Seriously? 8 Women Who Auctioned Their Virginity For A Lot Of Money

What is the price of virginity? Can you really even put a price tag on something so abstract, yet so personal? Well, these are subjective questions. Some people may answer ‘priceless’ when asked how valuable their virginity is, while others would be able to put a number on it. On this list, we will look […]

My Divorcee colleague Sheela ‘DIDI’ gets desperate ! | CHAPTER 2

Sheela Didi came straight to me and came closer and touched my broad shoulders and spoke again, “BAHUT ACHHA LAGG RAHA HAI….AAPKE SAATH AISE” I wrapped my hands around her and she came closer, I caressed her hairs and cheek lightly, she closed her eyes to feel my sensual touch and released her breath and […]

My Divorcee colleague Sheela ‘DIDI’ gets desperate ! | CHAPTER 1

my first sexual encounter, and it was with a female who was nearly 7-8 years elder than me. My name is Hemant, somehow after finishing my bachelors and after doing professional course of my choice, I joined one company which was located in the one of the business city of U.P bit away from my […]

Sex with My Sweet Elder Sister after Marriage

I have always remembered my sister Latha, 7 years older to me, as a skinny girl as she used to be before marriage. She is married to a Govt employer in Delhi while I moved into Hyderabad a couple of years after her marriage. I joined a reputed Engineering college far away from my village […]

Rahul Dewan Rapes a girl while Drunk – CHAPTER 1

Warning: This chapter contains Rape. Skip if you don’t like it. Rahul Dewan was on his way to home. He is the Grandchild of the Famous Dewan Family. They are one of the very rich family in the Chennai area and very influential too. Undoubtfully he was very spoiled brat from his early age itself. […]

Carrie’s Photo Shoot

Like most women, Carrie loves attention; she also loves to go out and buy expensive lingerie and get all dressed up and have her picture taken with them on, sometimes exposing, sometimes just plain erotic, without exposing much flesh! And I just love taking the pictures for her, because it always makes her hot as […]

Carrie Has Sex On The Internet

Carrie brought a chair into the bedroom, placed it at the foot of the bed and said, “I want you to have the best view while I let you see how I fuck myself!” I was all game and couldn’t wait! So I sat down in the chair with just my shorts on while Carrie […]

Behind The Gym

The gym was like a sweat box. Coach was working us hard. We had lost every game so far that year and he was pissed. We were doing push ups, sit ups, running laps. He was cussing us the whole time. I need a brake, I thought. When I saw the coach talking to a […]

Pussy Fever – Part 3 | XXX Desi Story

In the afternoon neele finished all her works and my mom-in-law is in her room and neele came to me and knocked the door, I opened the door and she came in and asked me ammaa shall we go to picture, I said no neelee today I am not interested and we will see tomorrow, […]

Pussy Fever – Part 2

That night my hubby came home at about 11-00 PM and fucked me in his routine course. Next day as usual neele came to work at 6-00 AM, and attending to her works and my hubby left home at 9-00 and told me he will come late in the night, he has some meetings in […]