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Sex In A Singapore Outdoor Place

Sex In A Singapore Public Place We’re having coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters on Everton Park in Singapore. I’m having black coffee, he’s having a cappuccino. He is handsome. Brown hair slicked back, glasses that fit his face, hazel eyes and the most beautiful lips I’ve seen. He is well built, with incredible arms and […]

Pussy Fever – Part 3 | XXX Desi Story

In the afternoon neele finished all her works and my mom-in-law is in her room and neele came to me and knocked the door, I opened the door and she came in and asked me ammaa shall we go to picture, I said no neelee today I am not interested and we will see tomorrow, […]

Pussy Fever – Part 1

I am Uma aged about 24 residing in a village of Andhra and at the age of 20, I married with Prabhu who is a farmer and he is 27 at that time. Ours is a middle class family and my father is not enough money to give dowry to my marriage and with a […]

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My Very Pleasurable Prostate Exam

Doctors and Nurses I recently had my very first prostate exam by some middle aged man from India at a small independent office in Brandon, Florida, near Tampa. I figured it was about time I had a check up, since I’m now age 46, and I’d never had one yet, until now. I got there, […]

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Pratibha Enjoying Satisfying Sex With Kevin – Part II

Pratibha Enjoying Satisfying Sex With Kevin – Part II Pratibha Enjoying Satisfying Sex With Kevin – Part 1 Now, she just got down and bent completely half in front of my cock and said, fuck your aunt’s ass. Give your best thrust first time. I gave a big blow inside and she shouted. “Aaaaaahhh”. She […]

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Pratibha Enjoying Satisfying Sex With Kevin – Part 1

Enjoying Satisfying Sex   I am Kevin. This is my first sex story in I am a regular reader though. I am posting this sex story with alias name Prathiba. She is a house wife of 36 years, who hides a lot of sexual pleasures, which I came to know later on. Hahaha. Here […]

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Indonesian Girl Sexy Horny Peony Is Back Alone

Indonesian Girl Sex Story Had been a hectic day in office and its just an hour more before I can high tail out of this horrible hell hole. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job because it pays me very well. As I was cleaning up my work station, I felt some discomfort on […]

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Ipoh girl Alice wants anal sex

Ipoh girl Anal Sex Couple days after meeting Alice and her friend Lyn, both were sexy and horny from Ipoh Malaysia, I received a message from Alice. Alice: Hi harry how u doing? hope my friend didn’t scared you off 🙂 me: Oh hi too. no worries in fact i kind of enjoying what i […]

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Sexy Horny Malaysian Girls Wants Back door Fuck

Working hard for the money but I don’t seem to have a life. I was yet again burning my Saturday at a public library in town searching for information that cannot be found over the internet! while flipping through pages after pages of boring historical data, my mind floated away. Back to the previous fun […]

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My Summer Of Cougars

Mature Men and Women Older-Younger I grew up in a small town. Raised by a single mother I always appreciated older women. Especially my mom’s best friend, Judy. Judy and my mom were the same age but vastly different body types. I always called her Aunt Judy. She was widowed early. Now in her mid […]