It was the middle of summer and as Dodie climbed into my car , her skirt climbed up to the top of her tanned thighs. She leaned over to give me a kiss and her tank top was loose enough to allow me a view of her large firm tits as her hard nipples brushed my arm.

Harry Enjoying Sex With Office Girl Rinky

Hi, Guys, my name is Harry(Name Change).Before I start let me tell u it’s a lengthy story, and as it’s my first story so please forgive if u find it boring and if there are some grammatical mistake as m not used to writing. I am from Banglore and in a steady relationship for last 7 years. But this story is not about me and my Girlfriend

Daddy’s Slut

Shatrughan heard the car pull in as he was sitting on the couch channel surfing. Glancing over at the clock...