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Me And My Choir Teacher

Erotic student teacher Stories True Stories Of student teacher One day after school, I walk into my choir teacher’s office. “Hey, Ms. Gardner, is there anything I can do to help?” She gives me the “hold on” finger while she finishes up an email to the principal. She faces me, “Not really, Jordan, but you […]

Behind The Gym

The gym was like a sweat box. Coach was working us hard. We had lost every game so far that year and he was pissed. We were doing push ups, sit ups, running laps. He was cussing us the whole time. I need a brake, I thought. When I saw the coach talking to a […]

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My story since school days | COLLEGE PEON ANIL

COLLEGE PEON ANIL After school I went to college where I was enjoyed by some boys.College started and there was no uniform business there.And I started enjoying shopping new clothes.My parents were happy as I passed schooling finally.So they gave me money to shop.I started wearing punjabi suit when the college had just started.Later on […]

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German Teacher Gives A Reward

Anytime my wife and I have a rare night alone, I do my best to setup some sort of adventure. I have found over the years that if I talk to three guys we are lucky if one shows up so I set up more than intended to better our chances of a guy showing […]

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English Teacher

ENGLISH TEACHER MY HOT ENGLISH TEACHER Hey guys this is my second story posting here. Hope u all might like it. To tell about myself, I’m Manish, 21 yrs old, fair, 5 foot 8 inch and a bi sexual. This story is about fucking my English teacher during my coll days. Her name is kavitha, fair complexion, […]

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Horny College Student Enjoying Sex With Junior

Engineering Student Enjoying Date Sex With Junior College Student Enjoying Sex I’m a 22-year-old boy just passed out of engineering with a size to die for (whatever you can imagine ). It so happened that I and one of the juniors started talking very casually because of a group of mutual friends.She was a very […]

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Monika With Stranger In Train

I am a Monika 36-28-40 married 38 years old working woman stay in Patna. I am a government teacher and my husband is also a government employee working in Delhi. We are basically from patna and I stay here with my 18 year old daughter who also studies in the same school where I teach. […]

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Sexy Teacher – Kavya Singh Sex Story

This is the story of Ramesh who is studying in 12th standard now.He was good at his studies.But still, it was the age where all the other things about sex starts to grow in everyone’s mind and it was the same for him too. Like most of the students in his class,he was also fond […]

Naughty schoolgirl

Naughty schoolgirl BDSM Sex Stories   Once again, Holly walked down the school corridor, she was being sent to the headmaster’s office. This time it wasn’t even her fault, one of the other girls had thrown the paper airplane. She always got the blame. She walked past the toilets and decided it would be better […]

Enjoying First Time Sex Farewell Day

Jiggu Enjoying First Time Sex With Vijji On Farewell Day   This is Jiggu. Please forgive me if there are any grammatical mistakes in the story. Let us begin the sex story. We are about to finish our B.Tech college days, a farewell party was arranged by our juniors at a 3-star hotel which is […]