual gratification too taboo.

“Tell me.” He demanded, yanking forcefully on a fistful of her curly hair to underscore his authority.

“I wanna be your fuck-toy.” She whispered, “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“I know you will slut,” he replied, his tone dominant and almost menacing. “But I want to hear my little fuck-toy tell me the bad things she’s been fantasizing about doing for me.”

Anushka could feel her panties dampening rapidly as their dirty, demeaning dialogue progressed. But she knew that she was beyond the point where their filthy talk was just foreplay. She knew that each naughty desire she admitted to him was in fact what she yearned for in reality.

“I want to be used like a cheap whore.” She admitted, her eyes fluttering shut as she spoke. “I want to be forced to do dirty fucking things.”

“Oh, that’s good, slut…” Mahi cut in, his hard cock pressing against her ass as he spoke. “Now tell me, do you fantasize about getting gang-banged like a dirty whore?”

“Mmm, yeah,” She groaned as she squeezed her eyes shut and visualized the scene. “I wanna be gang-banged like a slut.”

“Well then you’re in luck.”

She was quickly torn from her erotic daydream and forced back to her senses with the sound of the voice. After her eyes shot open it took her a couple of seconds to realize that Virat’s team mates Yuvraj Singh and Hardik Pandya had both emerged from another room and were standing in front of her.

Trying to appear less nervous than she was, she flashed a smile at them and tried to play coy, shrugging her shoulders playfully, like a kid who got caught with a hand in the cookie jar.

“You were saying?” Yuvraj asked, winking at her as both he and his friend eyed her from head to toe.

“Something about wanting to be gang-banged?” Hardik chimed in as they both made their way closer to her.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she felt Mahi’s muscular hands grip her arms, pulling them behind her back and pushing her breasts forward against the material of her top. A combination of fear and excitement made her tremble, knowing that her admission of a depraved fantasy was seemingly about to lead to it coming to fruition. She could shamefully feel the wetness growing in between her legs at the thought of being fucked raw by multiple dicks.

Suddenly, Yuvraj’s hands reached out and gripped her shirt, the thin material offering little resistance as he tore it apart. The two men grinned widely at her firm tits as her nipples hardened instantly at the exposure, and from the excitement of being so roughly uncovered. Her knees shook as Hardik rushed forward and found the drawstring on her skirt, untying it and letting it fall to the floor. She watched as his greedy eyes feasted upon her thong, now clearly drenched in her own excitement, and he quickly slid it down to reveal her glistening snatch.

Anushka knew she was totally at their mercy now, but she said nothing. Staring ahead, she reserved herself to the fact that she was about to become a submissive slut to multiple men, just like she had admitted to fantasizing about.

Hardik pulled at her inner thighs and she felt Mahi pulling her down slightly, bending her knees as her legs spread. She shuddered as Hardik’s fingers gently touched her shaven twat and slid a thick finger inside. Biting her lower lip, she closed her eyes as a second finger penetrated her and coated his digits with the slippery juices that flowed freely from in between her legs. Then, as swiftly as he began to finger fuck her, he pulled his hand away and slid it up her body, leaving a wet trail all the way up to her lips. Without a second thought, she opened her mouth and allowed his fingers inside, licking her own flavour off of them and loving the degradation being forced upon her.

“Does that taste good slut?” Mahi asked with a whisper from behind her as his friend finished screwing his fingers in and out of her mouth. “Is this what you wanted?”
She could only moan in response as his two friends laughed at his complete control over her.

“You wanted to be a nasty little fuck-toy,” Mahi continued, “And now you’re gonna have your wish come true. We’re gonna fuck you like the slut you are until you’re begging for more.”

The words sent a shiver through her entire body. He knew exactly how to press her buttons and unleash all her deviant desires.

“Now finger yourself slut.” He whispered in her ear. “Give the boys a show.”

Still being held in a squatting position by Mahi, she obeyed instantly. While one hand shot in between her legs and opened up her hot pink slit, the other journeyed to her mouth where she wet a couple of fingers that quickly travelled south to circle her sensitive clit. She closed her eyes and tossed her head back, her mouth opening with her heavy breathing as she rubbed herself for their viewing pleasure.

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