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A lesbian is a female homosexual: a female who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction to other females.

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Julie’s Kinky Smothering

This is a true story of what can happen to a kinky sex episode when not enough attention is paid to the details. Julie is a good friend of mine and to this day is really glad I was in the bedroom when her sexy fantasy went wrong. Of course I’m kind of kinky myself […]

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Fun on a Cruise Ship

Erotic Couplings Fun on a Cruise Ship Story Cabin fever makes people do all sorts of things. The SS Amazon Excelsior has been at sea for nearly a week straight now and the people on board are getting restless. It’s an inevitability of life on a cruise ship, of course. People get tired of the […]

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Kajal agarwal and Shreya saran ( Lesbian Story ) – Part 4

Kajal agarwal and Shreya saran ( Lesbian Story ) Part 1 : Click hear ⇒ Pert 2 : Click hear⇒  Pert 3 : Click hear⇒  Kiran peeked around the corner and saw the compounder tiptoeing towards kajal’s room window. Kiran gripped the hockey bat and waited. The compounder slowly peeked into kajal’s room expecting to find her in […]

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Lesbian With My School Teacher

Lesbian With My School Teacher I am nazriya from kozhikode. This is a true story which happened to me. This incident happened when I was just 19(I was in 11th class) . As I was weak in physics I went to a tuition to our physics teacher. She was a brown skin toned women in […]

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Erotic Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law – Part 2

lesbian love stories Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law adult sex stories Part 1 : Click Hear ⇒ She came closer to me and kissed me gently on my lips. She started to wrap the belt of the strap-on around my naked waist… Ohh it looked very erotic that a penis of almost 8-9 inches was attached with […]

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Erotic Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law | Part 1

Erotic Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law Hi. By reading threads about various stories of incest sex, I at last got courage and a bit time to write down my long time relationship with my very sweet sister-in-law who was the sister of my husband. Although the relationship between us was of lesbian nature but I will […]

The Ordinary Housewife

My story starts at the beginning of last summer, when my husband Simon and I moved to a new town in Southern England, along with our two young sons, and into a newly built house on a brand new housing development. We are both the same age, approaching the end of our twenties, with the […]

My Panties and Bra are Missing

“My Bra and Panties are Missing!” I’m Jan, and my favorite low cut sexy bra, and sexy panties both were missing. I wondered if my mom found them and chucked them out? I told my boyfriend Trav of the mystery. He checked his car and….nothing. It nagged at me how could this be? That night […]