Blackmail: Taming of Anushka: Getting serious- Part 2

Getting serious- Part 2

Blackmail: Taming of Anushka: Getting serious- Part 1

“Every time you don’t trust, the stake will increase Anushka. That is one more lesson for you. So now it is not only the bra, you also have to buy and try panty in the shop.”

She was not able to believe this. She was not going to do this; how could she? She wrote back immediately.

“No way. That is not happening.”. She wanted to type more but she was now getting more and more scared.

“This is the last time I am warning you; there is always a consequence when you say no to me. This is your last chance. You have to reply with YES in one minute. Else the picture will be printed and posted.”

She had tears in her eyes after reading it. Her heart was pounding with anger, fear and frustration. She always was in charge of things and never ordered around like this.

She knew that the time was running out. She immediately messaged back:

“Ok. I am going.”

“That is good to know. I want you to wear one of your red dress and of course, no inners. I want you to be NICE to Sharma uncle and that should reflect in your tone. You should be in the shop in next 15 minutes; your time starts now.”

She now panicked; but had very little time. She felt so awkward to let go off her inners and just put on the red dress. The dress was till her toes; rich glowing red suitable to her fair skin. It had no sleeves as it was a party wear. It was resting on her shoulders by means of shoulder straps. She wore a matching pair of sandals.

She walked quickly to Sharma uncle’s shop. She had to be there in 15 mins. Her mind was full of thoughts as the cold breeze was making her feel the absence of bra through ample cleavage of the dress. She was obviously being eyed but her mind was full of thoughts. Her legs walking fast.

How would the man know that she had a red dress of that sort? He knew her wardrobe? And how could he drop that mail in her mail box without anyone noticing? And why is he so keen on visiting Sharma uncle’s shop? Is it sharma uncle himself? No, cant be. That old man is too simple to play such tricks.

She reached shop finally. Her heart was beating 10 times faster than usual as she stepped in the shop. Sharma uncle was flabbergasted to see Anushka the beauty standing in such a stunning dress with show of her glowing cleavage. He smiled from behind the sales counter. For no reason she felt that he adjusted his hardon under the table as he smiled at her.

She quickly had a look around; it was obviously going to be awkward.

“Uss din maine jo bra khareedi thin a..wo actually thik se fit nahi ho rahi hai. If possible, can I exchange it ? I want to buy a full inner set.”.
She was quick to avoid embarrassment.

[eng: The bra i purchased that day is not fitting me. If possible, can I exchange it ? I want to buy a full inner set.]

“Ohh. Fit nahi hui? Saize to tumne hi bataya than a….wo 34C.” Uncle said adjusting his spects and looking at her.

[eng: Ohh it didnt fit? It was exactly the size you said 34c.]

She turned red hearing uncle mention her size so openly. For the message, she knew that she had to be polite and nice to uncle. She tried her best to maintain a smile. She didn’t intend to answer but just a polite smile.

“Ok beta. I generally don’t accept goods once sold; but I am making an exception in your case. You should try V. S. this time. I am sure that will fit you well. What size of panty? And type…..” His words were little sly but he himself seemed not accustomed of having such discussions.

She had never discussed brands of inner wears with a strange man so openly. “ Push-up half cup bra and ..and..size-5..i mean S ..normal panty.” She said taking a quick look around.

Sharma uncle had a quick look at her. Size S would be right for such a slim waist and firm buttocks. “Ok beta. Mai leke aata hoon.” He said taking his time.
[eng: Ok dear, I will get it]

She waited patiently. Her phone buzzed: “ You are doing fine Anushka. You need to continue being polite. And yes, do not forget to Try it in the shop before buying. You are anyway without inners; so you can wear these and go home.”

Before she could react to the message, Uncle was back with a brand new pack of bra and panty; this time the most expensive Victoria’s Secret.

She had just finished reading the message and yet to digest the content of it and here Sharma uncle was already standing with a the pair of inners. Anushka looked around. She wasn’t even looking at the inners, she asked in a low voice.

“Mai try karke dekh loon ek baar. I mean pichhli bar it didn’t fit. Issliye.” She wasn’t able to look at anything after saying those words. She was already breathing heavy; just fulfilling the weird demand of the ‘well-wisher’.

[eng: Can I try it once? Since it had some issues in fitting last time?]

This has never happened with Sharma uncle before. He didn’t know how to handle this situation. The simple man he was, prompted a very honest answer:

“Actually, no one tries here…issliye trial room….” But somewhere in his mind he knew that honesty isn’t the best policy always; especially when the stakes are so high. He would be a fool to let this opportunity go.

“I have a small make a shift change room actually. You can try there.”. He completed his sentence in a bit unusual way and pointing a figure towards a corner in that room.

Now it was Anushka’s turn to be surprised. The trial room was nothing but a thin white curtain hanging over a small steel rod. The curtain would have covered only the middle bit of her, leaving everything above shoulder and below knees visible to the outsider. She had a great difficulty in comprehending that that was THE trial room in the shop.

Yet, the threat of her pics getting viral was more severe than changing inside that awkward changing room. She slowly walked towards the room. She was sure that uncle would be eyeing her slender figure and 35 sized firm buttocks that jiggled with every step she took.

Her eyes were looking around to spot any hidden camera, though she found none so far. She entered the room and somehow pulled the curtain. She faced the wall so that only her back would be visible in the shadow over the curtain. Then she realised, there were no hooks, hangers or even a table to keep her mobile and change clothes.

“Wo ander hangers nahi hai..mai batana bhool gaya. Aap aaise karo..mujhe wo de do..mai yahan hold karta hoon….dont worry I wont see anything.”

[eng: I forgot to tell you; there are no hangers inside. Let me tand here (outside) and hold whatever is required. Dont worry, i wont peep in.]

From his voice, one could easily makeout that he wasn’t a seasoned pervert but was just trying to gain as much as he could from a ‘lucky day’. Anushka could smell the perversion. She thought to herself that this guy isn’t as innocent as he seems, after all he is also a man. She was going to turn back to tell uncle that it wont be necessary and she would keep things on the floor, but her phone buzzed and there was only one line “BE NICE TO SHARMA UNCLE.”

She was scared, how would this man read her thoughts? Is he around? Can he see? She was now in a complete shock. Her mounting fear made her turn back and just handover the phone and new pair of inners to Sharma uncle.

She faced the other side with her hands on her shoulders. Sharma uncle was holding his breath as she was about to start. The only thought that came to her mind was: “Anushka you are going to get naked if you do this and Sharma uncle can almost see everything.”

Little choice she had, she slipped down the shoulder straps and the satin dress quickly gave in to gravity. She was now stark naked. She just stood for a second, trying to grasp her situation.

Sharma uncle had an instant hardon as he could see through the thin white curtain the red satin fall to the ground. What he couldn’t believe was that she didn’t seem to be protected by inners. Was she naked inside that red dress? Sharmaji was wondering in his mind.

She turned around as she had to, to take the new inner garment as Sharmaji promptly stepped ahead. He was tall enough to have his head way above the curtain and Anushka was sure that the man wont leave a chance to peep in.

She had her one hand across her perky 34c boobs. Trying to hide as much she could. Yet her nakedness itself was enough to make any man go hard. For the first time she felt so shy and that was reflected in her lowered eyes. She extended her other hand to take inners from Sharmaji.

He took a quick peek; just to make sure if his hypothesis was right; and indeed it was. She has no protection of inners. He was now getting beyond his trousers. He knew that the talk of the town girl was standing without clothes in front of him, just behind that curtain.

Her shy eyes made her look a perfect feminine beauty. Sharmaji’s hands were trembling as he handed over the inners. She herself realised how is it to feel sexually embarrassed and feel shamed about it. Her face was red in shame as she took the inners. She h given a 1000 rude and angry looks to this tharki old man in the past but today she had no courage even to lift her eyes and look at him.

He knew that this girl is not in position to resist and he himself was not in position to control. He put his hand on the curtain, he was going to pull it down. She had a scared look in her eye. But there was no rudeness or anger. She was pleading rather than protesting. But he wasn’t in any mod to turn back, he was determined to pull the curtain and uncover the hidden treasures but that very moment his phone rang.

That was such a disappointment for him as he had to go to the counter to answer the phone. Anushka took this chance and quickly got dressed. She quickly came out as Sharmaji almost banged the phone in frustration. He was murmuring: ‘what a moron, is this a time to get a wrong number…huh.’

She instantly knew that it was her well-wisher who called, just to save her from this tharki man. She paid the amount as quickly got out of the shop. The mystery was deeper than she thought. This man himself pushed her to Sharma uncle, but he himself intervened when it was necessary.