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Rakul “RANDI” Preet Singh | Bollywood Sluts Erotic Stories

Celebrity Rakul Preet Singh Erotic Naughty Stories ”What a wonderful wife you’ll make someone.” Rakul’s cousin Roma tossed the now empty banana skin into the kitchen bin. “Well if you can’t help a cousin when injured, when can you help them?” Rakul replied. Roma had hurt her right ankle in a fall recently and Rakul had just […]

Hansika Needs to Face the Consequences of Her Acts – CHAPTER 3

After getting scolded badly from Hansika, Shakthi decides that he should leave this village and head to Chennai in order to get better chance in getting good case and make some money. So he left his village and gone to Chennai without informing Hansika. Hansika came to visit shakthi the next day, only to learn […]

Shakthi’s Stupidity affects Hansika – CHAPTER 2

Meanwhile, in Pollachi (a village) Shakthi practices as a Lawyer. His Fiance (and cousin) Hansika is a teacher in nearby School. Both of them are in love for few years. Their wedding is withholding because Shakthi needs to be more successful in his carreer. Years after years, Hansika is becoming impatient with Shakthi. She has […]

Rahul Dewan Rapes a girl while Drunk – CHAPTER 1

Warning: This chapter contains Rape. Skip if you don’t like it. Rahul Dewan was on his way to home. He is the Grandchild of the Famous Dewan Family. They are one of the very rich family in the Chennai area and very influential too. Undoubtfully he was very spoiled brat from his early age itself. […]

Daddy’s Slut

Shatrughan heard the car pull in as he was sitting on the couch channel surfing. Glancing over at the clock he gave a sigh and shook his head. 3:45am blinked on the digital clock. He heard the cell phone of his daughter ring from outside the house. “No I’m fine. Just got back. Don’t worry. […]

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Amisha Patel- motherly love

Bollywood Actress Amisha Patel Sex Story Ever since I was a child I had this love towards my mother, Amisha. That love changed to lust as I was growing up. Now here I am 20 years old and wants to fuck that perfect body of my mother. My mother Amisha, even in her forties, had a […]

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Regina Cassandra Sex Story – Indian Actress Sex Story – 2

Indian Actress Sex Story “I think- oh god! I think it’s happening again! It’s not stopping!” She squealed. “Let it happen, keep cumming, this is exactly what you need!” I yelled at her, and she nodded, lifting her ass up. “God! I’m a dirty little whore! I’m a disgusting whore! Oh god! Oh god!” She […]

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Regina Cassandra Sex Story – Indian Actress Sex Story – 1

Indian Actress Sex Story South Indian Actor Regina Cassandra Sex Story The day started off like any other Saturday: I woke up, nursing a little hangover, walked into my kitchen and made some coffee. It was a bright day outside and somewhere around 10 o’clock. I slowly got dressed and made myself a little breakfast, picked […]

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Actor Priyanka Chopra And The Rock

Actor Sluts Erotic Story Following the Elimination Chamber, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, still wearing his wrestling trunks is in his private dressing room wiping sweat off with a towel when there is a knock on the door, “Yeah? What is it?” The Rock says as the dressing room door opens and a crew member pushes his […]