Actor Priyanka Chopra And The Rock

Actor Sluts Erotic Story

Following the Elimination Chamber, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, still wearing his wrestling trunks is in his private dressing room wiping sweat off with a towel when there is a knock on the door, “Yeah? What is it?” The Rock says as the dressing room door opens and a crew member pushes his head through.
“Sir, There is someone here to meet you.”


“Priyanka Chopra”

The Rock’s mind was immediately filled with the hot Indian actress and her steamy scenes form the Quantico serial.

“Well…don’t keep her waiting”

Priyanka Chopra, dressed in a black sleeveless top and jeans, enters. “Oh hey Priyanka, enjoyed the show?” Rock asks.


Priyanka nods her head and laughs “Yeah…it was really different than what I was expecting…” Priyanka pauses “I’ve never been to anything like this before..”

“Not like being on a movie set for up to twelve hours a day…” The Rock laughs.

“So…does it hurt like when you get hit and thrown?” Priyanka asks with a laugh.

“Only if someone is really clumsy or if they don’t know what they are doing… it’s all choreographed, nothing to worry about…” The Rock says casually.

“Oh…so you wrestlers aren’t really all that tough?” Priyanka asks innocently.

“Oh I wouldn’t say that… there are some real bad asses, they ones that keep doing it for year after year… you wouldn’t want to get on their bad side…” Rock replies.

Priyanka nods her head slightly and then lowers her head. “You know…while we were on set for the movie, I really would never be able to picture you in something…you know…revealing…” Priyanka says with a motion of her hand toward The Rock’s wrestling trunks that he is wearing.

The Rock grins, “Don’t tell me you’ve never seen been to the beach and seen guys in trunks before?” The Rock says teasingly

Priyanka presses her lips together. “Well I’ve never seen any that short or tight before…”

“Oh well… they’re designed that way for a reason…” The Rock says.

Priyanka laughs “What reason is that?”

“Well to give the female audience something to fantasize about…” The Rock replies with a grin.

Priyanka blushes a bit and lowers her head shyly. “I’m sure that happens quite often…”

“Yeah… and then there is the other reason, for those guys that have girlfriends on the road with them… less clothing to take off…” The Rock says

Priyanka laughs “I’m sure you’ve played things safe and avoided all the hook ups…”

“Oh when I was married… yeah…” The Rock answers, “But since I’m single, coming back to the WWE every now and then… get to fool around a bit.”

“Oh really?” Priyanka asks with a smile.

“Yeah…” The Rock says with a grin, “Granted it’s mostly with the women on the WWE Roster… but they enjoy getting a piece of ‘the most electrifying man in entertainment’…”

“Do you open that to anyone?” Priyanka casually asks.

“Yeah… don’t see why I wouldn’t…” The Rock answers.

Priyanka nods her head slightly and steps away from the door to The Rock’s locker room, which allows the door to close completely.

The Rock grins, “Oh so you want a piece of The Rock?” The Rock asks

“Well…if you’re offering…”

The Rock grins, “Then I sure as hell am offering…” Rock replies

Priyanka smiles and nods her head “Very well…” Priyanka says as she steps over toward The Rock.

The Rock grins and then licks his lips as Priyanka approaches him and places her hands on his muscular chest.

Priyanka smirks at The Rock before she leans forward and softly kisses his firm lips with her pouty and luscious lips as she moves her hands down his muscular chest.

“Mmmmm…” The Rock moans and begins to return Priyanka’s kiss while her hands moves over his powerful chest

“Mmmmmmm…” Priyanka softly moans into his mouth as she gently works her tongue into his mouth.

The Rock moves his tongue against Priyanka’s tongue while he places a hand on her slender waist.

Priyanka moves her hands down his muscular chest to his equally muscular stomach as she works her tongue against his tongue.

“Mmmmmm…” Rock moans as Priyanka explores his mouth with her soft wet tongue.

Priyanka closes her eyes as she deepens the kiss with The Rock, bobbing her head lightly as she kisses him.

“Mmmm..” The Rock groans as Priyanka deeply kisses him and he swirls his tongue against her’s as he moves his hand against her waist.

Priyanka softly breaks the kiss with The Rock and takes a step back, lowering down his wrestling trunks with her hands.

The Rock grins down at his GI Joe co-star as she pushes down his wrestling trunks, exposing in large, thick and hardening cock.

Priyanka licks her lips as she looks down at his exposed down before she drops down onto her knees in front of him, placing her right hand around his cock.

“Ahhhh…” Rock moans as Priyanka begins to move her hand back and forth along the length of his cock.

Priyanka leans her head forward and gently begins to move her tongue around the head of his cock, while working her hand on his shaft.


“Mmmmm ahhh…” The Rock moans as Priyanka guides her tongue around the head of his cock repeatedly while she strokes the long shaft.

“Mmmmmmm…mmmmmm…” Priyanka softly moans as she moves her wet tongue around the head of his cock, perfectly coating it with her saliva.

“Ahhh…” The Rock licks his lips as he watches as Priyanka paints the head of his dick with her saliva.

Priyanka parts her lips and happily takes The Rock’s cock into her soothing mouth, wrapping her pouty lips around his shaft and she begins to bob her head.

“Ahhhh fuck…” Rock groans as Priyanka moves her head back and forth on his cock, taking it fairly deep into her warm and soothing mouth.

“Mmmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmmm…” Priyanka moans as she steadily works her head on his cock, slapping her tongue against the bottom side of his shaft as she moves her head.

“Awww… mmmmm ahhhh…” Rock moans as Priyanka skillfully bobs her head on his dick while she keeps her tongue moving against the bottom side of his tool.

Priyanka lifts her beautiful eyes to look up at The Rock as she perfectly bobs her head back and forth, letting her saliva drip down.

“Mmmmm fuck yeah… ahhhh…” The Rock moans as Priyanka holds his cock steady at the base as she bobs her head repeatedly on it.

“Mmmmmm…mmmmm…” Priyanka moans, bobbing her head at a quick pace with her soft and moist lips rubbing down his shaft.

“Mmmmm ahhhh…” The Rock moans as Priyanka grinds her lips against his thick tool.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” Priyanka moans as she takes his cock fairly deep inside of her mouth, letting the head of his cock lightly rub against the back of her mouth.

“Ahhhh shit…” The Rock moans as Priyanka’s moans vibrate against his stiff cock.

Priyanka turns her head once again on The Rock’s shaft before she unwraps her lips and slowly lifts her head off of his cock.

The Rock grins down at Priyanka as she begins to lift up her top, exposing her firm round tits in the process.
Priyanka lifts the shirt over her head and looks up at The Rock.
Priyanka turned around and looked at him,biting her lower lip while she took her hand smacked her left ass cheek to tease him. Finally, she stepped out of her heels so she could get her jeans off her legs. As Priyanka stood naked to him, The Rock grinned big.

“God damn…I always knew you were hot as hell, but seeing this in person brings it to a while other level.”
“Hold those tits apart for me, baby!”
The Rock leaned down and grabbed both of her huge white breasts in his hands. Squeezing them as she looked into his eyes and smiled.

“You like those titties?”

“Yeah, I fucking love them!”

She laughed when he leaned down and began to lick the nipple of her left tit. Priyanka cupped the back of his head and leaned him forward to place a kiss over his lips. Looking up into his eyes, she spoke low.

“You want to fuck my tits, hun?”

The Rock smiled big and nodded. She knew exactly how he wanted to finish himself off. For The Rock, he wanted to explore every part of her amazing body. It didn’t matter if Priyanka wasn’t the biggest pop icon in the world anymore, her body was still gorgeous and perfect to his taste. Moving up, The Rock let his feet sink down into the couch before he pushed his knees out and sat down on Priyanka’s stomach. She pushed her breasts apart so he could he push his big black cock between her tits and then she smashed them together. Her eyes looked down to watch his long shaft as the man began to thrust forward, fucking her tits. Priyanka squealed in excitement.

“Ohhhhh, yes! Fuck my titties! Fuck them with your huge dick!!”

Looking up into his face, Priyanka had the biggest smile he had seen. He looked at her before his eyes gazed back down to see his cock pushing up and down between those huge breasts. Taking a couple more thrusts between her tits, he watched her look down and open her mouth. Each time he pushed up, her tongue brushed over the head of his meat pole.

She suddenly gets up and reaches down to begin unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans.

The Rock grips his saliva coated cock with his right hand and begins to stroke it as he watches Priyanka sit higher up on her knees as she pushes her jeans down from her hips.

Priyanka then stands up from the locker room floor as she pushes her jeans down from her nicely curved and tanned waist, exposing her seductive black panties.

“And here I was thinking you would be a thong-girl…” Rock says with a grin while he continues to stroke his cock.

“It’s always nice to have a surprise every now and then…” Priyanka says as she lowers her panties down.

“Yes it is…” The Rock says as he watches Priyanka step out of her panties and move over to the dressing room’s couch in order to bend forward and place her hands on the cushions. As Priyanka says her ass from side to side, The Rock moves to stand behind her and he guides his rock hard cock into her tight wet snatch.


“Mmmmmmmm….” Priyanka moans and bites down on her bottom lip as she feels his cock entering her nicely wet and tight pussy from behind.

“Ahhhh…” The Rock groans as he starts to pump his long hard shaft in and out of Priyanka’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm…mmmmm…” Priyanka moans as she begins to rock forward on her feet with his large cock pumping into her.

“Ahhhh…” The Rock moans as he thrusts his cock deeper and harder into Priyanka’s pussy, causing her to grip the couch’s cushions firmly.

“Ohhhhhhh…ohhhhhh shit…ohhhhh…” Priyanka moans as she pushes back against his cock.

“Awwww ahhhh…” The Rock grunts as he pumps his shaft firmly into Priyanka’s snatch as she rocks back on her feet to match his pace.

“Ohhhhhhhh…ohhhhh…mmmmmm!” Priyanka moans as she moves forward with his cock continually slamming into her

“Ahhhhh ahhh…” The Rock groans as he plows his cock repeatedly into Priyanka’s cunt while she is bent over with her hands on the couch’s cushions.

“Ohhhhhh…ohhhhhh…mmmmmmm…” Priyanka moans as her gorgeous ass smacks against his muscular waist.

The Rock continues to fuck Priyanka from behind for several moments before pulling out so that he can move to sit on the couch. The Rock grins as Priyanka climbs on top of his lap and grinds her pussy against the head of his large dick.

Priyanka tosses her gorgeous hair back before she lowers herself down onto The Rock’s cock, placing her hands onto his chest and she begins to rock forward on his shaft.

“Ahhhh…” The Rock moans as Priyanka rocks backward on his cock before moving forward once again.

“Mmmmmmmm…ohhhhhh…ohhhhhhh…” Priyanka moans as she continues to rock back and forth on the cock of her GI Joe: Retaliation co-star.

“Ahhhh.. mmmmm…” The Rock groans as Priyanka rides his cock while he places his hands on her hips. Gradually, The Rock starts to thrust his dick up into Priyanka’s pussy, causing her to bounce slightly.


“Ohhhhh…ohhhhhhh…ohhhhhhh…” Priyanka moans as she closes her eyes while bouncing at a fast pace on his cock.

“Awww… mmmm…” The Rock moans as Priyanka bounces and rocks on his upward pumping shaft.

“Ohhhhhhh…ohhhhhhh shit…ohhhhhh…” Priyanka moans as she rocks and grinds down on his cock.

“Ahhh yeah… mmmm fuck…” The Rock moans as Priyanka grinds her cunt down on his stiff cock.

“Ohhhhhh…mmmmm yeah…ohhhhhh that feels so good…” Priyanka moans as she swiftly bounces on his cock.

“Mmmm fuck…’ The Rock groans as Priyanka rocks and bounces repeatedly on his cock as he continues to thrust up into her snatch.

“Ohhhhhhh…mmmmmm…” Priyanka moans as she moves her hands against his muscular chest as she bounces at a steady pace.

Rock moves his hands from Priyanka’s hips and places them on her thighs as she continues to ride his cock, which begins to throb inside of her tight pussy

“Mmmmmmm…ohhhhh ohhhhhh…” The actress of GI Joe: Retaliation moans as she rocks back and forth on his throbbing cock, grinding down.

“Ahhhh shit…mmmm fuck…” The Rock groaned loudly he watched her look down and open her mouth. Each time he pushed up, her tongue brushed over the head of his meat pole. He grunted, trying so hard to hold off but he couldn’t. The Rock groaned in his voice.

Priyanka quickly got off him and took his cock again between her gorgeous tits.
“Ohhhhhhh shit, I’m cumming!!!” he said after a few thrusts.

Priyanka watched his cock take one final thrust and then he exploded. A long stream of cum shot between her tits and to her neck, creating a river of semen. She looked up at and bust out laughing as she felt more of his warm sticky substance spilling out. The Rock was still pumping his dick between her tits while he shot wad after wad of cum between them. Priyanka was still laughing at the whole feeling and seeing that look on his face of pleasure. She knew this man just had his mind blown.

“Oh my god, that was so fuckin’ HOT!! Mmmmmm, all your cum between my tits. Mmmmmm, so hot.”

He made one final thrust between those breasts before coming to a stop. Priyanka let go of her breasts and watched him move off of her. With The Rock standing up and looking down, she ran her hands up through her hair while looking down at the mess. Cum stuck between her tits created a web, while he had a thick stream of his seed flowing like a river. Looking down at it, she used her hand to collect some of it and feed it to her mouth. Sucking it off her finger tips loudly, The Rock watched her and moaned.


“Mmmmm damn…” The Rock moans as he finishes cumming.

Priyanka bites down on her bottom lip “Mmmmmmmm…that was amazing…”

“Yeah it was… you’re incredible…” The Rock says with a grin.

Priyanka smiles and remains on his lap. “You really think so?”

“Yeah… not too many women look that hot when they are on top or can get me off that quick…” The Rock says with a nod, “You know… I am doing a movie on Baywatch?”

Priyanka bites down on her bottom lip as she moves her hands from his shoulders back to his muscular chest and to his cock, “Yes…”

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