Saving My Innocent Husband | Chapter 2

Doctor fucking patient wife Saving My Innocent Husband   Saving My Innocent Husband | Chapter 1 I was driving my car bottom naked, without even my panties. I grabbed my cell phone from my bag, it had too many missed calls in it, and ignoring them I quickly dialed to my house to talk to […]

Wife’s Striptease for My American Friends | Chapter 2

Wife Swapping | Porn Story Wife’s Striptease for My American Friends | Chapter 1   Sulekha was standing in the middle among the six guys seated, turning around in a circle. Her palu was fallen to the ground and her sari jacket and her midriff was completely exposed including her navel. She was looking down […]

Wife’s Striptease for My American Friends | Chapter 1

wife swapping Wife’s Striptease for My American Friends All the guests had finished dinner and some were about to finish their desserts as well. Others were taking some ice cream and jelly into their desert cups or just getting started with eating their desserts having sat down on the sofa or chairs. The TV was […]

Saving My Innocent Husband | Chapter 1

Saving My Innocent Husband “Bastards..!!! They are asking us for evidence, shamelessly. They are the bloody Police Department, they must be finding evidences and nailing the real criminals behind the bars. Oh my poor little daughter Maya, I feel sorry for you, I really don’t know how we are going to find out the real […]

Revenge On My Sister | Short Story

Revenge On My Sister This was going to be a boring weekend. My parents were gone for the weekend and my sister was out partying. I was sitting on the couch watching TV on a Friday night. I must have fell asleep because I heard the front door open and I woke up. My twenty-one […]

Raj Kumar Enjoying Sexy Fun In Bus

Sexy Fun In Bus Hi guys, I’m Raj Kumar. I’m 5.6, lean guy, kind of nerdy looking with glasses and curly hair. I had just completed my engineering and started working in a software firm. This sex story is about how much fun it was on a crowded public bus in the city of Chennai. […]

Raj Enjoying Awesome Night Sex With Call Girl

Call Girl I’m  Raj, 6ft and muscular body with a 6-inch cock. Here is the incident which happened some 6 months ago with a call girl named Lal (name shortened). I’m relatively new to sex and only once I had experienced before. As one of my colleague and a good friend suggested getting a girl […]

My girlfriend and her sister – Chapter 2

Cheating Sex Story My girlfriend and her sister My girlfriend and her sister – Chapter 1 She asked me to lie on my stomach so she can massage my legs and back. She was pressing my legs below my knee. She was also talking to me and telling me about her friends and how one […]

Edwin And Jannath Enjoying Hot Fuck During College Festival

Hello friends, I have been an avid reader of DT stories for a long time. I used to masturbate hard with some of the stories. So I thought I must share few of my experiences here, maybe more depending on the responses. I’m Edwin, of course not a real name, man 31 from Gujarat. About me, […]

Devid Fucking Horny Divorcee Fathima

Muslim Erotic Sex Story My name is Devid 26-year-old, live in a small town near Coorg, Karnataka. From last 8 years, I haven’t been in the home for long.. I was studying away and been working in all major cities. At last this February I came back to my native place and settled happily. My […]